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All params are perfect and gfo is running in a reactor. They also snack on insects, crustaceans and their eggs when they can find them. Maximum Size: 6 inches. Member. These strands feel like wet hair to the touch and can be difficult to remove completely. Adjust the pH of your pond water so it is between 7.0 and 8.0. Social Nature: 4. By duganderson, October 2, 2012 in General Discussion. They won’t eat your plants but they sure will keep your tank clear of algae! And one more thing, amano won’t feed on algae if there is lots of other more tasty and nutrient feed in a tank. Hair algae is best battled via water chemistry (which overall is pretty peaceful). Ease of Keeping: 4. Dec 18, 2019. leftswerve. The reason why I love snails is because of their uniqueness, size, and variety that they can add to a fish tank. Cherry shrimp will also eat any other food that they can find. Adding these fish makes for an active and attractive planted tank. Hey guys, recently had a problem with brown hair algae appearing in my 30 gallon tank. Hello, there's just not much that will be able to keep up with hair algea. If not you need to identify the source of nutrients for the algae. This variety is tricky because they develop swiftly and are tough to eliminate. SAEs are known to tend to eat more algae as juveniles because the adults are big enough to get the lion’s share of feedings in the aquarium. They also serve as snacks for bigger fish, so make sure to get a lot, because some will go missing (eaten). To get them hungry you have to refrain from feeding them food so they will go after the algae. They appear in shades of brown, black, and green types that emerge in various conditions. Introduce barley straw liquid or blocks to your pond. I've been down this road so many times I can't tell you - I've tried just about every fish you might even remotely think eats the stuff, and while I do see them eat some, its never enough to tell a difference in the tank. In a small system like that, removal and nutrient control are the best options. I do not have an algae problem, but I would like whatever does exist eaten/cleaned up. Binh's Fish/Pet Room Makeover....Extravaganza?? This guy picked it clean in about a week and a half. Whether you're battling a bit of hair algae on your reef or tackling a full-blown bubble algae infestation, an algae-grazing fish may provide the perfect solution. Emerald crabs and lawnmower blennies are two animals with a taste for green hair algae. trending. There's more than one kind of hair algae. You can use the type of Algae Eaters such as shrimp Amano Shrimp are effectively killing the algae in the Aquarium. If you have a hair algae problem, I don't think you are going to find a fish that eats enough of it to control the problem on its own. Hair algae will mainly anchor to plants but may spread to other surfaces. Common causes. Generally, an oversupply of light, nutrients like iron, or lack of them can trigger these algae. Like many green algae, hair algae appear mainly during the cycling phase of a tank, when the biological system is still finding its balance. Amano Shrimp. To find out what will get rid of yours the best, you'll need to identify the type you've got. they will breed like crazy and eat all the algae, but then you will have a snail problem which just doesn't look nice and your plants will be fine. And if you want to try something really unusual, the tiny Gammarus crustaceans will also eat it. If they find enough food that is easier to get, they might go for that food source instead of grazing of the algae in your tank. However, even under good water chemistry, hair algae can be a bugger once is gets its foot in the door, or in the water. Ghost shrimp are great for eating hair algae though, so if you have a lot of hair algae, you may want to get a few. Brown Diatom Algae. Detritus contains minute algae instead of the filamentous algae that other tangs tend to eat. Amano shrimp aren't picky when it comes to algae and will eat almost any type, with black beard algae and cyanobacteria being the only common exceptions. Best Nano Fish for Eating Hair Algae? Flagfish are voracious eaters and particularly enjoy eating hair and black beard algae. Hair algae uses both as fertilizer. You need a media to remove P04 quicker then the algae can eat it. Name: Siamese Algae Eater . Commercially available products are used to transform pH. Hair algae – Hair algae forms thin wispy strands of green threads. Chevron tang: Chevron tang fish are great at eating algae; they enjoy microalgae but will also eat green hair and brown diatom algae as well. I don't have anything in my tank that is eating it, and I think I remember hearing that not many critters actually eat hair algae. i personally like snails, so in my tank it doesn't bother my. Cherry shrimp are primarily algae eaters grazing off soft green algae and sometimes even green hair algae. helps keep the algae etc under control. Seahares don't eat ONLY hair alge, they eat any kind of alge, and also mine eat the seafood I feed the fish. Green hair algae likes higher pH numbers, so correcting this is a great first step to hair algae reduction. Hair Algae. P.S. duganderson duganderson Community Member; 774 posts; Minneapolis, MN, USA ; November 6, 2011; Posted October 2, 2012. The hair algae coat on the leaf of the red plant is clearly visible. Nest to the species is a number - find a fish or invert at the bottom of the page with the same number to see what species will eat yours. For hair algae in captive marine systems, biological control is the best control. pH 6.5-7.0. Extra Information: Will eat algae from plants, glass and decorations as well as left over flake food, vegetables and live food. Siamese Algae Eater. Brown algae – What starts as a brown dusting over the surfaces of your tank can turn into a thick coating of brown slime within days. Best Nano Fish for Eating Hair Algae? Since hes new, hes exploring the tank, give him some time to sample what you have in your tank, then he will start in on the hair alge, trust me. Flag fish are fairly easy to maintain and very hearty. When Algae Becomes Overgrown While difficult to spot when diving, snorkeling, or even watching a coral reef on television, algae of various types are always present and serve as vital components of any natural reef. Temperature 75-79F. However, there is a trick to their success; they are only really good algae eaters when they’re hungry. Which is what a remover such as GFO will do. ... you can throw in a bunch of snails. Brush Algae: Looking like thick tufts of hair, brush algae sticks to plants and other things in the tank. It grows fast and sticks to different surfaces as well. They come in a variety of colors (though a bright red is the most common) and make beautiful tank mates if kept with smaller fish that won’t hunt them. In this picture, several algae species can be seen. Care Level: Moderate. This guy is an algae eating machine. Thread Algae: Thread algae, also known as hair algae looks like thin wires or threads and are found floating in the tank. Recommended Posts. Algae Eating Snails. what will eat hair algae will golden algae eater eat black algae click to vote now! Real hair algae are eaten by some fish, but only if they can't find anything else to eat. Nitrates should remain 5 ppm or less at all times and phosphate should be undetectable. I'm hoping someone knows of a critter I can add to my tank that will hopefully nip this in the bud before it becomes too much of a problem! I was going to get a couple more ottos but I’ve read they don’t eat hair algae? I would follow the advice of gnatster and try to figure out why you get hair algae to begin with. Eating action: Scrape algae. Keep in mind, the use of Amano Shrimp must be balanced with the amount of Hair Algae in Aquairum. I had an absolute mess of a green hair algae bloom in my 44 gal seahorse tank. Vote Now! And then there are the copepods--probably the most important algivores on Earth! They have been a great addition to my tank that has been set up for about 8 years. Mollies are often available at local fish stores, but the other fish may be hard to find. This is so true...I've been battling hair algae for several months now and short of a sea hare bought everything everyone has said would eat it and none of them do. Reviewed by: Scott on 05/08/2015. I have 4 turbos, 4 emeralds, 25 hermits, a yellow tang, and a lawnmower blenny in a 60 gallon and none of them touch it at all. the lager the shrimp is, the more thick algae it can swallow. Both are actively eating hair algae in my tank. This fish will make short work of small tufts of hair algae, bryopsis, and they love to leave their bristle tooth marks on the sides of your tank where any algae builds up. Member. Getting Amano Shrimp, Buy or Breed? However, the shrimp doesn’t eat brush algae, spot algae and blue-green algae. Feeding little as possible. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . It is happily chowed by algae eaters. Started by NCaquatics; Jul 29, 2020; Replies: 1K ; Tropical Discussion. What would be t best tang (or any fish for that matter) to add to the system to start eating algae that is just starting to grow on the rocks and frag plugs? P.P.S. Dennis57. If you have green hair algae in your tank, your phosphate is likely well above 0.05 mg/L, which is considered by many to be the lowest level at which green hair algae will grow. what reef fish eat hair algae: obrut: General Reef Discussion: 24: 2019-03-17 09:55:11: who eats hair algae: Allen: General Reef Discussion: 3: 2001-07-21 01:11:00: what fish eat hair algae in saltwater tank: Martinwinte: General Reef Discussion: 2: 2013-01-09 21:32:18 Hair algae with longer, soft filaments are frequently found in aquaria. If your local fish store doesn’t have a nice selection of marine iguanas (that was a joke), another option to help get the green hair algae under control is to add some livestock that will eat it. Unpopular Opinions. Cherry shrimp are great at eating different types of hair algae and will also eat leftover fish food. The best way to get rid of the Hair Algae is to use The Best Algae Eaters who correspond to the amount of Hair Algae to eat. While the American-Flag fish is a voracious hair algae eater I prefer adding Rosy Barbs instead due to the more aggressive nippy nature of the AFF's. They eat hair algae and its species. Dec 18, 2019. The algae might be green hair algae, as it is kind of stringy looking Thanks everyone. If you have a densely planted tank the plants should be able to outcompete most algae. Amano shrimps efficiency against hair algae is inversely proportional to the shrimp size. So you could be feeding it, only the algae is eating it as quickly as it is being produced. A group of five should be enough to keep algae under control in tanks smaller than 20 gallons, while ten or more should work well for larger setups. Turn green hair algae into food. Have you checked both your nitrates and phosphates. Started by trash.binh91; Today at 3:11 AM; Replies: 10; Freshwater Journals. If your tank is producing 5ppm of P04 through feeding and waste, but the hair algae is eating 4.9ppm, then your test will show 0.1ppm. As their name suggests, hair algae look similar to long, slender, strands of hair. Different types of snail appear to prefer different types of algae; however, some snails, such as Trochus Snails, really seem to love hair algae. Use this link and look at the different types of hair algae. Tank Size and Conditions: Min tank size of 30 gallons. i.e. Obviously as already stated by others, adding the algae eating crew is just a small part of algae control. The less nutrients in the water, the less the amount and kind of light poses a threat. - November 2020 Pet of the Month contest. Reviewed by: Karl on 04/24/2015. Though most shrimp don’t seem to eat the hair algae, I’ve found that ghost shrimp often will. 4. Amano shrimp are the best algae-eating shrimp species. Because of its bristle-like teeth that they use to eat detritus, it is known as the bristletooth tang as well. They eat hair algae, brush algae, most types of string algae, and are one of the few things that will even eat black beard algae. Their downturned mouths are well-suited for eating hair algae, black beard algae, and leftover scraps in the fish tank. Algae Eating Ability: 4. Therefore, you may need to reduce food portion sizes in order to get older SAEs interested in eating algae again.

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