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of psyllium powder and then mix it with a glass of tepid water. They are hygroscopic, which makes it possible for them to grow and develop into mucilaginous. The term coconut pertains to the fruit while the tree is called a coconut palm. The fibrous husks have a number of uses. The main uses of coconut root are taken as its medical benefits of it. It can be eaten as food or used as medicine. Called the "tree of life" in the Philippines, all parts of the palm has uses -nothing is wasted even at the end of its fruit bearing years. ]. Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera)The coconut it not a nut but a fruit. The coconut tree is a type of palm tree. The various materials available from the tree and some of their uses are described below. Benefits Of Psyllium Husk – Cure Gallstones. The husk of the coconut is used in garden potting mixes, for rope, as insulation and as padding. Medicinal Properties of the Coconut husk. For example, you can color it … The thick creamy liquid that comes out is coconut milk. ... Other Uses for Coconut in Your Skin and Hair. It belongs to the Arecaceae palm family and can grow up to 6 meters tall. Ropes made by coconut husks are highly durable and strong. Every little nook and cranny of the coconut palm tree can be used for something. In addition, it yield 3 to 4 tons of copra (nut meat) per hectare and over two tons of oil. Coconut husks can be used to make scrubbers for cleaning and can be used by artists as a craft material. In Guatemala, the husk fiber extract is used as an antipyretic, to reduce renal inflammation, and as a topic ointment for … They can be used as natural scrubbers to clean dinner plates, cups, other vessels, and even the floor. The uses for coconut oil go way beyond just cooking. It is one of the major uses of coconut, at least for many people who live with it. They can be used as fuel and as a source of charcoal. The Fruit People work in large groups in coir factories to make rope and pottery from coconut straw. In addition to the known fact that coconut shells are used in handicraft industry to make very interesting pieces of art, coconut shells have various other uses … A description of each plant, together with habitat and distribution is given. The medical industry isn't convinced yet, but advocates say the benefits are many - and widely available. If you choose to drink coconut water, you will be happy to know that it is quite low in carbs, calories, sugar, and nearly fat-free. Overview Information Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm. Mix them thoroughly and have it twice per day. Eur J Clin Nutr 1994;48:595-7. Tender Coconut is considered as the super food because of its nutritional and health benefits. Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera).It’s used for its water, milk, oil, and tasty meat. Coconut is also beneficial for different medicinal uses. - In India, it is called the Tree of Life. Firstly, take 1 tbsp. Coconut husk collected from local stores were cleaned and dried in electrical oven at temperature of 120 °C to remove most of the impurities and moisture. The Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda is replete with instances of the use of coconut oil in various medicinal preparations. This is a really difficult job and requires a lot of labor. There are a number of uses for the coconut husk. It can also be used for health, beauty, skin, hair, weight loss and many others. 2. Coconut flour is gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, and ideal for baking. Most coconut trees grow in the tropics and subtropics in wetter environments. Health Benefits & Uses of Isabgol (Psyllium Seed Husk) According to Wikipedia , Isabgol is a portion of the seeds of the plant Plantago Ovata, (genus Plantago). Culinary Uses of Coconut. In many rural areas people make a living by making rope from coconut husk, and it is a profitable business. Similar to eggs, coconuts have a multitude of culinary applications from sweet to savory dishes, from drinks, to appetizers, soups, salads, main courses to desserts, sweets, ice cream, sherbets. ... Coconut Husks. The root system of the coconut tree looks almost like a short mop head, and is definitely among what to see in Hawaii. The chemical composition of coconut husks consists of cellulose, lignin, pyroligneous acid and potassium. Follow this remedy regularly until the problem is treated completely. In Ghana, people use coconut milk to treat diarrhea (11). 6. The leaves of a coconut tree are massive and are also rather durable. Coconut Milk and Cream. We use it to make coconut flour-based flatbread and in some dehydrated coconut wrap products, it is also used for such purposes. July 9, 2016; blog; admin; Coconut shell, a once discarded outer hard cover of a coconut is now a product of great demand. Coconut husk 100 Coconut husk 200 − 6.00000.40825 .000 Table 3 : MIC and MIB in mg/ml of aqueous extracts of coconut husk extract against different test organisms Coconut. No part goes to the waste as every layer has or had a use somewhere in the world, making it worthy of the title the tree of life.. 100% of the coconut palm tree is usable! medicinal qualities which are used for the treatment of heart, liver and kidney disorders. The list is endless. Coconuts sold in the shops of nontropical countries often have had the exocarp (outermost layer) removed. Medicinal Uses. Coconut husks are also used as a craft material to create many beautiful things. History of Psyllium Husk In the U.S., it is reported that health activist Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, in the 1920's, discovered the use of psyllium in Italy and for a short time marketed it under the name brand "Psylla". But report shows that the tea from . 4. 9. The leaves and sticks. As preliminary in-vestigation of the use of coconut husk, the antimi-crobial activity can be evaluated. Coconut oil is seen by many as a form of "superfood." It grows best in hot, humid environments, especially in sandy soil. This is not surprising as it has hundreds of uses.But what about the rest of the coconut palm tree? The major advantage of using coconut biomass as a fuel is that coconut is a permanent crop and available round the year so there is constant whole year supply. Coconut husk is the part of the coconut which found around the outer shell. Coconut husk and shells are an attractive biomass fuel and are also a good source of charcoal. 5. The fibers of coconut husk were separated from the outer coat of the coconut and stored in drying box to prevent further impurities and moisture from the surrounding environment. Coconut flour contains 7 grams of fiber and coconut meat has about ten grams of fiber in a half cup serving, however, no fiber is contained in coconut oil. Coconut husk has great amount of lignin and cellulose, and that is why it has a high calorific value of 18.62MJ/kg. Arecanae: The palms. (1997). There is a dwarf variety. Coconut Husk: Husk of coconut is very useful for curing piles. Coconut roots are always great for treat with venerable health problems. View abstract. It is known as the tree of life for all of its plant parts has a wide range of uses. Uses of coconut tree and benefits from its various parts have helped us for generations. Most of Chinese use coconut roots as a treatment for painful bleeding hemorrhoids and in Indonesian are use coconut roots for laxative urine problems. Coconuts are a serious superfood with its long list of health benefits, medicinal uses, and nutritional value. Inside that is the endocarp, which is the outside of the seed. Coconut oil gets all the love these days. The root system of coconut is fibrous. In Fiji, coconut oil is used to prevent hair loss and coconut water is used to treat renal disease (10). The exocarp and mesocarp make up the “husk” of the coconut. Coconut husk (also a part of Coconut fruit) is also used as an elastic fibre used for making rope, matting, or coarse cloth. Each stage of coconut is important for human helps in many aspects in our day to day life.too much intake of coconut is harmful for human beings as it has high I conclude coconut has high medicinal uses for human beings References [1] Hahn, William J. Gen info - Coconut is one of the most useful plants in the world, providing a multitude of uses, from arrack to food staple, sugar to vinegar, fibers and fodder, thatching and lumber, and virgin coconut oil among many others. Right past that layer is the husk (it looks brown and hairy), called the mesocarp. The fruit is a drupe comprised of three layers: the exocarp, mesocarp (coconut husk), and the endocarp. Excellent guide to 102 medicinal herbs of the Pacific Islands, with photographs of each plant and details of their constituents, biological activities and traditional uses. Low in Calories. Benefits Of Psyllium Husk On Health – Treat Diabetes The seed is edible - eaten raw, used in cooked dishes, or dried then shredded as flavouring. The coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) is a member of the palm tree family and the only living species of the genus Cocos. Roots, leaves, meat, and husk—all parts of the coconut tree yield some sort of medicinal benefit. Coconut flour is simply dried, ground-up coconut meat. Based on the knowledge of the traditional herbs used for the treatment for local application, coconut husk can be use as a topical antimicrobial. One of the main uses of coconut husk is the making of ropes. Psyllium husk fibre supplementation to soybean and coconut oil diets of humans: effect on fat digestibility and faecal fatty acid excretion. Dates palms (Phoenix dactylifera) produce the sweet dates that are eaten all over the world, and the oil palm is the source of palm oil used in all sorts of products, from soap and lotions to food. [1-3] Coconut shell, a part of Coconut fruit, can be used for the production of handicraft items, or as charcoal for cooking, with many more uses besides. Tender Coconut water and its pulp is consumed by around the world as a tasty medicine. Coconut milk is made by mixing shredded fresh coconut meat with water and then squeezing it through a sieve or cheesecloth. The Roots. The husk is said to be the part of the coco nut with little or no medical uses. Apart from the medicinal uses of tender coconut, coconut husk is also used as an alternative to fuel, making husk ropes, floor mats and many more.

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