theoretical background of online selling

No problem! With the increase of online shopping and application of multi-channel, the study of e-consumer behaviour is increasingly crucial for retailer (Dennis et al., 2004). (1994) Supplier selection criteria on the service dimension: some empirical evidence, European Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management , 1 , (4): 209–17. Generally, it is also known as internet buying, electronic shopping, online purchasing or internet shopping. If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. the theoretical background is exploring the online business from the customer service point of view. Customer acquisition and retention are strongly affected by effective retail environment, McGoldrick (2002) noted that store selling environment is the key to decide that whether shopping experience is convenient and attractive, it has been using as a powerful weapon to differentiate brand image, retailers realize that they are in an "experience" economy, even no exception with electronic shopping. Multi-channel retailing is a business approach, a strategic process to retain a strong brand from channel to channel in a highly competitive market. 2008) meanwhile, research also indicated that financial, time/convenience and privacy issues are the most important concerns influence the use of e-shopping. consumer acceptance of online shopping has attracted widespread attention, Benjamin an Wigand (1995) claimed when first time the internet as a shopping medium to offer consumer service, it was considered as the most appropriate for consumer utilitarian needs. In the competitive market place, it is important that the product is communicated across to the customers. * Competing with larger businesses by being able to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also marketers can influence the consumer behaviour and final outcomes of interaction between seller and consumer through engaging different marketing tools which are known as marketing mix, such as products, price, and promotion. Second, not only big size retailer can take a place in market, in E-commerce small and medium enterprises can compete on equal terms to large ones, it allows them respond to challenges and opportunities by reaching a large audience than high street and can be open 24 hours a day. Want to add some juice to your work? Elf you run your own business, then you probably know that getting customers is not that easy task. 2.1. For example, Ebay is an online auction company which obtains growth in popularity with thousands of buyers and seller bidding daily. Furthermore a continuous cost will be fulfillment and logistics; Legal problems must be considered, if retailer and consumer are not in the same countries, may be the conflict between law and taxation will come up; another disadvantage is that costumers tend to impulse purchases when they have touch, feel or smell the products, which e-selling can not provide. (Carpenter and Moor, 2008), Education has significant and positive relationship with the time spent for information of products and services, (Joines et al. . (Cai,Y. The combination of chapter 3 and chapter 4, will provide the essential elements acting as a basis for online shopping behaviour new framework development and aid conceptualisation and evaluation of online shopping behaviour theory. The purpose of this chapter is aim to provide a background information about online shopping market. (Xu, 2008) Brown et al (cited in Bourlakis et al. Reduce your costs – setup and operational costs are much less than selling from a hysterical store, directly improving your bottom line. 3. 2008) research reported that the differences between demographic groups in the UK are gradually degressive which are reflect in the special demographic groups are catching up, such as older people and lower socioeconomic groups. (2003) status that e-shoppers tend to pay attention on functional and utilitarian, they are younger than average and more be male, usually have higher education level and social status. Cost factor is the biggest advantage of selling your products online. (2019, Dec 05). Online gaming, electronic game playing over a computer network, particularly over the Internet. (Schneider, 2004) If retailers want to set up an e-retailing channel, there must have some understandable disadvantages and problems. Retailers make the consumers perceive ease of use and usefulness of website through controlling these elements. 4. It's Free! With online selling, you will periodically be confronted by the need to decide where your products can be purchased and shipped to because of varying legal requirements. E-commerce takes place between companies between companies and their customers, or between companies and public administrations, (Whiteley, 2000). Theoretical Background of the Study. 2004; McCormick, 2009), First of all, for retail companies in term of location is the most important. Considering these factors, you cannot afford not to sell online. Actually, there are still many challenges when retailers move into multi-channel, because the internet requires a high up-front investment in order to build an effective web presence to compete with exist ones. This chapter includes the background of this research whith includes the definition of e-commerce, e-retailing and their relative merits; the current situation of online market, especially introduce the multi-channel retail retailing, that encompasses definition of multi-channel, challenges retailers might face and the great potential of this retail style. Therefore, besides basically meet customers' product needs and expectations, a superb web experience is also designed follow the steps of their buying process. a high Therefore, research needs to concentrate more on issues concerning personal selling quality in travel agencies, instead of online sales and service quality. 2008) according to Verdict (2007), In 2006 online spending grew by 33.4% to £10.9bn and it predicts that in the UK online spending will reach £28.0bn in 2011.Even in the time of recession, for instance, in the UK, online shopping volumes are continuing with double-digit growth (IMRG,2008), whereas the performance of traditional shopping is unsatisfactory. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Theoretical Framework Purchase Intention Subjective Norm Perceived Usefulness Online Shopping Behavior 406 Yi Jin Lim et al. Additions Increase the Financial Performance of the Firm: The Evidence from (Bourlakis et al. With a well-designed online store you can improve your sales processes considerably, reducing your costs further or selling more products per transaction. (Constantinides, 2004). 2005), Consumers usually feel worry or risk when making a purchase, and the general results from related studies indicate that consumers who are online shoppers have a higher level risk than purchase in store. 2.1 Selling online Selling and buying products via the Internet is often referred to as Selling is a wonderful profession when approached ethically, constructively and helpfully. Theoretical Background . History and Background Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, who is still the head of the company at the time. How about receiving a customized one? In some of the cases, it is even more difficult to get online business as there eight not be enough traffic on that site. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Selling online can revolutionize your business. (Dennis, 2004) For the purpose of achieving a consistent customer experience, website design is used to convey the appropriate mix of beauty and functionality. (Homburg and Giering, 2001) Because, the level of education may influence occupation and income, disadvantages in education result shortcoming in occupation and income, then difficult in paying the internet fee. Solution Selling introduced an advanced sales model that worked very well for selling complex products and services. TRINITY INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Sector – 9, Dwarka Institutional Area, New Delhi-75 Affiliated to Institution of G.G.S.IP.U, Delhi Course: BBA (G) Subject :Sales Management Paper ID : 17303 Theories of Selling Mr. Pramod Kumar Nayak Asst. Another is technology orientation; it means the technical specifications of an online store, refers to interface, design and navigation, payment, information, intention to us and ease of use. A key component of the implementation process is identifying potential barriers and facilitators that need to be addressed. You don’t need to pay shop assistants, rent high-street premises, or answer a lot of pre-sales queries. Available from: Kim (2004) further defined internet shopping as examining, searching for, browsing The following chapter will review the literature of online environment affecting online shopping behaviour in detail to further support research progressing. With the development of technology, the characteristics of consumers are changing gradually. But one some major differences are shopping environment and marketing communication. 393 Downloads; This study aims to extend the present financially-dominated understanding of divestiture performance implications by highlighting them from an institutionally- based organizational perspective. Updated Aug 6th, 2018. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. In contrast, younger consumer tent to seek alternatives, younger men are regarded as the early adopter of online shopping, they have positive attitude to such a new shopping channel (Korgaonkar, 1999) younger customers likely to purchase online than older consumers, many researches argue that most e-consumers are young men with more knowledge about the internet; also they have better education and higher incomes. To some extent, the increasing use of internet can diminish financial risk, and experienced online buyers perceive less financial risks than inexperienced ones, furthermore, men perceive financial risks less significant than women. For instance, consumer recognize the need for buying some product (book), they refers to the internet to buy online and start to After analysis of e- business diversity, conceptual model illustrating the competitiveness of … 2003; Vijayasarathy, 2003 and Swinyard, 2003), In fact, the effects of gender about online shopping is multifarious, the first adopters of e-shopping are male consumer. There is a widespread recognition that consumer behaviour is the key to contemporary marketing success (Hawkins et al., 2003). Reducing order-processing costs – customer orders can automatically come straight into your orders database from the website. Payne and Frow (2005) and Boulding, Staelin, Ehret and Johnston (2005) carried out research concerning customer relationship management, emphasising that the key point to multi-channel retailing is to create a strategy that adds more value for the customer, enabling the firm to achieve better results. (Childers et al. In marketing, consumer behaviour has become the most important sub-field, Source: Essay UK - Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser or a mobile app. [05-12-20]. Selling online has a number of advantages over selling by conventional methods, including: * Making savings in set-up and operational costs. Electronic game worlds have generated billions of dollars, with millions of players around the world fighting, buying, crafting, and selling in a variety of online environments. (Nicholson et al. theoretical explanation for the online shopping intention, which brings forth electronic purchase habit. McCormick and Vazquez (2009) gave a comprehensive model of online fashion environment, shows in Figure. In order to fulfill customers purchase needs, retailers are aware of the increasing importance of offering an alternative ways for them, adopting multichannel retail strategy. Sell-out: how many units of a product is selling out to the customer (from the retailer) Sell-through is the same as sell out. Web experience is much more complicated than physical shopping experience, because the consumer is not only a shopper but also the user of information technology. This study first provides a theoretical and conceptual background that illustrates the differences of service. Theoretical background of retrieving Green's function by cross‐correlation: one‐dimensional case Hisashi Nakahara Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of … They just invented it to confuse you. Theoretical Background of Amazon. (Parson, 2002) (Mitchell, 1999) a significant risk might lead to avoid or abandon the purchase activity. For e.g. Selling through internet has lots of challenges and requires lots of efforts and patience. History of ecommerce dates back to the invention of the very old notion of "sell and buy", electricity, cables, computers, modems, and the Internet. : Cisco) is viewed as dealing with manufacturing and wholesale activity, and B2C (e.g. Agenda • The Basics • Beginning to Sell Online • Marketplaces • Developing your own eCommerce Website • Understanding Costs and other fundamentals • Multi Channel Software • Measuring eCommerce Selling Online 3. to buy online. (Dennis et al., 2004) Donthu and Garcia (1999) characterized e-shoppers as following: However, over one decade there are more or less changes in characteristics of consumer. The process of online buying behavior consists of five steps and it is similar to traditional shopping behavior (Liang and Lai 2000). The disadvantages of selling online is that your customers may find lower prices at other competitors, the internet is a large place and you have to carve out a niche market for you and your online products and services. An online store is always cheap and easy to manage. In the research section, various types of customer opinions of online payment are studied by using questionnaire survey. The E-commerce, can sell to anywhere in the country even oversea country, location is not as significant as physical retail store. : Amazon) as dealing with retailing and service industry by The US Department of Commerce (2006), C2C e-commerce is consist of online customer auctions, (e.g. Compare with traditional store design, the scope of online store design is greater because it has to cover almost everything that should be covered by interaction with salesperson only through computer screen; furthermore, such customer service and after-sales services also have to be incorporated into the design. The Impact Of Personal Selling On Sale Volume of mobile phones in Calabar municipality. There is no rent to pay, you hire less personnel, and so forth. An online storefront has a number of very powerful advantages over a brick-and-mortar location that can yield big dividends for surprisingly little investment of time and money. Consumer behaviour studies have been conducted in many countries of the world. online purchase intentions for different product categories (e.g., reducing perceptions of specific risks or directly enhancing online shopping experience). (Parsons,2002; Babin and Attaway,2000 ) Similarly, Childers et al. McCormic believed that ease of use, visual appearance, information quality and interactivity are considerations of online environment building up. When applying the TDF, it is critical to understand the context in which behaviours occur. These definitions makes there are multiple perspectives to e-commerce and provide a comprehensive characterization of e-commerce (Holsapple and Sasidnaran, 2009). B2B companies in particular rely on the annual circuit of trade shows and exhibitions to network and build customer relations. (Forsythe and Shi, 2003) There are many key issues affect consumer trust in internet shopping, for instance, credit card assurance policies, product warranty policies, policy on returned products, availability of escrow service, and ability o fuser friendly, reliable, efficient web navigation and animated shopping environment. Definition: The theories of selling implies to the behaviour of the salesperson towards the prospect or the customer, which ensures the active sale of goods or services. * Attracting customers who would not normally have investigated your type of high-street outlet. The selling theories gained significance due to the emerging role of the salesperson in marketing since a seller … e-store design is usually refers to e-store website design, McCormic(2009) noted that due to the attributes of the internet, which is a service and information medium and used as a marketing tool, the whole online environment is visble, accessible and available to consumer. Then, you have the capability to run any type of business. 2001). Then you do not need any web experience or programming knowledge. (Brown et al. Finally, for oversea customers, the after-sell service could be difficult. They share the characteristics of earlier e-shoppers in that they are likely to be innovative consumers and impulsive in their purchases as they looking for shopping convenience. These words from my wise old friend ring true to this day. 2004) Due to the security concern, online consumers prefer to shop form their recognized retailers. The research survey design was adopted in the study while simple random sampling technique was used to select a sample size of 100 staff of the organization that participated in the study. The advantages of selling online is that you are able to reach a large audience, you are able to sell multiple items at low low costs without having a store and at times without even having a product or service.

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