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Compare Theodoret, Eusebius, Historia Ecclesiastica, iv. You'll also be able to navigate quickly from book to book of the bible, instead of having to go by page number like you have to do with the PDF file above. This translation is a compilation of scriptures from the Paleo-Hebrew fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a revision of Brenton’s translation of the Greek Septuagint (LXX), as well as the the Codex Sinaiticus, and the Codex Alexandrinus, including … This volume includes only the law books of: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Side margins wide also.) ... Alpha Omega Publications / 2000 / Trade Paperback. It is a very fearful thing to me to translate the Holy Scriptures. Every time that anyone orders a paperback, they will receive the most recent updated print copy, which I also update every 6 months now. Volume 2 = History, Black & White Edition. I would not want for my name to be erased from the Book of Life due to taking away from or adding to Holy Scripture! The Alpha & Omega Bible restores much of the original writings, for example using the word "Theos" which the apostles actually wrote instead of "God". Then return to this page to add volume 4 below. Book binding is also well held. Just a simple study in your own home can easily verify that the KJV doesn't even match the manuscripts (Masoretic Received Text) that it was translated from! John 10:30. Connection of These Primeval Testimonies with Christ. (Do not order "used copies" from anyone, because those will be out of date and not the most accurate!). AOB should appear in the bible window. 8. I do not take it very lightly. E-SWORD EDITION But I give precedence to the oldest & most complete Greek manuscripts. But I also consider the more ancient Paleo-Hebrew fragments & manuscripts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient scrolls. After thousands of years of corrupted bibles, the AOB shines above the rest. Whenever a Hebrew or Greek word is too difficult to translate with accuracy, I choose to actually keep the original word rather than translate it, then list the possible translations, giving the reader more insight into the possibilities. Large Print, Large Margins (One full inch on bottom. Explains bible in introduction, history of the Bible & concerning the Word Of Theos (God). I could not possibly sit on all of this information & correctly translated words that The Holy Spirit was providing me with. If you can provide proof of purchase of an older black & white version of the AOB, we can provide you with the new updated black & white paperbacks for free. 5 Stars from Kiki in Australia: "The Alpha & Omega Bible editions are of excellent value. If you've been confused and misled by the traditional teachings of the denominational churches, then this will help you to overcome all confusion and to understand the truth. --Ninian in, Sige Relates to Marcus the Generation of the Twenty-Four Elements. (1-4 Macc are Apocrypha). I can not control that. Alpha and Omega Ministries is a Christian apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Lifepac Bible Curriculum. But I offer the E-Sword version as well, to help you with study and comparison, much faster search and faster/easier navigation from book to book. Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, denoting the first and last, and the beginning and end (Rev. ... /.../lecture iii early christianity in.htm, Sige Relates to Marcus the Generation of the Twenty-Four Elements ... ... And for this reason he declares that He is Alpha and Omega, that he may indicate the dove, inasmuch as that bird has this number [in its name]. So you can see that this translation is truly more accurate. Calling oneself the Alpha and Omega, then, would be equivalent to an English speaker saying "I am the A to the Z." Words of God font = Al Julian 10 bold in Amos, Micah and a few other select verses. HIM SHALL NOT BE ANNIHILATED, BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE”. (1-4 Macc are Apocrypha). (Color Edition) This makes it very easy to read and to search and to mark up with notes. The AOB leans more toward American English but does include a mixture of British English. The phrase “alpha” can mean a beginning while the word “Omega” can mean the ending, but in Scripture it means much more than a beginning and a… Then click the box next to "I Agree". ALPHA AND OMEGA. God blesses Israel from 'aleph to taw (Leviticus 26:3-13), but curses from waw to mem (Leviticus 26:14-43). Now it is too late to change the volume number in the title. I AM the Alpha and Omega - The sum of all revelation. Try to find another bible that translates this correctly! And the Old Testament quotations in the New Testament are also not in a special font, or in blue. In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations. The Roman Catholic Church publicly admits that they added to & took away words & verses of the bible. Even if all you do is study the commentary, comparing against the relevant passages in other translations, you will learn considerably. Bible Study Commentary on Jesus the Great I AM. But rather, combines information from Brenton's translation (with more modern English), information from ancient Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts including the Greek portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls and information from other ancient bible manuscripts, all together, thereby restoring the original scriptures. Almost everyone in the world's religions will falsely accuse the notes in the AOB to be based upon my personal opinions and doctrines of … Sample Text: Words are of good size quality. 9. Click here to request free replacement or wholesale replacement of older versions. 4. Another difference in the E-sword is that the book of Susanna is listed as Daniel 1 and the book of Bel & The Dragon is listed as Daniel 14. ", and I believe that Jesus heard my crying and he led me finding out a true church through the internet. The latest, most updated paperback version was released on Oct. 26, 2020. Alternative link on if the above pCloud website doesn't work well for you. God. Old Testament quotations & referals are in a special font and underlined with wavy lines. When preaching sermons every week, I found myself needing to explain that a verse was more accurately translated in the NASB, while another verse in the same sermon was better translated in the KJV, yet another in the LXX. The Various Hypotheses of Marcus and Others. Includes Old Testament quotes if quoted by Jesus or the apostles in a different font. AOS is an evangelical, degree-level school for training men who are already serving in East Africa as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, this Old Testament is not just a modern revision of Brenton's translation and is not based only upon the Greek Septuagint. (Verdana is larger than Ariel, Courier New and Times New Roman fonts.) (Black & White print) Considering all of this, I felt compelled to compile, edit, translate & publish the most accurate translation & study bible that I possibly could provide the church. Because of his divinity he is eternal. This problem exists only in the color editions. So it is not the last 2 letters of Israel that means "God". - I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last; the Alpha, etc. So Abraham observed the whole law from 'aleph to taw. I can read without my magnify glasses. Exodus 3: A.W. Ships from and sold by ONLY EXISTING SON, THAT WHOEVER SHALL ENTRUST (marry their soul) TO Study notes font = Verdana size 9 lowercase italics. We are the little church located at the corner of West Marshall Street and Altamont … Scripture font = Verdana size 8 all uppercase all caps. The E-Sword version of the AOB was updated on Oct. 26, 2020. :2 AND THE THEOS (Alpha & Omega) SPOKE TO MOSES AND SAID TO HIM, “I AM JESUS. Just as God has said that true Christians are taught with the help of the Holy Spirit and know everything, I am sure that the interpretation and commentary of The Alpha and Omega Bible will never be found in any other teaching. Click here to view or order: Volume 4: The Prophets. Large Print, Large Margins. All other English translations traditionally use "heaven(s)" whenever referring to the sky, universe or Heaven itself, making no distinction. Study notes font = Verdana 9 lowercase italics. In the black & white printed editions of this publication, all words will appear in black due to printing cost, but will retain the special fonts for the words of The Creator & for Old Testament quotations. (341 pages) The Alpha and Omega Bible is no doubt the best way to learn and to study the gospel of Jesus. The Holy Spirit taught me that the original divine name of the Creator in the Old Testament was "Jesus" and gave me total, undeniable proof! Footnotes: ... /.../hippolytus/the refutation of all heresies/chapter xlv why jesus is called.htm, Connection of These Primeval Testimonies with Christ. It's a great program that you download onto your computer that will help you to compare bible translations and to study the bible. 5. New Testament, Color Edition. (206 pages) Dear Friend, Welcome to the official website of The Alpha and Omega Missions Bible Church. It is needful to have a study bible that is not based on man's religions, but rather on The Holy Spirit and correct understanding of scripture. Go to§ion=register and register for a free account. The Greek letters alpha (Α or α)and omega (Ω or ω) are often used as symbols for Jesus Christ in church art and architecture. Click here to request free replacement or wholesale replacement of older versions. However, the actual meaning of these words is "fiesta", a festival, a celebration, a holiday, to reel back & forth, not a feast of food, although the keeping of a celebration can include feasting. The Alpha & Omega Bible: The Law/Torah/Pentateuch (Black & White Large Print Edition) (Volume 1) by I Saw The Light Ministries Paperback $8.94. 3. Respecting the Generation of the Twenty-Four Letters. Do not miss the opportunity to know the truth of God to us, the last generation, and pray that you will succeed in discovering the truth with The Alpha and Omega Bible. Utilizing the King James Version, the Bible curriculum assists in the development of practical Christian living. Words of JESUS font = bold red letter. This translation is much needed and it would be irresponsible for me to not share in the greatest magnitude what the Creator has revealed to me. If you can provide proof of purchase of the full color paperback editions, we can provide you with the updated full color paperbacks at wholesale prices. English acts like kind of barrier to Korean. Verse layout is great & I now only read these Alpha & Omega bibles. But The Alpha & Omega Bible is translated without the bias of traditional denominations of mankind. He understood the significance of alpha and omega. :15 AND THE THEOS (Alpha & Omega) SAID AGAIN TO MOSES, “THUS SHALL YOU SAY TO THE SONS OF ISRAEL, JESUS, THE THEOS (Alpha & Omega) OF OUR FOREFATHERS, THEOS (Alpha & Omega) OF ABRAHAM, AND THEOS (Alpha & Omega) OF ISAAC, AND THEOS (Alpha & Omega) OF JACOB, HAS SENT ME TO YOU: THIS IS MY NAME FOR EVER, AND MY MEMORIAL TO GENERATIONS OF GENERATIONS. But if you sincerely want to grow in the truth, and are willing to go deeper into the word of God than you have ever gone before, then this is definitely the bible for you. If you can provide proof of purchase of the full color paperback editions, we can provide you with the updated full color paperbacks at wholesale prices. After download, close the program if it was open. Consequently, "Alpha and Omega" may be a Greek rendering of the Hebrew phrase, which expressed among the later Jews the whole extent of a thing.J. John 1:1 IN THE BEGINNING EXISTED THE WORD, AND THE WORD WAS IN THEOS (The Alpha & Omega), The words of God are red letters, in the font of Al Julian, size 9 uppercase all caps in only a few select verses. Large Print, Large Margins. ISBN-13: 978-1984200075 ISBN-10: 1984200070 by I Gordon. ISBN-13: 978-1981896615 ISBN-10: 1981896619 (Be sure to save the file into the E-Sword Program folder. As written in Amos 8:11, though famines is everywhere to prevent to hear Word of God, that does not mean it is impossible to find out the true word. Luke 14:26 Alpha & Omega Bible: “IF ANYONE COMES TO ME, AND IS NOT WILLING TO FORSAKE (when necessary) HIS OWN FATHER AND MOTHER AND WIFE AND CHILDREN AND BROTHERS AND SISTERS, YES, AND EVEN HIS OWN LIFE, HE CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE". 7. There are no special colors or special fonts in the E-Sword edition. (Color copies of any of the volumes are very expensive. ... // vol 2/sermon xlix the chorus of.htm, The Trinity. Then go to and click on "Download". |, Parachurch Christianity ' Article Index |, Alpha: Dictionary and Thesaurus | Add volume 2 into your shopping cart then return to this page to add volume 3 below. You can not download AOB from the "Resources" or "Downloads" menu in the E-Sword program. The Alpha & Omega Bible is available in E-Sword! 10. This is an international ministry and therefore the AOB translation should reach out to all of the world. First, download the E-Sword program for free at Political & religious correction gets thrown overboard in preference for … It's insane that most other bibles say that you must hate everyone in order to go to Heaven! AND THE WORD WAS THEOS (The Alpha & Omega). (Do not order "used copies" from anyone, because those will be out of date and not the most accurate!). Many other modern English translations have a tradition of translating "Amen" as "truly" or "verily", which is not necessary. Large Print, Large Margins. 5 Stars from AJ in S. Korea: "For over twelve years, I had sought church that teaches Truth of God that satisfying my soul, but I've eventually failed to discover until last year. Study notes font = black, Verdana 8 lowercase italics. Study notes font = Verdana size 9 lowercase italics. 2a. Includes the history of the bible and what the name of Theos (God) is at the front and includes an outline of the 7 seals, 7 trumpets, & 7 plagues, and emergency numbers /subject index at the back. The Greek letters alpha and omega Alpha (Α or α) and omega (Ω or ω) are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, and a title of Christ and God in the Book of Revelation. (Color Edition) Ever since I received a copy, there is no question in my mind that this is the most accurate bible out there. Color is available in another edition near the bottom of this page. THEREAFTER, THE EARTH BECAME VAIN WASTE AND DARKNESS CAME OVER THE SURFACE OF THE DEEP. Plus, the book of Daniel & some other books were longer in the original bibles. But the AOB doesn't use Victorian Old English such as "thee" and "thou", therefore is also more appropriate for modern readers. This translation stays more true to the actual meaning of the Hebrew & Greek words rather than the traditional translations of words. (GNU/Linux users will first need to download the Wine program.) It was also painfully clear that every "study bible" has notes based upon their biased traditional religious denominational background. aob.bblx is for Windows computers. A similar expression is found in Latin (Martial, v.26). Omega is excited to have you consider us as your school of choice. Add volume 3 into your shopping cart. (Color Edition), Click here to view or order: Volume 2: History. But I do intend to make it as accurate as I possibly can and I will be updating and editing this translation on a regular basis. The claim is that the last 2 letters "el" is the part of the word that means "God". E-Sword was updated Oct. 26, 2020. J. E. Harry. This translation is meant to restore the original holy scriptures (but translated into English) and to provide the most accurate translation of the bible, as much as I am able to do so with the understanding & knowledge bestowed upon me via The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had also taught me much about bible history that none of the churches were teaching. Consequently, "Alpha and Omega" may be a Greek rendering of the Hebrew phrase, which expressed among the later Jews the whole extent of a thing. I also choose to maintain the actual Hebrew/Greek word whenever the word is still known in modern times, such as "Amen". Scripture font = 8 Verdana UPPERCASE ALL CAPS. Ask volunteers to read the other supporting verses to see times in the Bible where God is seen as the Alpha and the Omega, or passages that remind us that in the beginning God was there. Jesus further elaborates the meaning in Revelation 22:13, where He refers to Himself as, "The Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end" (also mentioned in Revelation 21:6). I have only met around 2 people in my entire life that owned a 1611 King James Version bible. Just as “A to Z” signifies the completeness of communication, fullness of knowledge, and clarity of thought, the phrase “alpha and omega… 8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” Read full chapter James White, director, is a professor, having taught Greek, Systematic Theology, and various topics in the field of apologetics for numerous schools. :14 AND THE THEOS (Alpha & Omega) SPOKE TO MOSES, SAYING, “I-JE ASHER I-JE” (translated: “I AM JE THE BEGINNING, CURRENTLY SELF-EXISTING, AND ETERNALLY EXISTING, JE") AND HE SAID, “THUS SHALL YOU SAY TO THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL, JESUS HAS SENT ME TO YOU”. :3 AND I APPEARED TO ABRAHAM AND ISAAC AND JACOB, BEING THEIR ALMIGHTY ALPHA, BUT I DID NOT MANIFEST TO THEM MY NAME JESUS. Also when you cursor over a bible verse reference inside of the notes, the referring bible verse pops up on the screen, so that you don't even need to turn to that verse to check it out. Then click "Check Out". Up to date truth! Click here to order: Volume 4: The Prophets (Black & White print) Matthew 10:27 tells me that what He has whispered in my ear in private, to shout upon the housetops! If you want to stay in your comfort zone of traditional doctrinal errors, then this is not the bible for you. THEREAFTER, THE SPIRIT OF THE THEOS (Alpha & Omega) BROODED OVER THE SURFACE OF THE WATERS. Large Print, Large Margins. The words of God are in the font of Al Julian, size 9 uppercase all caps in only a few select verses. The verse you’ll want to read are: Revelation 1:8, Revelation 21:6, Revelation 22:13, John 1:1-2, Genesis 1:1, Job 38:4, Isaiah 48:12. When we read these four verses in context, we see that it is Jesus speaking, that is because Jesus and God the Father are one; Jesus is God who came in the flesh. PDF was updated Nov. 18, 2020. all." [Note: This section is divided into three different presentations. His name is Jesus! Luke 14:26 KJV "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple". After adding volume 1 into your shopping cart, return to this page to add volume 2 below. In the PDF and the paperbacks, they appear as their own books in front of Daniel and after the end of Daniel, because most people now consider these are separate books, and thus to help you understand which chapters/books are now considered as "Apocrypha". I do not claim that this translation is 100% accurate. Scripture font = Black, all uppercase, all caps. Old Testament quotations & referrals = blue special font. xix0.645; xxx0.89; Prudentius, Cathem., ix.10-12. The E-Sword program is very well known and loved by millions of people all around the world. Lifepac Bible, Grade 1, Complete Set. Add volume 4 into your shopping cart. Lifepac; Alpha Omega; Lifepac Bible Grade 1. Does this designation, as many believe, apply both to the Almighty God, Jehovah, and to his Son Jesus Christ? ... all numbers. But I encourage everyone to please attain a paperback copy because in the Great Tribulation, you may lose access to electricity. Who Is “the Alpha and the Omega”? 5 Stars from Robert from New Jersey: I highly recommend the black & white copies that are much more affordable.) The Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet and it’s where we get our word, “alphabet” from because the letters we use to construct words in our language are all contained in our alphabet. Theories Respecting. After adding the New Testament to your shopping cart, then review your shopping cart to be sure that all 5 volumes are in your cart. As you learn by yourself in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 to verify everything, you will soon find that the ultimate truth (that you find after much trial and error and many hours of learning that you have been through) is in The Alpha and Omega Bible. 2. 11 above) continually in Isaiah (see Isaiah 41:4 ; Isaiah 43:10 ; Isaiah 44:6 ; Isaiah … The people need the most accurate translation of the Holy Scriptures as possible. (225 Pages) Neighbor = Neighbour. ISBN-13: 978-1540774057 ISBN-10: 1540774058 The Bible’s View. ISBN-13: 978-1981897636 ISBN-10: 1981897631 But most of the world speaks British English. This volume includes only the history books of: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel (1 Kingdoms), 2 Samuel (2 Kingdoms), 1 Kings (3 Kingdoms), 2 Kings (4 Kingdoms), 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, 1 Ezra, 2 Ezra, Nehemiah, Tobit (Apocrypha), Judith (Apocrypha), Esther, 1 Maccabees, 2 Macc, 3 Macc, 4 Macc. [774]. Search is also enhanced. What is the meaning of the Chi-Rho symbol? A must for those who sincerely want to read & study the true word of God.". If you can provide proof of purchase of an older version of the black & white copies of the AOB, we can provide you with the new updated black & white paperbacks for free. Click here to order: Volume 2: History. (Color Edition) Easy to understand and good sized fonts for easy reading. After adding volume 4 into your shopping cart, return to this page to add the New Testament below. For more comparisons between KJV & AOB, please click here, This is the link to download the bible for,§ion=register, Despite popular belief, the KJV was not the original bible, and was not translated from the original or oldest bibles. You must follow the steps below to download directly from the Bible Support website. @ Alpha Omega Institute or On Zoom Dec 4 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Year-long Worldview Training for Ages 13-22 meeting weekly on Friday mornings (10 am – 12 pm) starting Sept 11th after introductory day of training on Aug 29th. Everyone realizes that there is a vowel sound at the beginning, & therefore the rule of the Jot letter demands the pronunciation of "JE" which includes the g like sound & the e sound together as one. Thank you for your interest in Omega Bible Institute & Seminary. (Color Edition), Click here to view or order: Volume 3: Psalms & Wisdom (Hagiographa) (Color Edition), Click here to view or order: Volume 4: The Prophets. I highly recommend you consider reading it. ISBN-13: 978-1982060039 ISBN-10: 1982060034 E. Harry, Early Christianity in Other Parts of These Islands. Volume 1 = Torah/Law/Pentateuch, Black & White Edition. Exodus 6 The KJV that people use today isn't even the 1611 KJV. It is literally the best translation out there! Origin This phrase has its origins in the Bible. without flaw, without waste, without corruption) THE UNIVERSE AND THE EARTH. Click here to view or order: Volume 2: History. Every single time, I have found nothing but pure and scriptural truth. The word Theos has been removed/taken; made obsolete, out of today's bibles & the true Name of God: restored in these bibles. Scripture font = color blue, 8 Verdana UPPERCASE ALL CAPS. The phrase is used of the Father and Jesus in Revelation (Rev. When updating AOB versions with new updates, you might have to restart your computer after downloading the new updates. This volume includes only the prophetic books of: Isaiah,Jeremiah, Lamentations, Baruch (Apocrypha), Epistle of Jeremiah (Apocrypha), Ezekiel, Susanna (Apocrypha), Daniel, Bel & The Dragon (Apocrypha), Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi. These words, which appropriately open and close the book (cf. He is omnipotent. To be sure that you are ordering the correct volume, just be sure that it says "New Testament" and "Color". THE ALPHA and OMEGA MISSIONS BIBLE CHURCH 2944 WEST MARSHALL STREET RICHMOND, VA 23230 Church Phone – (804) 400-6606. This volume does not put any of the words of God in special font. John 3:16 FOR THEOS (The Alpha & Omega) SO LOVED THE WORLD, THAT HE GAVE HIS But I feel that now is the time to publish this translation for the help of the body of Christ, the church. Then return to this page to add the New Testament below. Words of God font = Red letter, Al Julian 10 bold only in Amos, Micah and a few other select verses. Study notes font = black, Verdana size 9 lowercase italics. 1. The bible written accurately for the first time in over hundreds of years. It is not easy for anyone who speaks English as well as Koreans to read the various materials written in English as well as Hebrew and Greek, to check their authenticity. The words of God are in bold large font of Al Julian, size 10 and all caps in Genesis, Exodus, Micah, Amos & a few other select places limited. ISBN-13: 978-1982059255 ISBN-10: 1982059257 (154 pages) This bible is definitely worthy of 5 stars!". All scriptures are written in UPPER CASE as was the case with the original scriptures. The commentary makes many incredible claims, which I have researched in attempt to confirm or debunk them. Reverse the position of the two last phrases. While I was in sermon, I cried out "Please save me, LORD! Has many notes throughout to help explain/understand bible verses. 2b. The Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, are used as the emblem of the eternity of our Lord: "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning ... /.../regester/the worship of the church/symbolic ornaments of the church.htm, Why Jesus is Called Alpha. It is a version from the 1800's. In Patristic and later literature the phrase is regularly applied to the Son. “ I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” King James Version (KJV) But here, He hints at it, & thus the reason for the questioning of each other's names!). This translation ought to be known to everyone who wants to surrender to and serve Jesus, all over the world. ", 5 Stars from Peter in Australia: "I came across the Alpha and Omega Bible (AOB) while searching which bible is the most accurate. Therefore, I still encourage everyone to download the PDF, and also to attain the paperback copies. "We used alpha down to omega, i.e. The dark red is easier on the eyes than the traditional bright red used in other bibles. Study notes font = Verdana 8 lowercase italics. However, in the E-Sword AOB, the words of God are not in red or bold. Most Christian book stores do not even carry it! Cyprian, Testim, ii0.1; vi.22, iii.100, Paulinus of Nola Carm. At the end of Revelation is an extra read: Explains 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 plagues. Then download any other bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc that you want to use in E-sword for comparison or study. Click here to request free replacement or wholesale replacement of older versions. I have also added the following note to Gen.32:28 to explain this major change: Revelation notes explained in detail like never before. Revelation 1:8 ), occur (like those in ver. This mixture of British English also helps the "KJV only" people to more easily adapt to this more accurate translation, since a lot of the Old English of the KJV is similar to British English. The New Testament translation is based mostly upon the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece 27th & 28th editions, Codex Vaticanus & other ancient Greek manuscripts that are older & more reliable than the pagan Masoretic manuscripts. Click here to view or order: Volume 5: New Testament (Color Edition) This will say "volume 3" in the description. "The Holy Spirit" is translated "The Holy Breath" because the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek words for "spirit" in the phrase "The Holy Spirit" actually mean "breath, air, wind", not a soul/personage. This volume includes only the history books of: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel (1 Kingdoms), 2 Samuel (2 Kingdoms), 1 Kings (3 Kingdoms), 2 Kings (4 Kingdoms), 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, 1 Ezra, 2 Ezra, Nehemiah, Tobit (Apocrypha), Judith (Apocrypha), Esther, 1 Maccabees, 2 Macc, 3 Macc, 4 Macc. I have already arranged for Amazon & other distributors to offer the paperbacks at the very lowest possible price. Alpha and Omega, in Christianity, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, used to designate the comprehensiveness of God, implying that God includes all that can be.In the New Testament Revelation to John, the term is used as the self-designation of God and of Christ.The reference in Revelation likely had a Jewish …

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