how to build a fish pond with a liner

It guarantees the largest volume of water for the space occupied by the pond and steep sides don’t accumulate waste materials and debris that can release harmful ammonia. The bigger the pond, the easier it is to maintain healthy water levels. Please help us spread the word! Goldfish require a pond of at least 5 meter square and a depth of no less than half a meter – or a volume of 3000 litres. In ideal circumstances, building a pond with a flexible liner is a matter of excavating a hole, cutting the flexible liner to size and installing it, then securing the edges with landscape stone and filling the pond with water. 1) Chose where you want to put the raised pond How to build a garden pond – adding pond liner Check with your local code if you plan to place the pond in an unfenced area…some towns limit the depth of the pond if it is unfenced, usually to 12 inches. Many people simply lay them down directly on the earth, grass, deck or concrete. Pleat and fold as neatly as possible into the corners. If you have placed the railway sleepers on the ground on their wider edge, then again simply screw them together at the 90 degree corners, allowing at least 50mm (or 2") of the screw to go into the adjoining sleeper. if you can find it Think lego or wooden building blocks. Homeowners create ponds for aesthetic or recreational opportunities. It is possible to be more creative with your design and still have your pond lined without creases or folds to the pond liner. Can I Make a Natural Pond Without a Liner?. Create a deep … Wildlife ponds are easier than you think, getting a sheet pond liner is cheap and easy, then you just put gravel in the bottom, and large rocks statues etc around the edges, if you do use this method, put old blankets ad sheets and things underneath the liner so stones don't rip holes in it, if you do the pond in steps you can put aquatic plants all around it. New French Oak railway sleepers If you are going to have water lilies they take at least 5 hours of sun a day. Include floating plants can also provide the necessary amount of shade ( fish can’t breath if too much of the surface is covered by aquatic plants). © Copyright Railway Sleepers Ltd | Website design by Bright White Space, © Copyright Railway Sleepers Ltd | Website design by, How to build a raised pond with railway sleepers. Acquire Pond Liner and Test Water Fill: Next, you’ll need to find something to use as a pond liner. This article will guide you on how you can build a beautiful fish pond in your garden, and whatever needs to be taken into consideration. Simply place the second layer on top of the first (remembering to overlap the joints) and simply screw through the second layer into the first layer below) Repeat if you want a thrird layer. Koi require a minimum of 5500 litres – or minimum pond size of 2.5m x 2m x 1.2m. Mark out the layout. Simply now fasten the layers together with a screw that goes through the top layer to the layer below. 2) Lay the railway sleepers on the ground. Lay a circle of large stones or bricks around the edge of the pond hole, covering the edge of the liner. Gravity allows the liner to "sink" especially in a large pond. If you can't find what you are looking for, or need advice, then give us a ring. First unfold the protective underlay and line the hole dug for your pond. before 12 noon Terms and Conditions, We will beat the price If you are stacking the sleepers horizontally on their broadest side, e.g. Knowing the location of underground utilities is essential so you can plan to put your pond in an area away from electrical and water lines. Make certain that the plants are stable and that the pots are firmly in place so that they don't tip over when the water is added. you require, Calculate the size The ideal position for any pond is an area that gets good sun and a little shade. Generally speaking, an approximate height of around 900-1000mm is good for standing, 650-750mm is good for sitting, and 600-620mm is good for wheelchair access. Ponds lined with a pond liner means there is a lack of soil in the bottom therefore few micro-organisms compared to that of a natural pond. Leave a 30 cm (1 foot) ledge around the edge of the pond 30 cm (1 foot) below the surface to encourage wildlife use. Fishing ponds can vary greatly in price. My account: My Orders  |   Step 1. How to Build a Pond DIY Pond Tutorial. If the liner is then folded over the top railway sleeper you will probably want to put an additional railway sleeper or timber capping on top of it to hold the liner in place, and to hide it. You don't want plants to be able to cut a hole in the liner. Call the dig line before you start planning your pond. site a pond on level ground – this will also help avoid rainwater run-off, which could bring with it fertilisers carried into your pond. Login    Your cart     Advantages of deeper ponds: Fish will grow only in relation to how big the space that they’re in is.In shallow water a koi, which can reach close to a metre in length, won’t reach its full potential, as it would in a 150-centimetre-deep pond. UK. Creating a pond or water feature from railway sleepers adds a whole other dimension to your garden. Are you going to use natural or a mechanical water quality control system? for a fish pond, water volume is an important factor when considering design and size. Most backyard ponds are small and built with liners to simplify construction. A raised pond can be built using bricks, concrete blocks or railway sleepers. Whether they will be standing up, sitting down and whether they'd like to be able to sit down on the edge of the raised pond. 6) Fill with water. There is a wide choice of railway sleepers, so it's hard to say which one would be best for a raised pond. Use a length of rope to play around with different shapes until you come up with one that will work in your garden and against the backdrop of your surrounding landscape. Used Australian Jarrah railway sleepersUsed African Azobe railway sleepers. Make sure the soil is stable enough support a pond. Measure the widest width, the longest length and the deepest point of your pond. Consider where the raised pond will be positioned and whether you can stand or sit next to one side of the raised pond, or whether both sides are accessible. Very quick & simple, with very little tools needed. Two screws per corner is a good solid formula. Use a shovel to excavate a two-tiered hole to 200mm deep at the shallow end and 600mm at the reservoir end. Fill the pond with a hose or wait for the rain, spring or stream to fill the pond. The soil dug out can be used in flower beds or to landscape your garden. A half-acre pond would be equivalent to a circular pond about 170 feet in diameter or, in a more natural shape, about 220 feet long by 100 feet wide. And, a. for aquatic planting you will need to add a stepped base or shelf to your design plan. a wildlife pond is probably the easiest type to build and maintain. Spray on a rubber liner to seal the pond if you are using it for fish. The lethal water temperature for Koi and goldfish is reportedly 90 degrees F. The higher the water temperature, the less dissolved oxygen it is capable of holding. They also produce high amounts of waste. Lining. The design and planning for this type of pond is much like the steps you would take when planning what to plant in a flower bed so that choice works together in a creative fashion. Goldfish and Koi excrete waste into the water in the form of ammonia from their gills and nitrate in their faeces. The next step is to decide where to position your pond. Koi are big fish and need a large volume of water. Trim the sides of the liner leaving a 30cm (12in) overlap around the sides of the pond. The plants can also be used to conceal the pump. HOW TO BUILD A RAISED POND WITH RAILWAY SLEEPERS. A box welded pond liner doesn’t restrict you to a geometric with variations of square or rectangular layout. You have now created a structure that is interlocked, and could be picked up in one piece by a crane, if you had the inclination! 7) Fill with fish! If you plan to add fish to the pond, balance the sun with some shade during the hottest part of the day by adding water lilies or lotus pads, plants or shrubs, or a portable shade screen. Pond Design and Costs. a natural pond is one in which the water, soil, plants, and animals all live in harmony. Minimalist Fish Pond Design – Fish Ponds give your garden that special extra magic and splendid touch that is always sought for.Nothing is more charming than the addition of a beautiful fish pond to your backyard. Place the railway sleepers on the ground in a square or rectangular shape, with the railway sleepers touching at the 90 degree corners. Spread the liner loosely inside the pond; don’t stretch it tight. Small ponds benefit from partial shade since high water temperatures promote excessive algae growth and increase water evaporation. However, even if you do find a nice deep precast fiberglass liner, often times these liners are difficult to ship and can be quite costly. A. Of course you may want to add pumps & water filters, depending on the seriousness of your aquatic adventure! Step barefoot into your pond to carefully push your pond liner into the contours. OTHER QUESTIONS Two screws per corner is a good solid formula. This is because a small pond gets warm quicker in summer and is more likely to freeze over in winter relative to a bigger and deeper pond. If you have placed the railway sleepers on the ground on their narrow edge, then simply again screw the second layer together at the 90 degree corners, as above, allowing at least 50mm (or 2") of the screw to go into the adjoining sleeper. Build shelves adequate to ones requirement before installation of the liner. You can also use a paint-on rubber liner instead of a spray-on liner. PLEASE have a look at some of the 100's of RAISED PONDS & WATER FEATURE PROJECTS, on our railway sleepers projects page. This tarp or liner needs to be compatible with fish ponds to reduce poisoning from any chemical residue left on other types of tarps from the treatment process. It is thought that some amphibians, such as frogs, are now more common in garden ponds than in the countryside. Sunken ponds require digging. Building a pond in your garden is such a rewarding challenge to take on. Again, at least two screws per sleeper end is a good solid formula. of the pump you require. The one exception is if you are intending to have a second layer. Secure the edges with rocks or bricks and start to fill it with water. Allow your pond liner to sink into the deepest area of your pond. The liner is laid directly on top of the underlay and pulled so it is taut. Added nutrients will have a negative impact on water quality. A formal pond into which a box-welded pond liner is fitted can be raised off the ground or dug into the ground. If you don't want this to be seen, screw at 45 degrees on the inside of the raised pond, through side of the top layer into the layer below. Once you've done that, you will have two or more layers sitting on top of each other, but not attached TO each other. 7) Fill with fish! Once you have finished digging and are fully satisfied with the layout and depth you will need to remove as many of the stones and rough gravel as possible so as not to damage your pond liner. If the liner is then folded over the top railway sleeper you will probably want to put an additional railway sleeper or timber capping on top of it to hold the liner in place, and to hide it. If your pond is in full sunlight you should consider the use of a shade sail or you can install a Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC), like the Oase Vitronic or the Oase Bitron which will break down and kill green water algae. Create rock formations on the bottom of the pond for fish to hide in. Step barefoot into your pond to carefully push your pond liner into the contours. One of the most common problems with using precast/preformed ponds as fish pond liners is the lack of depth in most cases. Whether you want a new crisp-lined raised pond, or an old, weathered raised pond, it is generally advisable to avoid creosote treated railway sleepers, that can ooze sticky tar in the summer, and get on skin, clothes, children, pets etc.. and also can contaminate the water for fish. To create this conducive environment, you will have to pay close attention to some crucial factors when designing your fish pond.. (Like creating a big picture frame). 0 items - £0.00. Some build smaller ponds, dig their own trenches, and only pay for materials such as tarps, liners, and an aeration system. The liner will seal out the lime in the concrete that is harmful to fish. Above ground ponds don’t require much digging, but you’ll have to build up the sides to support the pond. Pleat the edges of the liner from the edge of the hole onto the ground. If you want a second or a third layer, simply repeat stage 2 & 3, apart from you are placing the second or third layer of railway sleepers on to the already positioned first layer. 4) Stack and fix a second layer (if you want the raised pond to be higher) Liner will get attached to this pipe the same way liner attaches to HydroClean™ pond skimmers – with a rubber collar and Stainless Steel clamp. Step 2. The main criteria is that the design needs to include vertical sides. b) Height of a raised pond Use a pond thermometer if you plan on homing fish and keep an eye out for any signs of distress. Alternatively you can use a batten or metal strip to fasten the different layers together. [1] X Research source Think about how people will look at the pond & fish. It is about deciding which fits best with your garden size and overall landscape design. No retainer wall or brick work involved. Calculate the size The finished product will provide you with endless enjoyment so I hope these steps help you to get to work on your plans. So, where does that leave you? As you are building a raised pond, you don't have to think of drainage! 6) Fill with water. a) Which type of railway sleeper should I use for a raised pond? Before you lay your large tarp down however you will first need to add a layer of sand across the surface area of the hole ready for the tarp to reduce tears. and all subjects related to garden ponds. There are also fewer surfaces for mico-organisms to attach to. The railway sleepers should ideally be laid on a surface that is level and firm. Building your pond too close to a tree to provide the necessary amount of shade is possible although you will have to keep on top of skimming off all the fallen leaves before they sink to the bottom. Then, with great care unravel the pond liner and, with help lift and place over the pond. However the ideal height of a railway sleeper raised pond will be determined by what’s best for you and how you want to use it. c) Advantages of a raised pond Flexible liners have advantages since they allow you to build a pond of whatever shape and size you want. Then attach a pond liner to the inside of the railway sleeper box. A simple way of saying 'This is a really useful website about railway sleepers!. Then, with great care unravel the pond liner and, with help lift and place over the pond. *LinersOnline provide PayPal as your payment option. 5) Attach Pond liner. An above-ground design may be safer, too, but always supervise small children around any type of pond. Measure the pond area and mark the edges with lengths of hose or rope. cheaper online. Shelves make it easier to remove plants to cut back at the end of the season and for general pond maintenance. Step 2. The water pressure will cause the liner to contour around the edges within your pond. So if the pond is 6’long by 6’ wide by 2’ high, double the depth to 4’ then add that to the 6’ in each direction. Allow your pond liner to sink into the deepest area of your pond. These dimensions are necessary to calculate how much pond liner and protective underlay you will need to order. of the liner The shelves can be used to accommodate marginal plants of varying heights or to place planting baskets. Unit 11, Thomas Kitching WayBardney, Lincolnshire, LN3 5SBMobile: 07442 012 158Tel: 01526 399 033VAT registration number: 924267029Company registration number: 06437136, ©2017 by Liners Online  | Terms | Cookie policy | Privacy Statement | Site Map | Website by WSI, Goldfish and Koi excrete waste into the water in the form of ammonia from their gills and nitrate in their faeces. (Your pond liner will be larger than your pond when you drape it over.) Step one– Rough out the area the size you want your pond.A pond can be as large as you wish, but I chose to make mine approximately 4×8 feet. You'll probably want to first put some carpet or material onto the floor of the pond, to cover any stones or sharp edges. This in turn affects water quality. Use a straight plank of wood and a spirit level to make sure your sides are reasonably in line across the pond. Alternatively, contact your electricity or gas provider to get information. You do not need a PayPal account in order to make payment. Allow time to fill the raised pond with water, and for the liner to slowly expand into the space. Above ground ponds work well … These ponds can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. Sometimes, if the raised pond is placed over an excavated hole, it may be much deeper than it appears on the outside. First unfold the protective underlay and line the hole dug for your pond. The role of a pond pump is to keep the water moving and by so doing it add oxygen to it. when laying the liner across the pond, make sure that the liner rests on the bottom, walls and shelf edges. Set out the buckets and feature rocks to make an outline of the pond shape using marking paint to transfer a rope outline on the ground. In this stage of the pond building project, place the plants on the shelves at the edges of the pond according to their directions for care. The whole structure is now interlocked. 3) Fasten them together  It is always best to tackle the job with another pair of helping hands. If you've found our website helpful or inspiring please 'Like us' on Facebook or Google+. Six hours of light will be sufficient for plants and fish. The final step is to decide whether you are going to use natural means of aerating and maintaining water quality or mechanical by way of a pump and filter. Pick out the placement of your backyard pond. When nutrient levels get high enough, algae takes over the pond and chokes everything else out. Microbes take-up waste animal and plant matter as they float around in the water keeping the water clear of nutrients needed for algae to thrive. However, there are solutions to every situation – when the temperatures rise during the summer months add extra aeration to your pond – use an air pump to achieve this and make sure your pond receives sufficient shade. Calculate the pond liner size by measuring the depth, doubling it, and adding that number on to the length and width of the pond. on in stock orders placed A filtration system can be used to provide a surface for the micro-organisms to live on. Make sure that no screw or nail tips are exposed which will puncture the liner. Of course, this isn't the case for all precast ponds. Allow time to fill the raised pond with water, and for the liner to slowly expand into the space. Perfectionists and Engineers will probably consider a foundation of concrete or hardcore, but more mortal people will often go for the simpler, quicker option. Therefore you have to create an artificial place for the microbes to live. With any pond build, the first and most important step is to decide what the purpose of your pond will be. Ponds don’t necessarily have to be in the ground. There are several options for constructing a new pond without a liner or cement shell. For both those reasons, a steep or vertical sided pond is recommended. With PayPal, you can pay for your order with your credit card. Now that you know what the purpose is for building your garden pond, the size that we best fit in the space you have available and where you are going to position it – the next step is deciding on design. Use a dark-colored rubber liner, hold the can 6 in (15 cm) from the concrete, and spray it on from top to bottom. Place smooth rocks around the edges to keep the liner in place, fill slowly with water and move the rocks back as the pond fills. Plants around the edges should also be added at this time. There is no man-made intervention such as a pond liner to contain the water or pond pump to aerate the water. Deciding to have plants or animals in the pond will determine its depth. A filter added to the pump will remove debris. Use a search engine to find the dig line number for your area. What kind of non-creosoted sleepers can you use? Fish have a greater demand for oxygen at higher temperatures so the distress they show is due to breathing difficulties. How can we build a natural pond with soil materials? Lay the pond liner over the hole and, with shoes off, climb in and push the liner into every nook, pleating it for a neater finish. In-ground ponds are relatively simple to install – dig a hole, place a liner inside, check for level and adjust, then fill the pond. And, algae grows in ponds where there are high levels light and nutrients. With the plumbing lines through, around, and under the pond box/retaining walls – cut the 4″x4″ posts level with the uppermost 2″x6″ retaining wall board. New British Pine railway sleepers ponds need 50 to 70% of the water to be in shade. Commercial pond liners are easy to find and nice because they are low maintenance, but for this project, I managed to find a used advertising billboard tarp for my pond liner, helping keep my project cost very low.. Allow a 15cm overlap at the edges. The bigger the pond the easier it will be to maintain relative to a small shallow water feature. As with all home and garden projects careful planning is required. Thanks, Railway Sleepers Ltd Owthorpe Rd, Cotgrave, Nottingham NG12 3PU. This is particularly important when keeping fish because their faeces, if left in the water increase the nitrate levels. It’s easier than you think to build yourself fish pond and with the right supplies for it, you can create that serene fish pond of your dreams. Ideally, a choice of: A wildlife pond is one of the single best features for attracting new wildlife to the garden. Like all living creatures, fish require very specific conditions to thrive. Sun or shade? For articles about pond construction, pond liner installation Don’t be tempted to cut any excess pond liner until the pond liner has ‘settled in’ and you have filled your pond with water. Liner draped over pond ready to be filled. This can be achieved by building your pond under a pergola (or building a pergola to go over your pond) or shaded in relation to the position of your pond to a garden wall or house. on the 250mm width of a 250mm x 125mm sleeper, then all you need to do is to overlap the joints of the sleepers, from layer to layer, like building a brick wall, and fasten each layer to the layer below with timberlok screws or similar. There is also a maximum depth – a Koi pond shouldn’t be deeper than 3 meters because sunlight won’t penetrate sufficiently to promote the vital growth of healthy algae. It is a fantastic resource that will fill your head with wonderful dreams and ideas about making raised ponds out of railway sleepers! 1. So, in this article I aim to share all the steps you need to put in place including a project budget if you are going to include a pond liner, underlay, pond pump, filter, aquatic plants, fish and other finishing touches to your build. Use a hand trowel to shave off a little more if some areas are higher than others. Height: Of course you can construct a railway sleeper raised pond in any size, length, height or depth you want. Water loving plants, fish & frogs, the sound of running water, dreamy reflections etc.. Constructing a raised pond out of railway sleepers is amazingly straightforward. Is it to attract wildlife, to keep gold fish, home Koi Carp or grow aquatic plants. Fasten the railway sleepers together with Timberlok sleeper screws (See website page for sizes and details) If you have placed the railway sleepers on the ground on their narrow edge, as in the photo opposite, then simply screw them together at the 90 degree corners, allowing at least 50mm (or 2") of the screw to go into the adjoining sleeper.

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