does it snow in iceland in october

The landscape changes dramatically from the summer brightness and green fields to the autumn gloom and golden grass. The average amount of rain is 4 to 5 inches, or 101-127 mm. Keep reading to get all my local tips for an unforgettable trip to Iceland in October! For those who like to have a little more information about a place before they actually get there, we put together a guide to October weather in Iceland. I’m also hoping that in late October, the Viti crater lake would still be ice- and snow-free. Visit Langjökull, the second largest glacier in Europe, Swim between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. As it's one of our most popular tours, I recommend booking ahead! It gets colder towards the end of the month. But be awere of Showers. Then this glacier hiking tour is for you! Now I’m going to focus a bit on the downside of Iceland in October: The weather. You never know what the Icelandic weather will throw at you, A swimsuit and sunscreen. It snows more in the West Fjords, and North and East Iceland, than it does in South and West Iceland. B5 and Austur are in the past. The green areas are the cloudy areas, not the areas with visible northern lights! There are usually 20 days with some rain in Reykjavik, Iceland in October and the average monthly rainfall is 115mm. October is the wettest month of the year and you can expect lots and lots of rain, on average 101-127 millimeters. October is one of the best months to see this beautiful country and enjoy everything it has to offer! While not as bright and warm as the summer months, October still has nice weather, and you can comfortably explore the city on foot. While the summer months are perfect for outdoor activities, October also has good weather and also a major plus; you can see the northern lights! I hope this blog was helpful, and I hope you have a lot of fun on your trip!​. I recommend that you have some lighter clothes with you, but that you also bring some good layers and that you always have warm clothes with you, especially when you go outside of Reykjavik. See some Icelandic horses. You can catch the lighting of this spectacular beam on October 9!​, Northern lights over Kirkjufell mountain in Iceland. In the north, snow is already part of the landscape. Fermented shark, dried cod and the famous Icelandic hot dog, Visit three to four of our favorite beer places in Reykjavik, Taste ten of the most delicious beers, hand-picked by us. However, if you want nothing to do with snow, but still want some darkness for the northern lights, then October is the month for you! Visit the geothermal area of Geysir. The climate in Iceland in october ranges from bad to very bad depending on the region and city. Book your spot on our Golden Circle Tour here! Precipitation, humidity, cloudiness and overcast weather: During October the median cloud cover is 71%. Simply put, layers, layers and more layers!​ They can keep you warm in the cold, and you can take them off during the warmer parts of the day.​, Here is a packing list to help you prepare for your trip!​. If you visit Iceland in October, you will want to take some pictures of the northern lights, of course! Since there are two of us we have worked out that it will cost more or less the same as booking trips via a tour operator but we would love the freedom a hire car affords. Geysir stopped erupting years ago, but Strokkur, ever the crowd pleaser, erupts around every eight minutes. As I mentioned earlier, October is arguably one of the best times to see the northern lights in Iceland. Look for the white areas instead!​, The northern lights forecast from the Icelandic Meteorological Office, My ultimate suggestion for seeing the northern lights? Some winters are almost entirely snow-free. From magnificent waterfalls to...well, the exact opposite of waterfalls (Geysir), the Golden Circle has it all! Spectacular scenery awaits. Snowmobile tours on glaciers are very popular in Iceland, both with locals and with tourists. As the weather is nice, but not too hot, you will be comfortable in the water, but also your hair won't freeze! Are there any events in Iceland in October? Visit Solheimajokull glacier (other tours won't take you there!) Dress warm friends, dress WARM! Others can have substantial falls which may persist for weeks, or may disappear within days. As the dark nights get longer each day, your chances of seeing the alluring Aurora Borealis increases. October is a good months to see Reykjavik on foot. October is a great time to visit Iceland for a number of reasons. Then again, if you are looking for chronically calm weather, Iceland is a bit tricky. In October, you’ll be off the main summer tourist season so many of the most popular points of interest such as the Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon and Thingvellir National Park are less crowded. Does it snow in winter in Scotland? Hiking & trekking in Iceland & Greenland since 1994. That is the nature of Iceland somewhat year-round (not as bad in the summer obviously with the snow). Does it rain much in February? However, there is no reason to worry! The Secret Lagoon is my favorite hot spring, personally, and I think that it really is worth a visit, maybe even more than the Blue Lagoon​. So, if you want to enjoy a white landscape​ or go skiing, I would recommend visiting Iceland another time. October in Iceland is a great month for an adventure! In order to see the northern lights, two conditions need to be met; there needs to be darkness and clear skies.​. It's the perfect festival for film enthusiasts, as it includes groundbreaking films from over 40 countries! As a result, it sprays a lot of water and you can often see a rainbow -sometimes even a double one! ​Going glacier hiking in Iceland in October means that your hike will be a little easier, as the weather will most likely be nice. You don't need much of reason to enjoy a bath in a warm hot spring but the cooler temperatures during this month really make it appealing, especially after a nice hike. While you have probably seen them, either on a picture or driving by an Icelandic farm (you may have even gotten to pet some! There is no way to predict snowfall in Reykjavík. And less people means less light pollution, which means better northern lights views!​ Our experienced guide will also give you a crash course on how to best photograph the northern lights! Below is a short list to get you inspired. Our Reykjavik Food Walk is top-rated on TripAdvisor, and for good reason! Even the most mundane landscape can look like a whole different world!​, ​You might worry that the notorious Icelandic weather will foil your plans for a nice trip to Iceland. Photographers in particular will definitely enjoy October in Iceland.​ There is nothing quite like the Icelandic landscape and its rawness once the autumn sets in. Outdoor adventure in Iceland is our specialty. Usually fifth week is the hottest in December. Jeans, sweatpants and other comfortable clothes that you can wear while exploring the Icelandic nature! Another thing you won't find in Iceland in October is snow -at least nowhere but on the mountaintops. October is our wettest month, and Iceland gets an average low of 37°F (about 3°C) and highs of 45°F (7°C). Learn about Icelandic history and culture, and forge friendships with some real vikings! ​For those of you who prefer to chill in a pub with friends, we have our Reykjavik Beer Tour! The eleven-day festival is held and organized by people who are enthusiastic about film and filmmaking, and its aim is to support up-and-coming creatives. But as always, the rain amount depends on which part of Iceland you are visiting. Our seasoned guide will take you to the best places to enjoy some local beer in Reykjavik, and also show you around the city. It truly is one of the best examples of Icelandic nature! Yes, you’ll want to bring layers to stay warm, but you’ll be able to do a ton of cool stuff and … Temperatures in November in Iceland are cold. It never looks the same! There are a lot of things to consider though and as you might have realized by now, you can not count on the normal in Iceland! Our tour is the only tour that takes you there! You want to get those lights as bright as possible! Let me know in the comments! So, if you visit Iceland in October, make sure that you take a lot of pictures!​. You'll want to stay dry when you visit the famous Icelandic waterfalls! The temperatures in October range from 10°C (50°F) to 0°C (32°F). And don't forget to share with fellow travelers! ​Time is of the essence when you hunt for the northern lights, as they can appear and disappear very fast! If you can get a pair of pants, bring that too! You wouldn't want to miss such a great chance to see them!​. The price for the entire festival is 14900kr (about 150 USD), but you can also purchase a pass for fewer screenings. If you only have a few hours to spare and want to see the Icelandic nature up close, I definitely recommend our Golden Circle Tour.​. The south shore is one of my favorite places to explore in Iceland, because of how many different things there are to see and discover. Skógafoss is one of Iceland's biggest waterfalls, measuring at 60m (200ft). That might sound quite low, but the cold in Iceland isn't...well, that cold! Luckily for us, they have a permanent home in Iceland!​ Our Whale Watching tour will take you closer to them than any other tour, as well. So, why not try horseback riding? Visit Reynisfjara or Black Sand beach. With the right clothing, you can enjoy a variety of activities during October. If you visit Iceland in October, it's hard to judge what the weather is going to be like every day or even how it will change throughout the day. I have some tips for you that will make your trip to Iceland in October even better! Another perk is that our tour will take you off the beaten path, to all the best places to catch the northern lights. Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire. Iceland sunrise & sunset times for October 2021 ​Due to the high quality of our tour, spots are booked in advance. The rivers and the waterfalls become wilder, the clouds roll in, and the earth is covered in golden grass. It is not really that cold, but definitely windy. Restaurants and Bars for Reykjavik in October. As you'd expect, October snow is par for the course in the Rockies, northern Plains, northern Great Lakes, and high country of northern New England and Upstate New York. Reykjavik has a bustling nightlife, and Icelandic people venture downtown every weekend for a bit of fun. Do you love hiking? And remember to book ahead, as spots are limited and usually booked way in advance! As long as there is no windchill, 10°C is actually quite nice!​ You might even see some locals in t-shirts, but I would not recommend it! The fall in iceland sits on the shoulder of the low season, the main benefit of which is smaller crowds at popular spots: you may just have a few spots all to yourself if you are willing to brave the colder weather. ​Due to the popularity of the tour, spots sell out fast! Make some friends and drink with a viking! Subscribe to our free monthly Novembers in Iceland are typically when the country starts to experience the more windier end of the weather spectrum. From hikes to hot springs, from walking on glaciers to whale watching & northern lights, Iceland in October has it all! Travelers should expect windy and cloudy days and might even see snowflakes falling on colder days. October can swing either way and we did have rain, snow, and beautiful weather. Can expect snow, rain, fog, and sun, sometimes all in the same hour. The Golden Circle is arguably one of Iceland's highlights. ​I truly believe that visiting Iceland in October is an excellent choice. The weather in Iceland in October can change rapidly, and it's better to be safe!​, Iceland in October is absolutely breathtaking. It is located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and within the path of the North Atlantic Current which make the climate more temperate than what would be expected for the latitude. I strongly suggest that you consult it before you go northern lights hunting! ​Hiking up a glacier is an unforgettable experience, and I would recommend it to everyone. While many people think that the geyser you will see there is Geysir, it's actually its little brother Strokkur. You might think you don't need them, but the swimsuit is necessary for all the amazing hot springs you can find in Iceland! October is a great time to see the whales in Iceland, as the weather is still nice and the sea is calm. Either way, be prepared to get a little wet. Shorter days as well. This is something you need to keep in mind when you are planning your travels to Iceland in November. My name is Egill, and I'm your local friend in Reykjavik! Of course, the amount of rain varies a bit from place to place but no matter where you go, dress for rain. In recent years, 23 days have been rainy.

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