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The Constant Companion Ball Bearing Opening Pocket Knife has a unique design that was conceived specifically with compact carry and quick accessibility in mind. So I thought of trying that on my carbon steel knife.… Read more ». And the percentage is growing. About 60cm, heavy back, handmade. Two great examples are the Becker BK-9 and the ESEE Junglas. Your primary tradeoff here is weight. Forged  to provide food, either hunting, camping, cooking, or to work hard on the homestead and to provide you some comfort when alone in the woods. Comment Report abuse. For a fixed blade, it’s a blade that’s 3-3/4″ – 5″. You’ll come across a lot of different styles of grinds. Both have seen quite a bit of use and I’m not disappointed one bit in their performance. For that, the saber grind is great. You could be charged with assault with a restricted weapon. knife-comb); spiked wristbands; blowguns; Kiyoga or Steel Cobra batons (spring batons); spring-loaded rigid batons (triggered by a button or lever); morning stars; and; brass knuckles. The carrying of knives in public is forbidden or restricted by law in many countries. For more information, check out privacy page. Between these three items, he could accomplish all the camp tasks he needed, to include making more tools. After 2 years of use my sister reports that this holster is still in good shape and is a constant companion. In time I started to get to grips with the Woodlore and so as I say it's been a constant companion for all these years. Like all things in life, there’s a compromise, but a full flat grind in the appropriate thickness really delivers a lightweight blade for a given style.Sometimes you want some heft though, or maybe you need extreme toughness. Even if the main part of the knife is a full flat grind, for example, the cutting edge may shift to a hollow grind. I always figured at some point that I would strip the factory coating off of my blades and then patina them with apple cider vinegar. I cannot remember a day, or if I can not, very many days where I have not used a knife to do something. Other hikers along the trail kept asking me if I was expecting to fight a bear along the way. Home » Equipment » Choosing a Field Knife as a Constant Companion. This design is aesthetically pleasing but ultimately weaker. Helpful. Follow. Kephart and Nessmuk carried relatively thin blades for doing their detail work because they also carried small axes for doing the heavy chopping and splitting tasks. It’s basically the same process you mentioned, and I happen to think they come out looking pretty nice. Everyone has their preferences for tip style, grind, size, and profile. To say a good quality knife is worth its weight in gold, would be wrong. The thicker the blade, the heavier it becomes and more difficult it is for detailed tasks like carving. I’ve seen several knives that cost more than nice handguns out there. The handles, or “scales,” of the blade are simply bolted or riveted to the sides. Like choosing a steel alloy for your rifle barrel, you have to choose the material for your knife. In hindsight, that was a little silly, but I was damn proud to have that leather sheath dangling off my belt. O1 is another variety of tool steel common for knife making. It accompanied me on many a hike and trip out to the field. In contrast, let’s look at a dedicated field knife. Please do not consider a carbon steel knife  if you want to clean it in a dishwasher. Another Skeletool fan here. To me, the primary drawback here is that I wouldn’t use this type of knife for batoning or detailed carving work where I might want to put my thumb on the back of the blade. The Pocket Strike’s blade shape brings lots of muscle in as compact a form as possible. Yet, it is simultaneously one of the most useful things we can carry afield. But it’s also just so much bigger and heavier, and I wouldn’t use most of the things on it very often. Kephart, like George Washington “Nessmuk” Sears before him, was a fan of the trinity system. To say a good quality knife is worth its weight in gold, would be wrong. The downside is that the lack of chrome in the metal means they are more prone to rust. Secondly, and the main thing I wanted to pass on is this: I have chosen carbon steel as my steel. Hey Matt, I am commenting here because I couldn’t figure out how to comment elsewhere. While hiking the Appalachian trail in 2005, my father sent me on my way with a USMC Ka-Bar as a field knife. Mark’s takeaway was that knives are a highly personal thing. Constant Companion. It’s isn’t terribly long or “pointy” but it does the job. Keep in mind that there’s a bit more to the point that just the style. Body: 3 3/8"L Blade Fully Extended: 1 7/8" L Blade: 3/8" x .025 Thick - Surgical Stainless Steel. In addition, and I need to be clear that I’m speaking of the primary grind (the main bevel, not the cutting edge), it’s a reliable but less efficient grind. It’s near the bottom of my list as I do a fair amount of batoning wood, but for a hunter its great.I used to make convex grinds exclusively but stopped for the most part. The Knife Center did a fine job getting together some information if you want to learn more. You start looking for certain features that work better for this situation but don’t hurt as much in that situation. The Bear & Son Constant Companion Neck Knife is the perfect companion wherever you go. The device known as the "Constant Companion", being a belt containing a blade capable of being withdrawn from the belt, with the buckle of the belt forming a handle for the blade, and any similar device. Jun 6, 2011 #1. slight. The back side is flat for pounding with a baton or pushing with my off hand. A rat tail construction, on the other hand, means that the steel under the handle narrows significantly so that the handle fully encompasses the tang. It was a wonderful moment when he gave me my first real Swiss Army knife. 5.0 out of 5 stars Quality at its best! I also have a MUT that was gifted to me, and I’ll admit that it has more capability. They have strong points great for piercing and stabbing but give up slicing power and control. After sanding it, he pickled it with acid. These exist at every price point. It is always open and “get-at-able,” ready not only for skinning game and cleaning fish, but for cutting sticks, slicing bread and bacon and peeling “spuds.” It saves the pocket knife from we and messy work, and preserves its edge for the fine jobs. It’s more like cutting with a splitting maul compared to a full height but it’s tough and offers the additional weight.The hollow ground can accomplish a lot depending on how deep or shallow it is. The theory here is that you can carry a large knife for doing double duty at tasks usually reserved for axes as well as things you might do with a machete, such as brush clearing. 31. Because been caught out in the woods with a bar of gold would not be my choice. I hated the rusting issue. Peoples preference for ergonomics really vary, however for long term use I would avoid anything with too much of a sculpted handle. Learn how your comment data is processed. He's a lifelong learner, passionate outdoorsman, and steadfast supporter of firearms culture. I’m glad to see you using a Skeletool. Check out our constant companion selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. If I’m batoning through a log, I can beat on that portion of the blade and not chip up the baton. Comment Report abuse. The truth is that most knives on the market are some variety of double bevel. The clip point, the name for the downswept look towards the point makes for a strong and piercing tip. 36,47 € 36,47 € 37,22 € 37,22€ Lieferung bis Montag, 20. 4,4 von 5 Sternen 280. Standard Knife are 4" to 10" blade length, with either wood or antler handle material. There are a lot of alloys out there, but the choices boil down to two categories: There are different additives added to steel blends to generate different qualities. Combinded with a sturdy spine they will hold up to any adventure you can think of! The first step is really thinking about what you need your blade to do with you. The big thing here is that stainless steels include more chromium and nickel. I reached out to Mark Cutright, of Cutright Knives, to help fill in some of the blanks. Constant Companion knife translation in English-French dictionary. There’s really three options here: drop point, clip point, and spear point. Luckily, one of our readers knows a lot more about the subject than I do. Being your lifeline in the woods, it’s understandable that your knife be able to tackle to the widest possible array of tasks, while sacrificing the fewest number of desirable traits. I would rather have a knife. These folks came from a variety of backgrounds including Army Special Forces, Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, the CIA, and various other reconnoissance units. Read more. Ilya Koshkin, The Dark Lord of Optics, Schools Me on Riflescopes, Builder’s Guide to the Designated Marksman Rifle, The Battle Belt: 3 Essential Tips for Carrying Gear Like a Boss, Thyrm Pyrovault Lighter Armor: Raw Truth Review, The Complete Guide to Your Iron Sight Zero, Improves wear and corrosion resistance; a major component of stainless steel, Improves tensile strength, corrosion and pitting resistance, Improves toughness and corrosion resistance, often used in stainless steels and dive knives, Promotes finer grain structure, which improves wear resistance and strength, Either clip or drop point, so long as the tip is centered. I’m curious if you have any knives you find yourself picking up for those journeys out there. James Ryan Leonard. This blade is relatively thin and narrow. en TOOLS, KNIVES AND SCISSORS Belt Buckle knives (Constant Companion) Box cutters Bolt cutters Any knife that has a blade that opens automatically by gravity, by centrifugal force, or by hand pressure applied to a button, spring, or other device in or attached to the handle of the knife (butterfly knives, switchblades, etc.) 5.0 out of 5 stars A+++++ Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2019. A fighting knife has a primary purpose of piercing and slicing soft tissue. It’s just so darn useful. It's still going strong so purchasing the Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife was more of a little treat to myself - I'm worth it, as the advert on TV says! When I was a boy scout long ago, I used to linger over the pocket knife counter at the local Army-Navy store with my dad. Comment Report abuse. I do think it would be unpleasant to handle bare metal against my skin if I was back in a Montana winter again with temperatures down around -20 degrees. A lot of folks in the bushcraft and knife enthusiast community think that “tactical” knives are just an excuse to use inferior materials and workmanship. William Sharp. This helps prevent rust and makes your maintenance easier. Equipment; This post contains affiliate links. Constant Companion Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by slight, Jun 6, 2011. You know, that’s a really good point. Therefore, because an every-day-carry knife is a constant companion for most people, choosing one with a high-quality blade steel is a wise choice. Well, usually cheaper. So it all comes back to Kephart’s original recommendations. Since then, I’ve built up quite the collection of blades. Every knife is uniquely crafted, perfectly balanced for its purpose and wicked sharp! Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2019. On the topic of tangs, one thing that is important to note is that in cold regions with a full tang knife, your hand will necessarily contact metal parts of the knife. This is what Mark had to say. “Constant Companion” (Belt buckle knife) – A belt containing a blade capable of being withdrawn from the belt A full tang blade is heavier but stronger. While that may be true for a lot of inexpensive “tactical” blades on the market, especially the ones you might find at a gas station, there are some definite characteristic differences between a fighting knife and a field knife. Make A Paracord Belt Pouch To Keep Your Bladed Companions On You At All Times! Everyone here has already beat the fact that this knife is not classified as a "constant companion" but make sure that your BF is aware of local laws as well as Federal laws if he intends to carry it. You wouldn't even have to show it or threaten to show it. A rat tail is lighter and probably strong enough for most tasks. Ethan Becker, an accomplished outdoorsman and knife designer, said this was the blade he wished he had for all the years he was fidgeting around with other designs. It’s merely a chunk of metal with an edge. The thicker it is, the stronger it becomes for putting up with abuse like splitting wood, chopping, and prying. This can be quite unpleasant if the temperature is cold enough. Everyone showed interest in his work and offered their input. It is the perfect everyday knife that many of our customers wear on their key chain. The tactical pocket knife features a removable lashing cap that has two sturdy metal holes so that it can be easily attached to your gear. Consequently, folding knives are now often referred to as “every-day-carry” knives and, as such, they are often called upon to perform a wide range of cutting tasks. The tactical pocket knife features a removable lashing cap that has two sturdy metal holes so that it can be easily attached to your gear. Standard Knife are 4" to 10" blade length, with either wood or antler handle material. Cookies help us deliver our services. I later replaced it in 2010 with a Leatherman Skeletool, a gift from my then girlfriend (now wife). In another portion of the book, Kephart mentions that the blade should be about the width of your palm. The primary advantage is that it is slightly “pointier” for stabbing, which is useful in a defensive knife. But they did share some common attributes. That gets us to the shape of the edges and grinds. What you’ll find as you go down this path is that, like rifles, things become compromises. Quantity: Add To Cart. Verified Purchase. A spear point, for example, can be very “pointy” like my dagger, but may also be a little curvier. To ensure you have the best experience possible, this website uses cookies. At that price point, I wouldn’t be afraid to beat it up, either. Like rifles, there is a knife designed for just about any situation. Constant Companion; January 25, 2019 / Last updated : January 25, 2019 HG Tudor Uncategorized. I don’t know if it’s an indicator of anything, but a lot of companies that manufacture nice stainless blades would rather have you send your knife back to them for sharpening than try and do it yourself. My personal field knife that meets these requirements is my Becker BK-16.

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