my dog ignores me unless i have food

Last night he would bark and make me get out of bed so I could stand by him while he ate. 2. How do i fix this? Jump to Latest Follow ... dogs don't listen to humans unless they believe that it is important to getting a reward. At first, I thought it was because we were feeding her some table scraps every once in a while, but I have stopped that practice, yet she still won’t go to her food dish herself for more than 2 or 3 kibbles. He's about seven years old. That is the huge problem for me. If the dog has no drive for the toy, then you will have to use food, but that does not work as well, unless you really cut back on her meals. But this is what a dog does when it doesn't have a leader -- it graciously accepts the throne you've unwittingly abandoned. Ignore him for 20-30 seconds to teach him to be careful. He'd rather ignore me and do what he wants!!! If your dog isn’t eating his food all of a sudden, but will gladly take treats or table scraps, something is wrong. Honestly, I like taking the dog out on a long line, with a prong or choke, and letting the dog play, calling her, and when she does not come popping her to you with the lead. Some people force-feed their pets using a syringe without a needle. For the third piece, I'd hold my finger in his bowl. He don't even sniff food … If you are looking for answers, you have come to the right place! Think you know your dog well? But let me help you with that. My dog ignores me. As you've found out, if she doesn't understand what COME means, it is just a sound you are making that the dog really doesn't understand. Be careful and only inject small portions of food at a time into your dog’s mouth. ... Don't ever feed a dog at the dinner table unless you want her to always come to the dinner table for food. Then he stopped. I put it in her dog bowl. That is the huge problem for me. Pet Food Stamps, a non-profit pending corporation based in New York City and the brainchild of Marc Okon, an animal lover that saw a very real need for […] He pulls on the leash, and bolts out the door before I can. and he has a lot of anxiety issues. My dog will go days without eating unless someone sits with her and hand feeds her dog food. ANY time you call your dog and your dog comes to you, OR you have to go get your dog, DO NOT yell at or otherwise discipline the dog! I was a little bit disappointed because:-I don’t like short hair dogs-I don’t like bony dogs But if he saw other dog, cat, kids he immediately breaks my commands. But if he saw other dog, cat, kids he immediately breaks my commands. I offer him all kind of his funny staff (toys, food, ball), but nothing. Mar 9, 2017 #5. sk8brdkd Audio A Sk8er. A week or so later my mom showed me a picture of a dog and he was a little, sad looking hound. The causes are the same as for the dog that won’t eat kibble unless it is smothered in yogurt or cheese sauce. Just as important, do not use the recall word over and over – if the dog ignores you – STOP repeating the command. have you ever stopped long enough to think about what he would prefer to do, given a choice? He don't even sniff food … He has this weird habit of making you watch him or at least be close by while he eats. Ive been doing a lot of yard work this year (we finally had rain! Q: My dog won't eat unless I watch him? When he was a month old he would response to whistleling and come over right away. You want to make sure you are the most exciting thing in that room! Two problems are barking- bikes, people walking past my windows, other dogs sometimes and 2. aggression but the aggression is not from her it’s from other dogs towards her which makes me think is she giving off a weird doggo vibe to other dogs lol. He's smart, but stubborn. I have a belgian Mal. :) But he won't listen to me unless I have a treat for him. They’ll have no problem with it being taken away. Another common problem is the dog that will eat treats, or human food, but simply won’t eat dog food at all. Beckett is almost 6 months old now, and ignores me about half the time. My dog won’t eat dog food but will eat treats. However, wen i have nothing to give her she does not obey anything i say. If you must force-feed a dog to stimulate their appetite, take some baby food, and smear it on the dog's lips. In all probability he will start peeping in to your food bowls and may even try to have a mouthful. So I bought him bacon treats which he loves and he did the same he would listen and go running after them then he stopped. I think part of the problem is that Im the primary person who has taken care of him, taught him the basics, and keeps track of him whenever were outdoors. Here’s why it matters and what you can do to determine how much to feed your dog. Hi all! Your dog may be wanting you to stand guard, making sure he can eat his food uninterrupted. For example, if your dog is not eating because they got into the trash, ate some spoiled food, or have an upset stomach, the recommendation would be to ensure that your dog doesn’t have access to the trash can. WHEN I FEED MY DOG, EVEN HIS FAVORITE, HE IGNORES HIS FOOD FOR ABOUT 5-10 MIN AND THEN EATS IT WITH GREAT VIGOR. The close bond you have with your pet can come into play at mealtime, notes Dr. Liz Stelow, animal behaviorist and chief of service at UC Davis, especially if your dog has come to expect an emotional reward for eating. I offer him all kind of his funny staff (toys, food, ball), but nothing. She obeys immediately when she knows she will get something in return. I have no idea why he does this. You want to make this easy for your dog, so start in a quiet room in your home with no other people, pets, toys, food, etc. One of the best ways to keep dogs healthy is to feed them the right amount of a high-quality dog food. Like x 1; List; Mar 9, 2017. Why does my dog ignore me? After some trepidation she ate all of it. I scrambled her 3 eggs and a chopped up a hot dog. Right now I have my door open so he can see me while he eats his food. When my dog bit me and it was still I puppy, I would normally let the hand go limp and yelp. While some dogs are comfortable with the idea of spending a few hours alone, others are more sensitive.They can have difficulty relaxing in solitude and spend most of the time alarmed from every noise, no matter how small. I have an almost 2year old very energetic female Frenchie! For months we had been trying to adopt a dog. The dog I imagined was a giant chocolate lab who rolled over and let me smoosh my face into his belly. IS THIS - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist ... By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. The first aspect is to stop calling the dog unless you are certain you can ensure he does not ignore you. 6 Signs Your Dog Loves You I consider my dogs Shakira, Gracie, Quora, Quixote and QT as full-on members of my family. Hi I was trying to get me dog off of people food by only giving her “dog food” and after 2 1/2 days of guilt, I searched on line and found ur blog. I'd offer him the next piece of food even closer to his bowl. Your job is to get to the root of the problem and get him back on track before he gets sick. my jack/chi must be super smart,walks next to me off leash just roams less than 50 feet away from me.i call he comes.hold up the leash,he jumps off the couch.he has free roam of the house.i say bed bang he is in the bed.running free at the dog park,i call his name show him the leash,he comes of sits down. Feeding your dog too much or not enough can have certain health consequences. He can't focus on me when he saw other dog, all his attention was focused on another dog. Find Out What Your Dog Likes. Much like human kids, they don't magically listen just because someone bigger and older told them to. He was never socialized as a pup.. he is turning 2 next month and he won't eat his food unless me or my husband are standing right next to him. I love them with all my heart. Its frustrating enough for me to not be able to walk or move but then to have my dog completely ignore me is upsetting too. I always make him sit before we play fetch and i throw the ball, before we go outside for a walk..etc. It pisses me right off and he knows it, So now I ignore. Some questions need to be asked. Is your dog fed in a high traffic area? He is really good around kids, and is pretty quiet! Your dog has learned to play you. She will have to be onleash. That will make your pooch release you. All dogs that have been raised or given clear boundaries will willingly share their food or toys with their owners. He can't focus on me when he saw other dog, all his attention was focused on another dog. ... Food is the most obvious reward, but things like praise and play can be very motivating as well. ... Over a period of time his ‘mental leash’ will stop him from moving out of the house unless a leash is put on. Saying, “My Dog Doesn’t Like Me Anymore” can hurt just by saying so. Same goes for “No.” If you say “No” you have to make sure what happens next is not a continuation of fun. i can keep saying it millions of times in different ways and she still wont obey. We didn’t know what kind yet but we were getting a puppy and that was final. I just got my one year old lab. I allowed it until I was certain he was bonded to me. When his mouth was in his bowl and taking food on his own, I could remove my hand. any suggestions on how to make him more independent? Dog. And then I would give him a piece of food from my hand, but close to his dish. Like the kitchen in the middle of supper preparation? For the coming when called example above, when you use a recall word and the dog comes, make it rewarding! My mom told me we were getting a puppy. If you take your dog’s food away and give it back during every meal, all your dog really sees you as is … 2,833 +787 United States Low income families around the country could now qualify for a new program designed to keep pets at home with their families, and out of overcrowded shelters. Ingram Publishing/Getty Images "Come with me if you want to HOLY SHIT I SMELL FOOD SOMEWHERE!" NEVER take your dog off leash unless you have a 100% rock solid recall. If that means dragging around a 175-pound human using its own neck, so be it. Another example is, if your dog is not eating due to pain from arthritis, work with your veterinarian to treat and prevent pain. It takes charge of the walk. Many things can happen while you leave your dog at home: ringing alarms, a postman visit, noisy construction and much more. Let me tell you the possible causes of why your dog is this way and the things that you might need to do when you want to let your dog like you again. My dog only takes simple commands like "sit", or "go there" when i have a treat or a toy in my hand.

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