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It’s absolutely true to say the Creator’s choices are far weightier than his creatures’ choices. I have great respect for orthodoxy, but my reverence for inspiration is far greater. is an online resource for sermon outlines and preaching ideas. In 1 Thessalonians 2:13, he states similarly, “For this reason we also constantly thank God that when you received the word of God which you heard from us… Your team pays as much or more attention to what you do as to what you say. We offer 30,000+ outlines and 10,000+ free sermon illustrations from top Christian pastors and communicators. Rise above the babyhood which cannot believe two doctrines until it sees the connecting link. Use discernment. As for those who attack and persecute us, we are better off leaving them for God to deal with. I’d been a pastor for ten years before I discovered him, and then I couldn’t get enough of him. I'm the author of fifty-some books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries. Two truths cannot be contradictory to each other….These two truths, I do not believe, can ever be welded into one upon any human anvil, but one they shall be in eternity.” [3], He warned against attempting to solve, by means of shortsighted logic, every apparent biblical problem: “Men who are morbidly anxious to possess a self-consistent creed,—a creed which they can put together, and form into a square, like a Chinese puzzle,—are very apt to narrow their souls.… Those who will only believe what they can reconcile will necessarily disbelieve much of Divine revelation.” [4], Spurgeon never apologized for his Calvinism, but first and foremost he was about following Jesus and being faithful not to just some, but to all of God’s Word. Escape The Sermon Series Trap! Others fear what they don’t understand or cannot relate to. He realized the attack for what it was. It is consistency. One of the most vivid would be to that of the Prophet Elijah. In 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Paul states, All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. The person who strives daily to honor God and live a life of integrity will not be understood by the world system. is a leading resource that provides tools and ideas for pastors and church leaders to help them lead well. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We must refuse to be apologetic about our faith. The power of consistency in godliness will be recognized by others () Explanation: The Kingdom is now in the hands of the Medes and Persians. We will be under constant temptation to compromise our faith in an effort to go along with the crowd, to not take a stand so as not to make a disturbance. Find time to be alone. While being consistent in one’s integrity is honoring to God, it gains the attention of the godless and invites their attack. Upon investigation, Darius and his advisors found Daniel to be a man who had a proven track record. You'll write powerful and fresh messages every week with our preparation tools on a number of sermon topics, including expository preaching. This is not a “one and done,” it is the normal Christian life in action. By Calvin Miller on November 11, 2020 When To Throw Away Your Sermon Notes By Ted Smith on November 13, 2020 Gird Your Preaching: 10 Supports By Peter Mead on November 14, 2020 11 Event Ideas For Using The Bible Miniseries Outreach Opportunity By Scott Anderson on November 10, 2020 How about just doing it! Up and down in relatively more “What do you have that you did not receive? But you cannot read the Bible without concluding that human choices really do matter. (One of my books on Heaven, We Shall See God, contains segments from his sermons on Heaven, so about 60% of the book is Spurgeon. We attend seminars on how to be a better student of it. That’s how it is with my words. We know that consistency is the key to progress in all areas of our lives, but somehow we continue to falter. Be intentional in giving credit to God for His goodness. It is good to know that the believer can walk by faith, trusting in the Unseen Hand. I would sooner a hundred times over appear to be inconsistent with myself than be inconsistent with the word of God.” [2]. Living for Jesus will invite ridicule and hardship in this walk of life. Billy Graham is respected around the world. There is power in integrity over the long haul, The power of consistency in godliness will be recognized by others (. He advised, “Brethren be willing to see both sides of the shield of truth. The King realized that only God could have worked such a miracle. Life brings challenges to our faith. Be aware of spiritual reality. Sadly, though I attended both a good Bible college and a good seminary, I never read Spurgeon or learned anything about him. I love Jesus, my wife Nanci, and our daughters, sons and five grandsons! Peter seems to be the New Testament Elijah, at least in his emotions. Consistency in your leadership serves as … Another way of abiding is walking with God. They are believed to be inconsistent and contradictory; but they are not. In other words, there is no reason for us to live a double life. He showed how, even in difficult life situations, the gospel was real and applicable. When Daniel was informed of the new law he immediately understood is was a set up. : The Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency is the key to close relationship in our everyday lives and our spiritual lives. [1] C. H. Spurgeon, “Faith and Regeneration” (sermon 979, March 5, 1871, Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington). Consistency is a great characteristic to build and implement in your life. The Power of a consistent godly live will provide a resistance to attack (. We talk about Bible study. Daniel made the decision to continue with, . The main point is that God. The first step to all of … It is just the fault of our weak judgment. declares it is God’s prerogative to avenge, not ours. They realized their only option was an attempt to trip him up in the area of his spiritual beliefs. The great basis of his consistency was the agony of God in the redemption of the world, namely, the Cross of Christ. This biography is excerpted from Randy’s new book, Books and Resources: Reviews and Recommended, Christians, Past and Present (By and About), hand in Hand: The Beauty of God's Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice, “Sovereign Grace and Man’s Responsibility”, Charles Spurgeon and the Importance of Consistency with Scripture in Theology. ©1991 - 2020 Eternal Perspective MinistriesAll Rights Reserved. William Secker, 1660 . After a thorough search they came up with nothing. As we know from the historical account, God covered the mouths of the lions and spared his servant’s life. The consistency becomes an annoyance pretty quickly. [3] C. H. Spurgeon, “Sovereign Grace and Man’s Responsibility” (sermon 207, Royal Surrey Gardens, August 1, 1858). Daniel knew the penalty for disobedience was time with the lions, but he chose to honor God, regardless of the consequences. When studying his life you find that he was consistent in everything he did. As a result, the king made a public decree praising the God of Hosts. [5] C. H. Spurgeon, The Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon, 1834–1854, comp. Let me give you some suggestions for developing more consistency in your study of God’s Word: Just Do it. Honduras Mission Effort; Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School Supply Effort; Westwood Day School. : Take spiritual inventory and check to see how well you fit in with those around you. I think the mark of a great church is one of consistency. Now don’t misunderstand me, its not a problem for God, it’s a problem for unfaithful people and they need to deal with it. He said, “That God predestines, and that man is responsible, are two things that few can see. He advised, “Brethren be willing to see both sides of the shield of truth. Not all at once, but through the power of consistency. Bernie Sanders attacked Russell Vought for his Christian beliefs during proceedings for Vought’s appointment to a deputy director’s position for budget management. The exchange took place in June 2017, and centered on an article Vought wrote for Wheaton College dealing with an Islamic issue in 2016. If then you received it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it?” (, Staying faithful in a faithless world; studies in Daniel. Malachi 3:6 For I am the Lord, I do not change. Must you needs put one of them out in order to see clearly?” [1], Spurgeon maintained that no man-made theological system is authoritative. Understanding Grace 18 Jan 2014 Service – Dr A.R Bernard There are 3 things that God wants from a man: Decisiveness, Consistency and Strength There are 3 things that a woman wants from man: Decisiveness, Consistency and Strength There are 3 things that a man… Darius liked Daniel, but he understood that it was God, not Daniel who had power over the lions. We’d all like to find $5,000 but are we willing to run 120,000 miles to get it? He said, “My love of consistency with my own doctrinal views is not great enough to allow me knowingly to alter a single text of Scripture. However, we’re here to serve everyone without cost, so please don’t feel obligated to give unless the Lord leads. Susannah Spurgeon and Joseph Harrald (Chicago: Fleming H. Revell, 1898), 1:176. There really wasn’t any way I could ask your permission!”), Spurgeon demonstrated the importance of consistency with Scripture over consistency with one’s preferred theological leanings. Spurgeon demonstrated the importance of consistency with Scripture over consistency with one’s preferred theological leanings. [4] C. H. Spurgeon, “Faith,” in An All-Round Ministry: Addresses to Ministers and Students. The power of a consistent godly life will be seen in the ability to refuse to Compromise in the face of adversity (, The other advisors manipulated King Darius into signing the 30 day law. Consistency in our time with God starts with simple changes, but those simple changes can make a big impact. Far too often, people teaching, preaching, or writing on the subject of practical behavior fall into cultural patterns, prohibiting activities that the Bible leaves in the area of personal judgment, and creating a totally false standard. I think Charles Spurgeon comes as close as anyone I’ve read to articulating what Scripture as a whole reveals. That means making time for the Word of God and for prayer every day. Very often, we cannot see the outcome. I have read Arminian theologians, including those I disagree with, who are equally devout and committed to Scripture. Instead of focusing on the character of others, focus more on your change. The Power of a consistent godly life is displayed in Reliance on God and leaving the results to Him (. Simply trust God and keep on walking in faith. It’s the generous support of our ministry partners that enables us to continue our eternity-shaping work. They don’t return to me without doing everything     I send them to do.”. Darius, in just a short amount of time, appoints Daniel, an exile from another country, to a very powerful position in the new regime. We can know we are living for God when He gets the glory, not us. Spurgeon’s sentiments should be true of Calvinists and Arminians and every Jesus-follower. It may be out of, or it may be through, but He is faithful. We all need to remember that everything flows from His gracious hand. Consistently Inconsistent A Character Study on Peter INTRODUCTION: Looking at the life of Peter, it is easy to make comparisons. If we disagree in our theology, let us disagree with complete commitment to accepting all that Scripture says, not just the parts that best fit our backgrounds and preferred theology. I am convinced that the biggest reason that many people never grow into a place of spiritual maturity where they can be really used by God is that they are inconsistent in their walk with the Lord. He said, “I wish to be called nothing but a Christian; but if you ask me, do I hold the doctrinal views which were held by John Calvin, I reply, I do in the main hold them, and rejoice to avow it.” [5]. To not pray at all for 30 days would have kept him physically safe, but to discontinue his established habit of prayer to God would have been a compromise. Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than … God promised to be with us, not to keep us from the trials of life. The other advisors wanted to shut Daniel down, so they placed his life under intense scrutiny in the hopes of finding political dirt. Have you not two eyes, man? And remember, that Daniel had been recently named to the 3rd position in the Babylonian power structure. God's Consistency Amidst the Changing World . This is even more pronounced when the lions immediately devour the conspirators and their families (nothing wrong with the lions!). One day I’ll meet him and say, “Don’t know if you realized we were co-authors. A man with no vices is viewed as dangerous. Rise above the babyhood which cannot believe two doctrines until it sees the connecting link. With all the scrutiny, he has displayed consistency in his actions lining up with his beliefs. His children. When communicating to people you are told not to use the words “always” and “never.” The theologians refer to that as the doctrine of the preservation or perseverance of the saints. It will not transmit the energy … The important issue is not how we start, but how we finish. One of their principles in governing conquered nations was placing natives in charge of affairs to maintain a smooth transition and to limit unrest. If you’ve been impacted by our resources, we invite you to make a year-end gift before December 31. If you are buddying up to the world and not causing any friction, you are probably not living for Jesus in a transparent manner. He or she will be attacked through false reports, smear campaigns, and general hostility. Start by determining how you want to be more consistent in your life, and aim for these small goals. I once spoke to eighty college students about a sensitive theological question: “Can true Christians lose their salvation?”. His rise was not random; it was the result of obedience over the long haul. One of their principles in governing conquered nations was placing natives in charge of affairs to maintain a smooth transition and to limit unrest. Through every trial and tribulation that comes her way, they are able to tread through it graciously and godly. Legalism, the adding of human requirements to the gospel, is a Grace-killing and soul-chilling thing. But they don’t return     without watering the earth that produces seeds to plant     and grain to eat. Spurgeon didn’t try to reconcile paradoxical doctrines (like the ones I write about in hand in Hand: The Beauty of God's Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice). This is the clear testimony of its writers. We read books about how to study. If there is one thing that will help each of us to become the man or woman of God that God wants us to be, its “consistency”. And it results in producing lasting fruit. Whether it’s finances, meaningful relationships, spiritual maturity, or physical fitness, consistency is the best route to take. Autumn was always my mother's favorite time of year. When we are consistent in living for God and trusting Him, His deliverance will have his stamp on it. The Power of a consistent godly life is witnessed in God receiving the Glory (, When Darius finds that God had delivered Daniel from the power of the lions he was personally relieved, and he was impressed with Daniel’s God. His justice is unerring, even if it is not within this age. Privacy Policy. Living for God is not easy, but it is possible. Sermons; Weekly Bulletin; Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage Summary Brochure; Marriage Enrichment Seminar; Sermon & Life Group Outline; Missions. Consistency pays off but we frequently neglect it because the dividends come in slower than we desire. You may beat yourself up for this, but there’s hope. The key to consistency is setting and achieving specific goals. That’s how canyons are made. It’s time to walk the walk. Notice what God says about HIS word that He does not say about my words or yours: “Rain and snow fall from the sky. EDITOR’S NOTE. May all of us learn from his godly example! But put in the right environment and given enough time, that same dripping with that same consistency, can have an immense amount of power. THE CONSISTENT CHRISTIAN . Have you not two eyes, man? The Bible oozed out of his pores, and he let Scripture be Scripture, rarely twisting it to fit his theology. As 1 John 2:6 says, “He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.” Walking speaks of consistent motion. The repeated internal testimony of the Bible is that it is the written communication from God to mankind. [2] C. H. Spurgeon, “Salvation by Knowing the Truth” (sermon 1516, January 16, 1880, Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington). That doesn't mean perfection. Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of fifty-some books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries. Call it what you want it’s a spiritual problem. Consistency Helps Turn Habits into a Part of Your Identity. Set aside a time to spend with … A Handbook for Christian Living . Consistency maintains your message. CONSISTENCY. Go along with the law or remain faithful to God. We listen to sermons on its importance. I appreciate that he said “in the main,” meaning that he felt the freedom to disagree with Calvin when he believed God was saying something different in His Word. But understand that we will face a series of tests during our lifetimes. At this point in his life Daniel is an elder statesman in his mid to late eighties. Know that every choice has consequences; our choices will impact us for years. Without doubt, this is the richest book we have ever read.In order to gain any spiritual profit from the book — it must be carefully perused. Matthew 5:37 ESV / 122 helpful votes. This sermon outline deals with the timely subject of consistency. A brief, simple, but expressive eulogy was pronounced by Martin Luther upon a pastor at Zwickau in 1522 named Nicholas Haussmann. Paul starts off verse 1:27 with the words ‘only conduct yourselves’ because up until now, he was using his life as an example. His life in captivity is readily known to others, and it doesn’t take much effort for Darius to pick up on it. The insecurities of other types of faith will be contrasted by the consistency a faith in Jesus provides. While the Bible is God breathed, theological systems are not. The person of interest is Daniel, the Old Testament prophet. Darius understood him to be the Living God whose Kingdom will have no end. Enough talk. Whining, grumbling, gossip and complaining are symptoms of a deeper spiritual problem called inconsistent faithfulness or consistent unfaithfulness. The Kingdom is now in the hands of the Medes and Persians. As a result, Daniel was thrown in with the lions, in spite of the king’s efforts to save him. They are valid not to the extent that they’re self-consistent but to the degree they’re consistent with Scripture. If we get away from dwelling on the tragedy of God on the Cross in our preaching, our preaching produces nothing. As we have repeatedly emphasized during this study, narrative is not normative, and it is God’s prerogative to choose how He will deliver His saints. Pastor Jon Gibson presents his message, "Struggling with Consistency," from Sunday, July 2, 2017, based on text from Jeremiah 7: 1-11. The Word of God teaches us that one of the signs of a person having a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ is consistency, is faithfulness, is perseverance, is dependability. She was thrilled just being able to watch the leaves turn from their brilliant greens into the golds, oranges and reds. "What we … It was one of my favorite books to work on, since I extracted my favorite portions from many of his messages. We can live the same life all the time. From ideas on sermon topics to how to develop church growth to insight on ministry life, Preaching helps pastors develop every area of life and work in ministry. The only thing you find yourself being consistent at is starting something, then stopping before you get any results. Sermon Focus: Listeners will be challenged to place their faith in Jesus. Over time, as you become more consistent, keep yourself motivated and accountable. (For an outline on Philippians.) Armed with this information he had to make a choice.

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