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Learn about our Canary Island Date Palm Trees for sale, Buy Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palms also known as the Pineapple Palm or Canary Palm. Its bright coloring and exotic shape make it a favorite landscape element. Naturally a multi-trunked palm, the suckers of the Medjool are usually removed to form a single-trunked tree. Sales, shipping, planting and maintenance of large specimen date palm trees including Zahidis, Medjools, and Deglet Noors with locations in Boynton Beach and Jacksonville. Fruit: Small, Round, Black Fruit of about ½ inch in Diameter. Sylvester Palms grow in a variety of climates and soils. Beautiful Palm Trees for sale from the Coachella Valley in California. £180 For Sale Very tall palm tree/plant This advert is located in and around St George, Conwy Exotic plant in broken pot. If you’re looking for some palm trees for sale to create that perfect backyard getaway this site will guide you through what you need to know to create that vacation like scenery on your own property. Treat Medjool palms with fungicides to prevent leaf spot. Forest Palms grows a superior tree offered at a competitive price. Trunk Type: Solitary and Clumping. 4 Nursery locations. If you’re searching for “palm trees for sale“, “palm tree nursery“, “palm tree nursery near me” in Mesa, Gilbert or Queen Creek, A&P Nursery can help!We have the valley’s best selection of high quality, locally grown palm 250 lb annually. Leaf Type: Spiky Gray Green. Fruit: Medjool Date. Widely planted from the beaches of Southern California all the way to the Coachella Valley desert. The massive root ball attached to the base of the trunk requires the use of a crane in most cases. Buyer will need to organise removal. Planting Dimensions: 4’x4’x4’ Hole Tall, Thin, and Slightly Curved. Grown from seeds in Victoria and situated in Langwarrin; we have hundreds of Palm trees for sale. Date Palm Trees above 3' tall, California Fan Palms above 4' tall and Mexican Fan Palms above 7' require machinery. Leaf Type: Spiky Gray Green. Produces in Late Spring. Printable photographs, botanical information and maintenance instructions. Plant the Medjool palm in rows as a street tree or to line driveways. 4-8’ Frond Length. Yellow Brown Date. We have them in a wide range of sizes, and can find you the perfect tree for any application. Leaf Type: Spiky Green. Fruit: Deglet Date. There are fast growing varieties, slow growers, some which stay All Date Palm Trees grown by Hardy Palm Tree Farm are grown from seed in Florida. If youre thinking about planting it in the ground year round, you should make sure that you live in the areas that are highlighted green. Bottle palm is a clean, slow growing palm tree. Thick and Sturdy. These palms are valued for their ability to adapt to exposed coastal locations, although they do fine in drought situations, they prosper best in areas with high rainfall. Collection from Grays, Essex Buyer will need to organise removal. Date Palm, True Date Palm, Majule, Zahidi Scientific Name Phoenix dactylifera Hardiness Zones 9-11, Mature Height Up to 100 feet Growth Rate Medium Flower Prominence No Flower Blooms Average water needs Water Needs Although they are drought resistant once established, they grow more quickly and have better color with regular, deep watering. We carry Medjool Date Palms, Deglet Date Palms, California Fan Palms, and Mexican Fan Palms. This Date Palm variety has the beautiful look that landscape designers are searching for. 5cm Long and Oblong. Shop great deals on Palm Tree Trees. Date Palm for Sale Online Pygmy Date Palms (Phoenix roebelenii), or simply Date Palm, is an indoor palm tree with graceful, arching fronds and an upright form. It grows to 40 feet tall and is hardy in most of Florida. Persistent Leaf Scars. If you prefer the palm tree delivered at your location, you can choose between two different methods depending on the size and amount of trees: the semi-truck or our local/in-house transportation. The fruit of the Dwarf Date Palm is also edible, but it is small, and only produced outdoors on Palm Trees for Sale in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Southern California West Coast Trees offers native, cold hardy drought resistant Palm Trees: Washingtonia filifera, Brahea armata, Sabal riverside, Brahea armata including non native Phoenix dactylifera, Jubaea chilensis, Chamerops humilis, Butia Capitata and many more. Coconuts are the most universal and widely distributed palm tree in the world. 5cm Long and Oblong. First, its very important that you choose the right palm tree that can survive in your climate. Not Normally Eaten. Depending on the type/size of tree it is possible to handle the palm tree without a crane. Medjool palm grows slowly in any average soil and prefers bright, direct sun. Persistent Circular Leaf Scars. Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera Certified Disease Free! California Grown DATE PALMS For Sale: We sell CANARY Island Date Palms, MEDJOOL Date Palms, Zahidi and Deglet Noor Date Palms. We Ship Canary Palms to California, Arizona, Las Vegas, Texas. Fast & Free shipping on many items! At times we also carry Mediterranean Fan Palms, Sabal Palms, and Canary Island palms. Palm trees come in more sizes and shapes than people and offer a beautiful long-term and efficient answer to many of gardening’s dilemmas both indoors and out. Collection from Grays, Essex Call or email for a quote. You will see palm trees in landscaping, around swimming pools, lining the streets and at our hotels and shopping plazas in central and southern FL. Large Selection, We Can Get All Landscape Plants & Trees. Planting Dimensions: 5’x5’x5’ Hole Flower: White Flowers & Pollen. Approx 7ft tall. Trunk Type: Solitary and Clumping. At times we also carry Mediterranean Fan Palms, Sabal Palms, and Canary Island palms. Leaf Type: Spiky Gray Green. For more photos of the Sylvester Date Palm, visit our Sylvester Date Palm Photo Gallery , it’s packed with vivid pictures of the Sylvester Date Palm for indoor and outdoor uses! Also known as a “true” date palm, the Medjool lends a hint of Mediterranean mystery to both inland and seaside homes. Soil Requirements: Sandy Loam Soaring up to 100 feet into the blue Florida sky, the Medjool palm is truly a spectacular sight. Shop a huge online selection at Shipping throughout Texas and Louisiana.Order online or Climate: Warm & Arid. Climate: Warm arid, resistant to cold snaps. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Price Negotiable. Mature Date Palm trees will provide fresh dates to you, and that tropical look will give an evergreen flair throughout the year, if you order the cold hardy palm tree cultivars that … Buy our Medjool Date Palms for sale. 200 lb annually. Uses: Shade tree, specimen tree. Persistent Circular Leaf Scars. It is a relative of the palm tree which produces edible dates, Phoenix dactlyifera – cultivated for millennia throughout the Middle East. Pygmy Date Palm Phoenix roebelenii When it comes to filling up those tight spaces in your landscape or even that empty space between your bigger palms, an ideal palm for use in Southern California is the Phoenix roebelenii, also 9’-15’ Frond Length. Learn about our palm trees for sale: The Medjool Date Palm, Deglet Date Palm, Mexican Fan Palm, California Fan Palm, and Hybrid Fan Palms. The Canary Island palm tree was the best survivor of hurricanes that hit Florida in the year 1804 because of its massive size and extensive root spread. Substantial palm tree for sale. Very heavy so at least 2 strong people needed to carry down steep steps. The Indian Date is native to India and Pakistan. Flower: White Flowers & Pollen. Trunk Type: Solitary and Clumping. palm trees information on palm trees for sale and great pictures of Palm Tree Buy your palm trees Palm tree sales and installation in Houston Dallas Austin San Antonio areas. Delivery is not required in any of your orders, you can arrange your own transportation. Yellow Brown Date. Desert Empire Palms specializes in four varieties of palm trees for sale. Clustered in groups of two or three and lit from below, the Medjool creates a stunning and romantic nighttime display. Flower: White Flowers & Pollen. The trunk is singular, up to 15″ in diameter, and has leaf scars creating diamond-shaped patterns all the way up the trunk. Historically finding Medjool date palms for sale was a difficult task since the Medjool date was once reserved only for royalty due to their succulent taste and rarity. The foliage is an eye-catching bluish-gray. Delivery The thick gray column is deeply etched with diamond-like leaf scars. Planting Dimensions: 5’x5’x5’ Hole The beautiful Sylvester Date Palm will make a great addition to any home office or landscape! palm tree pricing for Queen palms,Mexican palms, Sylvester Date palm tree, Medjool Date palm tree, Canary Island date, Pygmy date Palm, Windmill palm, Texas Sabal palm ,Pindo Palm tree,Washingtonia palm tree, Mediteranean Servicing the Southwest USA and across the country. Tall and thin. Plant them, and watch them grow. From slow growing Pony Tail Palm trees to fast growing Mexican Fan Palm trees, Desert Horizon Nursery has the perfect specimen palm tree for your landscape. We have them in a wide range of sizes, and can find you the perfect tree for any application. Tall and thin. Check our climate page to find out which one suits you better. Date plans hybridize easily, so be sure of what you are buying. Canary Island/Pineapple Palm trees for sale. Florida Grown Wholesale Palm Tree Nursery & Landscape Palms At A Quality Plant we specialize in palm trees, our passion is raising the best Florida grown palm trees available from our nursery.As Florida's top wholesale palm tree distributor we sell just about every palm tree that you can imagine Canary Date Palms, Medjool Date Palms, Areca Palms, Sylvester Palms, Sabal Palms, Bismark Palms. They are very sturdy and are more forgiving than other tropical palms. We specialize in hedges and palms that create instant privacy. Can Tolerate Most Moist Climates. 8’-12’ Frond Length. Medjool Date Palm, also called the feather palm and more broadly termed the Phoenix Dactylifera (scientific name), gets its name from the Medjool Date fruit that the palm produces. The crown is formed of a series of upright fronds that fan attractively and can grow as long as 20 feet in length. An Elegant Low Maintenance Palm If you've always wanted to bring the tropics to your yard, then this is the palm for you. Soil Requirements: Sandy Loam Most Medjool Date Palm Trees sold in Florida come from California fruit producers that are selling off the older, less productive cultivars to make room for newer, better fruiting cultivars. Palm Trees For Sale Near Palmetto, Parrish and Bradenton. Welcome to Palm Tree Paradise, your guide to finding quality palm trees for sale that will fit your gardening or landscaping project! Please Click onto each Palm Tree For Planting Instructions. For more information on the purchase of a Sylvester Palm Tree Add instant tropical style to your landscape with our locally grown, desert acclimated palm trees. Shipping to: Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida, Texas CaliforniaWynn Encore Las Vegas, Marriott Newport Beach, Petco Park San Diego, Union Square San Francisco, Ysabel Restaurant West Hollywood, Phoenix Zoo Phoenix Arizona, Pardall Road Santa Barbara, The Summit … (Click to) Learn More, Directions, Date Palm, True Date Palm, Majule, Zahidi, Steady Water, Drought Tolerant Once Established. We deal with wholesale Sylvester palm trees and deliver to wherever our Palm trees are often associated with Florida, everywhere you look you tend to see beautiful palm trees. 7-8 feet tall. This architectural palm is popular in both residential and commercial plantings. Soil Requirements: Sandy Loam They're extremely drought tolerant and low maintenance. We carry Medjool Date Palms, Deglet Date Palms, California Fan Palms, and Mexican Fan Palms. Perfect for areas around pools because it doesn't "shed" its leaves... starting at $49.95 more info Cat Palm The Cat Palm is a great small palm. We believe that this type of palm will give your home or any other property a great look. 12’-15’ Frond Length. Date Palm Tree Date palm trees for sale, 400 mm - 500 mm trunk width and stands 2 m - 3 m tall; healthy 10 year old date palms. Desert Empire Palms specializes in four varieties of palm trees for sale. Let the Sylvester Date Palm Tree grace your landscape and leave the envying to your neighbors. • The Canary Island Date Palm Tree is easily adapted to grow in city Trunk Type: Solitary and Clumping. If you live in the areas highlighted blue, its best to plant your tree in a container, so you can bring it indoors during the winter months. The dates appear on long stalks that grow beneath the leaves and are yellow to red in color. Climate: Warm arid. Sorry but no help Prune away new suckers to create a strong, central trunk that is visually appealing. That is why at Quality Palms, we offer Sylvester palm trees for sale. Persistent Leaf Scars. Resort Style Date Palms are the ultimate in palms for your landscape design! And Installation Available.

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