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It’s amazing how something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can revitalize and update your home. I keep several magnets handy just for this purpose. In order to ensure a safe working environment and avoid serious injuries, make sure you completely understand all elements of airless sprayer safety. A hobby knife (like an X-ACTO™) and blades, and/or single-edge razor blades. Wagner - Paint Sprayers - Paint Supplies - The Home Depot Store Finder Sprayer Hoses & Tubes. Sprayer … If the paint splatters out onto the box – you need to return that can for a new one. Do NOT stop and sweep back while the paint is hitting the article being painted – this will cause paint buildup and drips. Shelf brackets, door hardware, bicycle parts, grill attachments and even small propane tanks are among the countless articles that are likely to experience a spray painting during their service life. Put a piece of aluminum foil onto a piece of cardboard – to simulate the metal surface you’ll be painting. The sprayer, then, is just a fast way to get the paint … Test the spray paint nozzle. Shop paint sprayer tips and a variety of paint products online at If the contractor uses a worn tip (a 12-inch fan pattern worn to 9-inch) he will spend an additional $36.25 in wasted paint and labor per hour. You should have a spray painting job that even a pro would envy. Most spray tips are identified by a three-digit code. ACE® and ACE Rental Place® are registered trademarks of Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook, IL. This can double the tip life and extend pump life. A camera – because you’re gonna want to take pictures and brag about this spray painting job. If you plan on using multiple spray guns on your job, pick a tip size that matches the multiple gun tip rating of your sprayer. They create an extra-wide 24-inch fan pattern, allowing you to spray twice the surface of a standard tip. Make sure that the sprayer can support the tip you are planning to use. Spray Painting Tip #5: Use the recommended primer before applying your finish coats. You can grab the magnet and rotate it to adjust the item’s position without touching your work. For any difficulty using this site with a screen reader or because of a disability, please contact us at 1-800-444-3353 or For California consumers: more information about our … Sprayer Lubricants & Cleaners. The Project Series is designed to easily handle The Project Series is designed to easily handle homeowner and handyman projects such as doors, trim, interior walls, ceilings, decks, fences and exteriors of houses. WATCH: Choosing and Understanding Spray Tips (5:15). Make sure the top flaps will stay open while you work – but don’t cut them off! Masking tape or Safe Release™ Painter’s Tape by 3M. But the results speak for themselves. If the painter continues to use the worn tip, it will cost him around $300 per day! Now hang sheets from the ceiling using tape and/or tacks. Ace Hardware can help you find the right painting supplies to help you transform the "before" into an "after" you’re sure to enjoy. Cleanup rags, turpentine, plastic trash bags for used gloves, etc. … Learn how to prevent drips and get a smooth finish when spray painting. As a bonus, since primers are more forgiving than spray paints, it’s a good time to practice your spray painting technique. Whether you are looking for paint, lawn & garden supplies, hardware or tools, Ace Hardware … Use high gloss gold metallic or high gloss silver metallic on pine cones for some truly unique holiday decorations. Spray Painting Tip #7: It’s time to paint. Cut a piece for the floor that is about 6′ larger than the room will be. Use wire brushes, sand paper, emery cloth, files, steel wool or sand blasting to get the bare metal ready to accept the paint. And, thanks to their innovative design, RAC tips can be quickly replaced without removing the tip guard and housing. If necessary, re-prime the area and begin again. It should be free of rust, debris, oils, grease, water, old paint and dust. I take my selected spray paint cans to a window to see the cap color in natural light before I buy. Lets use the LTX515 as an example as it is one of the most common tips for spraying latex paint. Please allow us to customize your site experience by enabling tracking cookies. Replace the cap. Assemble the bottom of the box and lay it on its side on some newspaper to catch overspray. Ornate wrought iron is extremely difficult to prepare by hand for painting. It’s really very simple to get a professional look to your spray painting projects, there are just a few things to remember. Spray painting a small pumpkin with high gloss metallic gold spray paint makes an eye catching table piece for Thanksgiving. The second two numbers are the orifice size of the tip, in thousandths of an inch, that determines how much fluid will leave the spray tip. Located at 226 N Winton Rd, Rochester, NY 14610. Spray Painting Tip #4: Magnets! Do NOT aim at your work! Shop our paint project supplies like brushes, tarps, caulk, sealants, stains, spray paint and ladders. This chair can sit out in the elements on the patio for 20 years before it will need attention again. Buy a roll of 10′ or 12′ wide construction plastic. Using a worn tip can cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted paint and labor; because when a tip wears the size of the tip orifice increases and the fan width decreases. Wait until you’re sure the paint is absolutely dry. Simply go to a place in your town that has old cardboard boxes and get one that’s big enough to hold your work – with room to spare. Not only does the tip determine how much fluid will leave the gun when you pull the trigger, the spray tip also determines how wide a spray fan the gun will create. Go ahead and spring for a couple of cans of quality spray paint to perfect your spray painting technique. The fourth character, first … For those painting up to 125 gal. Light coatings such as lacquers, stains, and enamels require a small tip, while heavier coatings such as texture require larger spray tips. Since the item you’re spray painting can’t be suspended in midair, plan to paint, allow to dry, paint, allow to dry, reposition to get the missed areas, and so on. Proper start up of your paint sprayer is an important step to keep it running at maximum performance and efficiency, year after year. Otherwise use the tools and equipment listed for cleaning and preparing rusted metals. Whenever you first start spray painting, vigorously shake the can for 45-60 seconds. Some spray applications require backbrushing or back-rolling — that is, brushing or rolling in the sprayed-on finish to get a more even coat and better penetration. Rochester's favorite independently-owned neighborhood hardware store where our quality products and friendly, personal service sets us apart. Eye protection – goggles are recommended. Subsequent shakings, done while painting, can be for 5-10 seconds. Magnets work great for holding your metal work while you’re spray painting it. Most DIY spray painting is done on relatively small metal objects. Open the box and repeat all of the above steps until the job is complete – at least three finish coats on all surfaces. Give your projects the reach they need, since this lightweight sprayer can support up to 50 ft. of paint … Graco RAC-X Fine Finish Low Pressure and Low Pressure Switch Tips work with all airless sprayers. The “X” shows about where to place the item for spray painting. Westlake Ace Hardware Store Support Center. This forces more passes to cover the surface, more labor, increased overspray, and a substantial waste of paint. There’s a Graco spray tip that’s specifically built for your application. Take your spray paint can outside, turn it upside down and depress the nozzle until no more paint comes out – this will keep your nozzle working great for the next coats. It will all get covered properly with the subsequent coats. Make sure your working light will get inside the box when you start spray painting so you can see. Graco’s RAC-X Fine Finish Low Pressure and Low Pressure Switch Tips offer the industry’s best finish at the world’s lowest airless spray pressure! They’re available in about 200 sizes and can be used for a wide variety of coatings. I guarantee that if you oblige the following tips and tricks, even you will be amazed at the superb finish you’ll achieve on your next spray painting adventure. Carefully remove your dry, finished work and gently remove the tape SLOWLY, as needed. Compressed air sprayers, also known as pneumatic sprayers, are typically used for car coatings and indoor, outdoor and industrial applications.These sprayers project the paint out of the nozzle's tip … Aim at the inside side of the box and sweep across your work to the other side of the box. You can get large boxes at appliance and office supply stores. Indoor lighting also affects what you see.

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