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The Kaffir lime tree is grown and harvested primarily for its dark green leaves to create spices or oils. Cooking Lime Both the zest of the fruit and the leaves have a slightly different, but equally wonderful, scent and flavour that is unlike any other citrus. The upper side of the leaves are a glossy deep green while the underside of the leaves are a matte green. They are also used in Cambodian as a paste that is called Krueng. Sizes can vary from leaf to leaf, though they each have a teaspoon shape with pointed ends. Kaffir lime leaves are hard to find in Ohio, so I very much appreciate your advice. Reviews on Kaffir Lime Leaves in New York, NY - Bangkok Center Grocery (125 reviews), Kalustyan's (489 reviews), Asia Market (51 reviews), Siam Market (8 reviews), Duals Natural (141 reviews), To the World Farm (127 reviews), Asian Bok Choi (8 reviews), Hong Kong Supermarket (366 reviews), Citarella Gourmet Market - Upper East Side (119 reviews), US Supermarket (48 reviews) The leaves are added to the curry once it is cooking and can also be added when cooking rice. The kaffir lime tree is grown and harvested mainly for the leaves which are a staple in Thai cooking, but the tree doesn't produce many of these limes. PLEASE READ PERISHABLE TERMS OF SHIPPING BEFORE ORDERING. Kaffir lime leaves can also be steeped in milk that can then be used in fragrant puddings and custards. I usually stock up at Tian Phat in Bedford when I'm running low on Asian ingredients but haven't seen them there. Fry in a bit of oil for a fragrant kaffir oil to be used to finish salads or soups. 03-05-2011, 06:17 PM ImOnFiya : Location: Austin, TX. The leaves I received were brownish instead of a bright dark green and were definitely NOT fresh but dried. You can get both at any of the stores in Chinatown East (Gerrard and Broadview). Contact us on 01255 831035. We grow and sell kaffir lime plants, fresh lime leaves and kaffir limes ideal for cooking, mixology and more. You would most commonly taste it in a Spicy Thai soup or curry and I particularly love the aroma and citrusy flavor it imparts. The kaffir lime leaf, also known as makrut lime leaf, is to South East Asian cuisine what bay leaves are to western cooks. Join the discussion today. It's just the kaffir lime leaves and the galanggal which are not readily available here. It's just the kaffir lime leaves and the galanggal which are not readily available here. When you begin shopping for lime leaves, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the most fragrant ones. Read the Edmonton: where to buy kaffir lime leaves? The leaves should have a deep green color and a smooth texture. They can also be ground to a fine powder in … Kaffir Lime Leaves Kaffir Lime Leaves are not always easy to find, unless you have a well stocked Asian market close by. Kaffir lime leaves, or daun limau purut in Bahasa Malaysia, comes from the kaffir lime tree, tree native to tropical countries, especially in Southeast Asia.The leaves are highly aromatic and suitable for most Asian cuisines, be it spicy, sour or both. Add to wishlist Find my local retailer. The Kaffir Lime is cold hardy in USDA growing zones 9-11. Kaffir lime trees (kaffir in this context means uncultivated – as in bush lime or wild lime) are small trees with long sharp thorns, knobbly green fruits and unusual double leaves. As kaffir limes aren't eaten fresh, and there's limited use for them, our grower typically strips the trees of all fruit each year to promote growth of the leaves. The Kaffir Lime Tree is a thorny tree with aromatic and distinctively shaped "double" leaves. In fact, we have one in our backyard. Tired of frozen kaffir lime leaves, or worse, dried? The leaves from the Kaffir Lime tree may also be known in different cultures as makrut leaves, or magrood leaves.But whatever you want to call them, and if you know how to cook with kaffir lime leaves, you know you can't live without them for your Southeast Asian dishes. The leaves of the kaffir lime tree are two toned. When touched, you’ll be able to feel the overwhelming natural oils, so you’ll want to use them fresh. Choose one of our young or mature lime plants online now or call 01255 831035 for more info. I use to be able to buy them at MT market, but they have stopped selling them. Fresh or dried leaves give a lemony flavour and appetising aroma to Thai and other Asian style cooking. Typically used in soups and curries, the leaves impart a fragrant citrus flavour with a mild hint of spice. Kaffir Lime Leaves Thus I am quite familiar with what a fresh kaffir lime leaf looks like. Dried Kaffir Lime leaves are sold online for nearly $30 an ounce! The Kaffir Lime Tree is a tropical citrus with scented aromatic green leaves, for those who enjoy Thai cooking. They’re easily recognisable by their eight-figure shaped, emerald-green leaf lobes, which makes them appear as if two leaves are joined together. Does anyone know where you can buy Kaffir lime leaves? Kaffir Lime is a lovely little tree, with double-lobed, dark green leaves that catch the sun with their glossy sheen. Kaffir lime leaves are a ingredient in many Asian dishes. Kaffir Lime Leaves An essential ingredient in Thai cooking such as Thai green curry. I know this is a bit of a long shot, but kaffir lime leaves are one of the ingredients I haven't been able to find since moving here! Kaffir Lime is a popular variety, prized for it's leaves. I have never seen either fresh makrut lime leaves (alternate name for "kaffir lime") or fresh galangal at House of Spice. discussion from the Chowhound Markets, Prairie Provinces food community. Leaves grow in thorny pairs on the kaffir lime tree, which also bears a wrinkled dark green fruit The kaffir leaves purport to be fresh. Kaffir Lime Leaf, Temple of Thai, 1.5 oz. Fresh ORGANIC Kaffir Lime Leaves (Thai Lime Leaves) | FREE First Class Shipping from California 0.8 Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves 1 oz. 4 cm wide). The green lime fruit is distinguished by its bumpy exterior and its small size (approx. We do have the local lime (dayap) but only the fruits are sold, not the leaves.We can get galangal in bottles here but crushed in a solution of some sort and does not really taste the same. We do have the local lime (dayap) but only the fruits are sold, not the leaves.We can get galangal in bottles here but crushed in a solution of some sort and does not really taste the same. Kaffir or Makrut Lime Leaves are an essential part of Thai, Myanmarese and Laotian cooking. The leaves are used in a wide variety of Thai and Lao dishes. Someone mentioned Fu Yao; they will have it or if for some … The kaffir lime is a rough, green fruit. Shred the dried leaves before adding them to fish cakes and be sure to use fresh, tender leaves for salads. To use Kaffir lime leaves, you can add whole leaves, either dried or fresh, to Asian soups, curries, and rice dishes while they're simmering to impart a distinct flavor. Uses of Kaffir lime leaves. I do want to point out, though, that domestic bay leaves are poisonous if consumed, so I don’t think one would enjoy all the benefits you thoughtfully mentioned, at least without a nasty stomach ache or worse. In fact, we have one in our backyard. Kaffir Lime Tree. 0.9 Yours Kitchen Premium Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves Flakes Super Dry and Extremely Aromatic, Use to Cook many Asia Dishes, From Soups and Salads to Curries and Stir-Fried Dishes (0.88 Ounce) Kaffir limes are also called makrut limes. Kaffir lime rind is an essential ingredient in a Thai curry paste, a teaspoons of Kaffir lime rind is used in both red and green Kaffir lime gives the curry a very distinctive flavour. Lydia Herrick - a couple of years ago . They belong to the citrus family and the leaves of kaffir lime trees contribute to the robust, distinctive citrus flavor found throughout Thai cuisine. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for kaffir lime. The Kaffir Lime tree is a fairly easy plant to grow and they are grown for the leaves as well as the fragrant fruit. They are tough, leathery leaves that are usually added whole and removed before eating. Funky fruit adds a ton of texture to the overall appearance. Apart from being used in Thai soup, Thai curry, green curry, Thai curry paste, fish cakes and multiple other Thai dishes, Kaffir leaves can be used in baking. Both are used widely in Asian cuisines, the trees themselves are easy to grow, they do not require much the care and same conditions as other citrus trees. Kaffir The young tender leaves of this variety are popular for Asian cooking, although the bumpy skinned fruit is inedible. The leaves grow in pairs from stem to stem. The unique citrus and herbaceous notes are crucial to many Thai dishes and are responsible for much of authentic Thai cooking’s distinctive taste. product and Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor We hope that this webpage provides you with lots of useful information. The kaffir lime leaf is essential to Thai curries and soups, but many dishes can benefit from their flavor. With a little TLC, it's easy to plant a tree of them in your backyard and reap the benefits in your kitchen. Kaffir lime, also known as citrus hystrix, is a species of Indonesian lime with highly aromatic foliage which, along with the rind, are essential ingredients for creating the authentic flavour of Thai cuisine. Cooking with Kaffir lime is an integral part of Asian cuisine. Organic Naturally Grown. A good example is the delicious Kaffir key lime pie. Kaffir Lime Tree Fruit and Leaves. Ingredients. Lime leaves freeze well, so you can buy once and have enough on hand to last for months. Features of the Kaffir lime tree: The lime is more commonly known and used for its leaves consisting of a large petiole and a equally sized leaf blade. I have bought many kaffir lime leaves and use them in my cooking often. Also known as the Makrut lime. Shop with confidence on eBay! kaffir lime leaves Where to buy kaffir lime leaves. Specifications . Kaffir Lime Leaves Thai Name: Bai Ma Grood Kaffir Lime Leaves are usually found in the shape of an hourglass which has a leaf blade with a flattened leaf stalk which is also leaf like. Ideal to add fragrance to Thai soup with stock, lemongrass, fish sauce, ginger and chilli with pak choi, spring onions, Thai rice noodles and chicken. Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaf (Citrus hystrix or ใบมะกรูด bai my magroot in Thai) is an essential aromatic herb for Thai cooking. Protect trees from frosts. I love my tree, it produces new leaves from the tips of the old ones and the scent of the leaves is wonderful and the taste to food is sublime. The nutritional info is an extra bonus! Lime leaves (sometimes called “kaffir lime leaves”) are used in Southeast Asian cooking, particularly in Thai curries, stir fries and soups. A live kaffir lime plant can supply your lime leaf and kaffir lime needs for years to come. Based in Essex, Colonial Growers are one of the few specialist growers of kaffir lime plants in Britain. We also offer Wholesale Pricing on Leaves , and Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder which is quite useful , and whole kaffir … Use a zester and scrape lightly along a washed piece of fruit.

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