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I’m 15 years old and I… by Anonymous (not verified). Site last updated December 5, 2020, Lost Marbles: Insights into My Life with Depression & Bipolar, What I Learned About Psych Hospital Stays, https://www.healthyplace.com/other-info/resources/mental-health-hotline-numbers-and-refer…, Depression – I Can’t Make a Decision, Everything Feels Wrong, The Bipolar Brain – A Radio Station You Can’t Turn Off. The doctor wasn't very good, kept making me stay longer and wanted to up the dosage of anti-depressants (it blocked me from crying). You should only be detained under the Mental Health Act if there are no other ways to keep you, or others, safe. If you haven't tried seeking out a psychologist who specializes in dealing with trauma, you should definitely do that. You may need an outside advocate to help make the call to the state. They can steer you towards resources offered by the school, including a psychologist. Hospitalization can also be helpful if you're finding you… Here's a short list of what's safe to bring and wear when you're visiting the ER for a mental health emergency. What should happen during an assessment at mental health services? I obviously refused the medications so I was a normal person in a mental health facility. Now, you may be wondering why I was under a blanket. If you are admitted, a nurse or therapist will interview you about your problems, thoughts and feelings, and symptoms. (Even if you don’t necessarily expect to be admitted, I’d recommend bringing the essentials just in case.) Can People with a Mental Illness Live Alone? Write it do and let it go. In reply to I still have some nightmares… by Anonymous (not verified), Hi J, You can have your life back. Voluntary admission to a psychiatric hospital or unit occurs in much the same way as admission to a general hospital. So, how do they keep you in? Nurses are busy and overworked and generally grumpy. 2020 HealthyPlace Inc. All Rights Reserved. Also, without insurance you'll be getting a hefty bill for nothing but a few days of poor medical practice and disgusting food and a very unclean environment. It takes away much of the risk that the individual will harm himself or someone else. Hi, you can also talk confidentially with your guidance counselor at school. If you'd like to be admitted to a hospital, walk into an ER and talk to them. Continue your education is very important. you may discharge yourself if you decide to go home. Structure is very important in treatment programs of all kinds and tends to be featured heavily in inpatient mental health care. It was basically a mad house. However, if I ever end up going to one of those places, which I hope to god I won't—I think it'll be the worst experience of my life. Seems a little less daunting to me. What happens when I leave hospital? We're here to provide information and support. I also remember that a girl had a seizure right in front of us and no one did anything to help her, emts were literally across the street from us!! You did not deserve that, and they were absolutely in the wrong, to make you do that. Me myself have been to a mental facility MANY times and i'm only a teenager I honestly couldn't stand the place whenever I was finally almost able to sleep I swear this one person would always keep you awake my thoughts on suicide,almost did it how i got into one of those horrible places,addimitted by myself and by others I was anti religious for awhile and that really made me question my life I also have anxiety and deppression and i'm not usually able to share it so this was actually very helpful. It … All they did was ask me why i was there and what the date and name of the facility was. It felt like my home life. I still have some nightmares from staying there. "I don't recall having a care plan in hospital. That should never happen to anyone, ever. In my case, as I was in a non-locked ward and I had signed myself in, I could sign myself out for short periods of time too so while I was “in” the mental hospital, I actually spent a lot of time in the park next door. What Is It Really Like to Stay in A Mental Hospital?, HealthyPlace. What happens when my treatment or care comes to an end? Find a Christian church that will help you put your faith in God and let him LOVE YOU. What Happens If You are Admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital for Suicide Risk. - Natasha Tracy. If you think staying in hospital could help you, then you can ask your GP, psychiatrist or another health care professional to refer you. Maybe a doctor who writes too fast, maybe too many changes at once, who knows. The Mental Health Act says when you can be taken to hospital, kept there, and treated against your wishes. here. My daughter is 19 but she still enjoys good Disney movies they make her happy. It also explains how you can plan for a crisis. Several of the patients told me they were sexually assaulted and it hurt me to know that some patients had no loved ones coming to check up on them. INVOKE THE RIGHT TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT. I will say, all facilities are not the same and many are far from that. 219830) and a registered company (no. When I admitted myself I never thought I would stay that long. It honestly sickens me how people are treated in psychiatric wards. If you care about a loved one don't send them to a hospital. When I went to speak to them at the desk, they would literally ignore my presence and go on about their conversations as if I wasn’t there. If you are in crisis right now and want to talk to someone urgently then you could call. A mental health assessment typically includes: Personal interview Well thanks for the comment but i will not talk to anybody i would rather be forced into it that have the choice and i have made the choice i am going to live the way i want but i know it will not be good for me i hate my life but i love myself so i will make it better and do what i want to do and there is no way i am going to a doctor or a psychotherapist so is there anything else if not then im going to regret my desision the rest of my life. What I want to know is what happens … Mental hospitals, or psychiatric wards (which is, technically, where I was), are all different. It's worth it. I thought they would keep me from killing myself for a couple of days and that would be it. your personal feelings about being in hospital. From my experience psych wards are busy, dangerous, tense, supportive, and chaotic. Thanks. We won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. It's funny that you just ignored my earlier comment Natasha. Call these people for help: Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network (RAINN) 1-800-656-HOPE (1-800-656-4673). The tell-tale behaviors of mania and depression were present in me, leading up to the admission. Like walk me through checking in, sleeping, food, therapy, the people, my room, how long I would stay, and any other stories/into you have? While I was rather disturbed by the experience he didn’t seem concerned in the least. trustworthy health information: verify The following day I was put on a cocktail of medication which I had to line up for and then be checked to make sure I had swallowed it with no idea of why and no idea of what the actual medications were. What happens in school if you get admitted to a mental hospital? YOU are LOVED and GOD is there for YOU. I don’t know what to do... Hi Sakura, - Natasha Tracy, i know i will be going to a mental hospital when i grow up right not im still at a young age. In reply to Hi, This gave me the impression of blindness but, really, it’s just that I could only life my eyelids a tiny amount and thus could only see my feet. Although this can be a frightening thought, you may find it less intimidating if you know what to expect from the process. I would like to be admitted to a mental hospital, I want to negotiate to be put in a mental hospital I will sign a contract, Hi Ike, A mental hospital may be privately run or a public institution. What should happen if I am treated under the Mental Health Act? Living a full, productive life depends, in part, on mental health. Can anyone tell me EXACTLY what would happen if I were admitted to a mental hospital because of suicide attempts? If the hospital staff believes you are a danger to yourself, they may temporarily confiscate any items you could use to hurt yourself, so it's best to leave those at home. What should happen if I need to stay in hospital? I'm glad you could share here. It's probably more appropriate for you. See our pages on sectioning for information about the circumstances in which you can be sectioned, and about your legal rights. See if there is a school that you can do online. What happens during a mental health assessment? You may have had brief mental health checks during regular visits to your doctor. Nearly all hospitals have single-sex sleeping accommodation, but some may have mixed facilities during the day which some people find difficult. I saw patients literally passing out from the medications and the lack of care from the health care professionals left me speechless. If a person does not seek help for a mental health condition, what could happen? What happens at the appointment? I saw him most days and we tweaked things regularly. When my mind gets filled with things I can't control I journal. I thought these places were meant to help people, not make them hate themselves more...privacy isn't respected in those places, that's one of the worst issues about them. He promptly changed my medications drastically. Not surprising considering how badly I was doing but rapid medication changes are highly unpleasant under any circumstances. This is a crucial element of care because it quickly transitions a patient from an unhealthy, potentially dangerous state to one that is more manageable. Structure and Scheduling. 12 of 45. Mind Infoline is closed right now, for support visit our, Find our information and support and more on our work, advantages and disadvantages of being a voluntary patient, aftercare under section 117 of the Mental Health Act, you need to be admitted for a short period for further assessment, there's a risk to your safety if you don't stay in hospital, for example, if you are severely, there is a risk you could harm someone else, there isn't a safe way to treat you at home. I don't know what the average person thinks but I can relate to your description. Psychiatric hospitals, also known as mental health hospitals, and mental health units, are hospitals or wards specializing in the treatment of serious mental disorders, such as major depressive disorder, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.Psychiatric hospitals vary widely in their size and grading. However, she didn’t hear me, she didn’t believe me or she didn’t care because the last thing I remember was her leaving my room yelling at me to go have breakfast. I know you said you don't like talking to therapists, but you need to reach out for help in order to get better. alanamarieharview@hotmai.com, In reply to i have been in one myself… by Anonymous (not verified). Yes, you could choke yourself with your necklaces. There has been a problem submitting your feedback. Hi, As for the staff, nurses, doctors and others, I found a wide mixture of professionalism, antagonism and indifference. I wasn't allowed to go anywhere. A person can be involuntary committed to an approved mental health facility for 120 hours if it can be shown that they are a clear and present danger to his or herself or others. They wouldn't even let us stand up at some point during my hospitalization. That’s how it felt to walk through the hospital door and enter the psychiatric ward for the first time. Following discharge from a teenage mental hospital, teens move to a different level of mental health treatment. Reply. if you ever need someone to talk to email me I'm extremely sorry you had such horrible experiences. Like for me i hate my body and don't want anyone to see me nude. Hi, I was wonder what would the different between a three day stay and a one day stay is? Once a tech takes you back into the ER, you have to change into a gown (while the tech watches you—for your safety). There were no mirrors (I didn't know why). If you're feeling in crisis right now, see our emergency advice. 424348) in England and Wales. - Natasha Tracy. You can research specific facilities and consider whether they are right for you. I simply didn't have an opinion I wished to share. Letting a mental health professional make recommendations may help get your mother on board. Gross. I realized that if I looked straight down, I could see my toes. If you are a voluntary patient, see our pages on voluntary patients. I now have nothing but empathy for every human being I meet. Hi Ella, I truly believe the treatment received is the reason why so many people end up returning and ththeir condition only worsens. Lasagna was my favorite. The worst experience in life is when a person that you care about commits suicide. (At the time I had no knowledge of mental health/illness other than the sensationalised stories in the media). trustworthy health. She was admitted due to anorexia and emotionally unstable personality disorder. So recently I've been depressed and suicidal and my mom said if I continue to hurt myself she can "check me in at a clinic somewhere" so basically a mental hospital. It helps me when I have things weighing on my mind. Generally, people are only admitted to a hospital when there is a danger. Mental hospitals, or psychiatric wards (which is, technically, where I was), are all different. It wasn't relaxing (more of a nightmare)-talked to the staff to get through it. I know i will go their because i think of these things that i want to do and these things are not good and its to the point where i would go to a mental hospital not a prison but i hate talking to therapist even though i never went i dont like to take drugs at all i think about things normal people would think im insane. Im only fifteen and to me these things are addictions. It really does vary. Your experience of being treated in hospital can depend on: Some people prefer being in hospital while others find it very difficult. It seems to me, though, that this type of treatment is more common in the mental hospital as doctors know that any side effects that come up will be medical supervised and while unpleasant, are likely not dangerous. It's natural to be scared, but remember, these people are professionals that are there to help you. I totally agree with you and definitely agree that nurses need to be empathetic and more compassionate. When I gave it to the guy he seemed horrified and made it seem like I was evil for freeing his mind. These people are in the mental hospital because they cannot manage the illness on their own at this time and need around-the-clock care. - Natasha Tracy. Some offer the basic service of keeping you alive while others offer all types of therapies and treatment. (Our page on voluntary patients has more information, including on the advantages and disadvantages of being a voluntary patient.). how would they know to put someone in? What should happen in a crisis? A mental health assessment is when a professional -- like your family doctor, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist -- checks to see if you might have a mental problem and what type of treatment may help. My roommate was crazy (and dangerous) and was taken into another room and locked up. A patient at a mental hospital undergoes electroshock treatment in 1956. As an ‘experience, it was terrifying. We went to our beautiful new metro-area Children’s hospital (a place we had been to many times with sick kids), and instead of the pretty rooms with the fish on the walls and toys and books, we were ushered into a separate section of the emergency room designated specifically for mental health … I've looked all over google, all I can find is that you can choose to keep it for yourself. Another girl came in and they gave her fucking morphine or some other highly sedative opiate and she was literally nodding out. I'm 15 and have been having thoughts about suicide and killing others...I'm convinced it's demons planting these thoughts in my head. For these reasons many psychiatric wards are locked, so if you are in hospital by choice you might feel like your freedom is more restricted than you would like. Maybe do some research on which facility is best for you before you do that. Peter Turnley/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images. Hi Natasha, my first visit to a Psych Ward was when I was highly suicidal, lethargic and in general mentally unwell, hence, after 15+ years of battling my demons alone I was diagnosed with Bipolar (type 2 at the time but that has since been revised to type 1). Just wanted to let you know that if someone requires you to reveal your body to them when you do not want to, it is sexual assault. "I really hope the Government will listen to the patients, medical experts and Mind's crisis care campaign...". To facilitate results, residents are held to a strict schedule during the day in a mental hospital. At that point I realized something. There were also items I did happen to have with me that helped improve my time in the hospital. If a group of mental health professionals agree that hospital treatment would be in your best interests to keep you or others safe, then they could detain you in hospital under the Mental Health Act (sometimes called being sectioned) – even if you don't want to be there. I certainly wasn't aware of a discharge plan and this caused myself and my partner stress and anxiety.". This might include one or more of the following options. The doctor shows up for maybe am hour once a week to talk to the patients and make a 5 minute assessment and prescribe to them whaybis often the wrong thing. Structure is very important in treatment programs of all kinds and tends to be featured heavily in inpatient mental health care. I’m So Tired – Bipolar Disorder and Fatigue, When Your Loved Ones Don’t Believe in Mental Illness, HONcode standard for Mary Delaney Cooke/Corbis via Getty Images. How do I tell her that I want to admit after having this feeling for the third time. I didn’t know why I could only see my toes, but somehow, that day, I made it to the common room and ate breakfast, only looking at my toes. Btw i am a girl but i will give u a different name, Hi Gerkect, There are lots of different ways that you can support us. I jut stayed in Kingwood Pines and don’t go 2 of my freinds got punched for standing up for another a lot of them were rude and some girl was phsyco and seeing things and she would say to hereself (her name ) you shouldent do that you shouldent gift them and the therapy’s made you admit your deep darkest secrets to Strangers maybe other are better but don’t go to Kingwood Pines. Some of my valuable lessons are from my patients. Praying to God for help for STRENGTH , COURAGE and WISDOM to help you manage your anxiety and depression. You can also call them psychiatric wards, or psych wards. While the majority of people with mental health conditions will likely not need to spend time in a hospital or treatment center, an individual may need to be hospitalized so that they can be closely monitored and accurately diagnosed, have their medications adjusted or stabilized, or be monitored during an acute episode when their mental illness temporarily worsens. What I can say is that you should research any facility you might choose to stay at and see what their programs are like. I am a nurse and worked in mental health for most of my life. 19-year-old Aoifa, from the south west, has been in a mental health hospital for over a year, since May 2019. 10 of 45. Stop the constant reminders of your pain. Also, see where your insurance is taken. Both your mental and physical health will be assessed. Understand that this will take time. Should I not be so worried? You can find Natasha Tracy on Facebook or Google+ or @Natasha_Tracy on Twitter or at Bipolar Burble, her blog. Thank you for this article. I hope you are getting help for the trauma you survived. - Natasha Tracy, I want to be admitted to a mental hospital, Hi Ike, A little bit surreal. So how do you feel about privacy laws being changed in wards? I'm very sorry you had that experience. I said, and I really meant, “I would rather die than go to one of those places.” But, much to my surprise, a few years later, when I was again very suicidal, I checked myself into one of those places. When I was treated in the hospital, it felt as if every extra little slight against me was part of the deserved punishment for being mentally ill. After that, they will probably tell you about the rules of the hospital -- they are all different -- and then slowly work you into the routine of the facility. It took them 1 hour to arrive and actually help her. I`ve been thinking about asking my parents about entering a mental hospital because Ive been dealing with what I think might be depression. Tips, guidance and blogs to support your organisation. You won't be able to have family or friends near you whenever you like. And while I know this must be frustrating, it is for your safety as a patient. Some wards might only be locked at certain times, but others may be locked all the time. I'm not sure about other hospitals, but the hospital I go to, I'm usually admitted very quickly. When you’re living with a mental health problem, or supporting someone who is, access to the right information is vital. I cried my way through two weeks there until I and my doctor thought I was okay to go home. I’m in an ER and I tried to overdose and puked up blood and when I got here in the waiting room and I nearly fainted. Hi, friend. I was diagnosed with bipolar about 16 years ago and it took years for me to find an effective treatment. In general, this is what happens in a mental hospital. - Natasha Tracy, Was curious.My dr had recommended short term inpatient for stabilizing my meds.I have heard they take your bra and make you wear a gown.Is this true?What's the intake process like, i have been in one myself at least 6 or 7 times as im only 14 the stay in the mental unit made everything worse not only that i was mistreated by staff i think then really need to work on making it a good space instend of a bad place that just makes it worse because then no one will want to speak up all they did was drug me didnt tell me what they just drugged me it was really bad ....... Locked wards are a kind of hospital ward where you can't come and go freely. Hospitalization for a mental illness stabilizes the patient. Patients were generally more stable so fewer code whites although when there was one the nurse swarmed big time and wore face guards for spitting. I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. There are some differences in what happens when you leave hospital depending on whether you are a voluntary patient or have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. There was a patient that kicked a chair against a wall. It felt like a prison. Note: My experiences are from living in Massachusetts, but I imagine it’s much the same anywhere. That said, not every stay is positive, so you need to decide for yourself if it's right for you. - Natasha Tracy. They were all desensitized. Even more, I find when I speak with family or friends, they really have no idea what it is I do each day. i just wanted to share this i please reply back on what i should do. Visited a mental hosportal 4 times at 4 different hospitals due to bipolar disorder and suicide attempts and I can tell you from personal experince that these places are sick. For me, the medication was so strong I couldn’t wake, and when I was forcibly awoken, I remained so stoned that my eyelids, physically, wouldn’t open. I'm no opposed to involuntary admission but I think if there going to do they have a responsibility to make the experience as positive as possible. Yes, some people have bad experiences, I know that, but many have positive experiences. I can also tell you that some people consider their stay in a mental hospital to be the positive turning point in their treatment that they needed. This was my first hospitalization so it was rough and scary for me but again thank you. The paranoia wasn’t related to my illness, but to the fact here I was, a person who was totally ok (I wasn’t ill, in my mind at least), being locked up as an involuntary patient, in a ward full of ‘crazies’. I say my final goodbyes to my loved ones via text—I usually go by myself to the hospital—before I go to the ER or while I'm in the waiting room. The staff are terrible to the patients. Recovery from what happened to you needs healing. I don’t know if I really want to see him there. "[The crisis team] admitted me to a hospital 20ish miles away [from where I live]. I still haven't found good help but i want to get my life sorted, i've never been to a mental hospital before, but I am not in school right now and I feel like it might be a good place to sort myself out and maybe get some work done. Anyone can walk into an ER and say they need admittance to a facility for their own protection. Journal will help you look back and remind yourself to look forward and always always remember YOU ARE LOVED! The psychiatrists just blatantly ignored all my requests and didn't even really discuss how to deal with my problems. Hi Judy, I have a fear of it to be honest... going to one that is.. so I decided to gain some insight on what it’s really like... and I’d like to ask if it’s what would help me... I’m ready to seek the help.. But someone has at least tried to escape, but they didn’t get far (it was a 10 year old kid). The minimum stay in a hospital is 3 days while the maximum might be 5+ days with the goal of sending the individual back into the community with another type of mental … But I honestly think you don't need to be so worried. You may wish to be hospitalized if you're having symptoms that are putting you or others at risk, such as suicidal urges, mania, or psychosis. There are some important things to know about what happens in a psychiatric hospital. Below are some aspects of hospital stays you might want to consider: "In psychiatric units, [I find] the most successful ones are those that organise activities for the patients, get us involved in our care, and take time out to actually listen to us, to our needs, and even just be someone to listen to us when we're feeling down.". Your experience saddens my heart. Hi Danny, You're right in that it absolutely isn't right and not how you treat another human being. I’m 15 years old and I’ve been thinking about admitting to a mental hospital. Together we’re Mind in Wales. I know these things that are for your safety are hard to accept, but remember, you won't be there forever. Try calling a helpline for more information: https://www.healthyplace.com/other-info/resources/mental-health-hotline-numbers-and-refer… 2. You can't always decide what you do, so there might be times when you feel bored or have to do activities you don't enjoy. Believe me when I tell you, a stay in a mental hospital is sometimes the best thing and can absolutely turn your treatment in a positive direction. This might be because: "Fighting depression is no easy thing, but it's a fight I'm finally starting to win.". In general, this is what happens in a mental hospital. © 2020 Mind We're a registered charity in England (no. I have before and there is nothing to be afraid of, Of course some are better then others so a bit of research might help narrow it down but they have helped me and they treat you like a human not a patient. Hi.. With this in mind, here are a few things I would recommend bringing for an anticipated hospital stay. If you're experiencing severe depression symptoms, having thoughts of harming yourself or others, or your treatment just isn't helping, you may be considering checking yourself into a hospital. Some hospitals may specialize only in short term or outpatient therapy for low-risk patients. There are some differences in what happens when you leave hospital depending on whether you are a voluntary patient or have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Personally I would rather go on vacation, see a museum for the cost of it. What I saw has changed me forever. You have you bag checked before you step foot and they snatched my necklaces and phone litteraly from me and sayed we dont tollerate teens going do i need to call my friend to bust me out? But the nurses never took kindly to being told that. Of course if you feel like an immediate danger to yourself, ask to go to an ER, or call 911. It really helps because you can let it go. I am young still and im am a girl and i will give you a fake name. I've asked this question before but this is slightly different. You can also call a helpline and ask them about the best way to be admitted: https://www.healthyplace.com/other-info/resources/mental-health-hotline-numbers-and-refer… I just gotten out a mental hospital about a month ago and some days it just feels like i just gotten out. You may be assessed under the Mental Health Act if you try to leave permanently (see our page on, you should have the right to come and go from the hospital (within reason). I have seem doctors call code whites for nothing at all. We will revise it in 2021. Also, there are groups that specialize in helping those in your situation, too. Also, my experience is with suicidal depression; I know little about other types of experiences, but a lot of this would apply to anyone. Mental hospitals are very misunderstood places. Thanks for your comment. I brought, quite intelligently, my own tissues and used far too many of them (those given out in the hospital are scratchy and unpleasant if you’re going to cry your way through the days).

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