2k clear coat mixing ratio

Clear coatings, such as lacquer, should be mixed at a ratio of two parts clear coat to one part of fast hardener. Intercoat Clear Details This product is specially designed as a protective immediate clearcoat for artwork tapeouts on Shimrin Base Coats to help prevent tape from marking or disorienting the metallic and splitting when topcoated. Make sure each paint and activator is thoroughly mixed in the correct ratio, before mixing the 2 different paints together. The % ratio’s quoted below are the best start point for the 5 gloss level ranges. It gives high gloss and “water like” final appearance. Premium 2K Urethane Clear; Excellent Hardness; Chemical Resistance & Flexibility; Mixing: The mixing ratio: 2 parts Clear-coat; 1 part Activator; 2K Show Clear Kits: 1 Litre 2K Show Clear Kit: 1 Litre 2K Show Clear 1 500ml Activator. o For easy and accurate mixing, use the Wanda mixing stick o Stir thoroughly and finish the mixing as stated under mixing ratio. If you use 2K direct gloss (ie non-clear coat) then that uses an activator. Use a 2:1:10 percent mixing stick for this task. 1 x 100ml Clear Coat (High Solid) also known as Urethane or Polyurethane (Supplied in Glass Bottle) 1 x 60ml Hardener (Supplied in Glass Bottle) 1 x 60ml Thinners (Supplied in Glass Bottle) Instructions; Mixing Ratio 100 Parts Clear, 50 Parts Hardener + 10-30% Thinners (e.g. 5 Litre 2K Show Clear Kit: 5 Litre 2K Show Clear … Possible gloss levels: Satin matt: Mipa 2K-Klarlack matt CM + 5 - 10 % Mipa 2K-Elastic or Mipa 2K-Klarlack matt CM + Mipa 2K-Klarlack glänzend (glossy) mixing ratio 3:1 Satin gloss: Mipa 2K-Klarlack matt CM + 15 - 20 % Mipa 2K-Elastic or Matte clearcoat; High coverage; Works with any basecoat and 1K car paint; Can be mixed with stin gloss clear varnish; Use PPG D8238 activator/catalyst; Mixing ratio is 3:1; Can be diluted with PPG Thinner D807 (Mixing ratio: 1,5) Shake well before use; Technical Data PPG D8115 2K Clearcoat Matt. Please choose from Options Available above. MIPA 2K Clear Coat Matt Lacquer of 10-15% gloss based on high quality acrylic resin. and kit purchases available. Clear Coatings. Max Meyers high solid 2k acrylic clear coat with a 2:1 mixing ratio max Meyers 0200 lacquer is the most popular top quality high solid clear coat available with various speed hardeners. You don't need to weigh this out on a scale, you can eye-ball it just fine. I was about ready to puke my guts after spraying 2K clear and I … D) Mixing ratio Stir well before use Volume Weight Shin EZ 2K clear A plus base 100 % 100 % Shin EZ 2K hardener A381-0008 50 % 49 % Shin EZ 2K thinner 5 ~ 20 % 4.5 ~ 18 % Stir well immediately after the addition of the thinner. Mixing: The mixing ratio: 2 parts Clear-coat; 1 part Activator; 2K Show Clear Kits: 1 Litre 2K Show Clear Kit: 1 Litre 2K Show Clear 1 500ml Activator. Then add 10% reducer. The mixing ratio is 2 parts clear coat to 1 part clear coat activator. C495 Clear Express SR 4:1. express (4:1) rapid clear coat Extremely fast drying, Scratch Resistant clear coat, suitable for high volume body shops. Inspect the pre-marked mixing container for … ... Mixing Ratio 2:1 (by volume) MS-22 2K Clear Concept MS-22 Hardener 2 parts 1 part Reducer Up to 5% (v/v) of Concept 2K Thinner, if required. Recommended as overcoat for dull, semi gloss metallic and effect paintings. primers and clears are both catalysed (ie use an activator) and the basecoat is just an air drying paint. Buy U-Pol Products 2881 Clear System 2088 2K 4:1 Ratio Acrylic Universal Coat - 1 Liter: Touchup Paint - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases 50ml Clear… Kapci 3100 offers high durability and weathering resistance. Depending on the quantity of Mipa 2K-Elastic added, the gloss level increases up to max. C493 Matt Clear HS 2:1. Most two-pack primers are mixed at a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 with a compatible hardener. 2 Deals Available. Spray viscosity The paint actually consists of acrylic and melamine resin, which is mixed with poly-isocyanate resin as the hardener. I have mixed lead free base coat thinking it was 2k SS Acrylic with a 2:1 paint to hardener ratio with 20% thinner / reducer added on top. D8115/D8117 MIX RATIOS 3 VOLUME ©2018 PPG Industries, Inc D8115-D8117NEW_MATT CLEARCOAT SYSTEM_DELTRON_CLEARCOAT_07-09-2018 ANZ Same thing for 2K primers. Type of Product 2K acrylic urethane clear coat Description Concept MS-22 2K Clear is a high performance 2K clear designed specifically as a clear coat for basecoat systems.

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