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Despite this, we always recommend reading up on the best ways to take care of any life in your tank (no matter how easy it seems). Nerite snails are pretty tough animals, but there are a couple of diseases/illnesses you should keep an eye out for. save. Each of the popular varieties has its own patterns and colors, which can make for a very pretty tank if you mix and match enough of them. 173. Hi Kristin, The nerite snail comes from the large Neritidae family. Is my Snail dead? "It" has now dropped eggs. Personally we’re huge fans of watching them inch their way around the aquarium and look for algae. These snails are gentle and spend most of their time looking for algae to eat (both in the wild and in captivity). I have a bladder snail. If you’re looking for a colorful addition to your tank, the red racer nerite snail is a perfect choice. They’re cute and busy little guys that bring a handful of benefits to your freshwater tank. They can quickly eat through algae and other unsightly waste. Interchange the female snails with … The pattern on the shells of tiger nerite snails is hypnotizing to look at. share. 3) Olive Nerite Snail (Neritina reclivata) It is known as the black marble snail. Once this happens you have a problem. Will Ghost Shrimp eat snail eggs? A while ago, I bought a snail to help with my algae. Nerites move easily across these surfaceseating as they move. Although … If so, what kind? from what i understand loachs eat snails. 3. This random resting period will usually end after a couple of days, but keep an eye on them to play it safe. This is a condition that typically plagues older snails though, so if yours are fairly young then this likely won’t be an issue. Some aquarists express confusion when hearing about the required tank size for nerite snails. Nerite snails prefer specific types of algae like soft film algae and soft green algae. Zebra nerite snails are one of many subspecies of nerite snails, also known as tiger nerite snails due to the striped black and gold coloring of their shells. It’s funny because other than breeding everything about this creature is very straightforward! Unlike a lot of other snails, female nerites lay eggs that the males then fertilize. Oh, so they're on the glass? Please don't post on old threads. Saltwater varieties are more commonly found on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and sometimes drift into the Caribbean as well. In general, I am not talking about Nerite snails, some snail can crossbreed. An adult tiger nerite snail can grow up to 1 inch. Nerite snail breeding is a topic that is full of misinformation and confusion. This will help keep your tank clean without any extra effort on your part! The most common disease is something called oedema. What I did find is that different types of nerites do not mate. Nerite Snails are one of the best algae eating snails around, and their from-tank diet can include: soft film algae, soft green algae, soft brown algae, and brown diatoms. This species of snail requires a male and a female to reproduce. And among snails, nerite snails have been gaining attention for their effectiveness and efficiency. It’s important to note, nerite snail eggs are often unfertilized. There are no pics. Even so, the loaches do not eat these eggs. Author Note: As always, make sure you’re not overfeeding your nerite snails. 1. hide. Posted by 2 days ago. Fortunately, they are readily available at most commercial pet and aquarium stores for affordable prices. Unfortunately, there’s no known creature that would eat the eggs of a Nerite snail. REALLY? what color are they? They only lay one egg at the time, and let me tell you that these eggs won’t hatch in your tank. This is our favorite method because it’s cheap, easy, and effective. Nerite snails are very mellow and peaceful creatures. That said, here we sit today. The zebra nerite snail is one of the most popular variations you can get. That didn't even occur to me. I've yet to see anything in a tank that eats Nerite eggs. The black racer nerite snail has a dark understated pattern that we absolutely love. We highly recommend the horned nerite snail if you’re looking to mix things up a bit. Plus, they can keep your tank clean and mostly compatible with fresh and saltwater. Shipping and receiving mystery snail eggs. This can lead to a number of health issues (some worse than others). They adapt well to fresh water, but they're marine, so their eggs don't hatch unless in marine conditions. Will Red Cherry Shrimp or Amano shrimp eat the Nerite snail’s eggs… While nerite snails can absolutely function and be productive algae eaters in a cramped environment, it’s the bio-load that you have to worry about. 21 comments. They’re also very flexible when it comes to the kind of tank setup you use them in. If so, what kind? save. Unfortunately, it can be hard to figure out the cause of oedema and your only option is to wait and see if things improve. This is a condition where the snail’s fluid balance becomes disturbed and results in extreme swelling. Clown Loaches are one of the most popular freshwater fish in the aquarium scene. From egg to snail, do you know the gestation? This means you’ll want to make sure your nerite snails have plenty of places to hide and get some privacy from the rest of the tank. how often do mystery snails lay eggs. Will cherry shrimp eat baby snails / snail eggs? First, nerite snail care is a piece of cake. If you’re looking for an awesome snail to add to your tank we can’t recommend them enough. This stripe typically has a repeating series of “arrows” that make this snail live up to its name. Assassin Snails . Nerite snails (neritina natalensis) can be found in a mixture of locations both in freshwater and saltwater. Nerite snails are extremely popular for their unique patterns and colors, as well as their practical benefits. You should also use their shells as a way to monitor for any potential diseases or illnesses. The shell of the Horned Nerite Snail is very sturdy, with the horns providing them a defense mechanism against fish trying to eat them, or even human beings during handling. not sure why. This is a common question that we see in forums all the time. It took scientists a while to properly identify these types of snails in certain areas because some of them look very similar to different species. These little critters are a joy to keep and don’t require much extra effort on your part at all. Nerite snails spend most of their time roaming around your tank and eating algae. The Horned Nerite Snail is named for its horn like appendages on its shell. if so it lays clutches above the water, just take a knife and scrape off and throw away, the ghost will eat the eggs if they are under water, but wont/cant eat the snails. If you think there isn’t enough algae growth in your tank to support your nerite snails you can use algae wafers to solve this problem. 2. It is an extremely docile creature and does not bother any other inhabitants. If so I think you are a new mommy of somebaby corys . By entering this site you declare Snail Cookies – shelf-stable version of snail jello. Pufferfish and Loaches will often be seen eating nerite snail eggs inside a fish tank. level 2 One thing that’s worth noting about their behavior is that they’ll sometimes hunker down out of the blue. Move a group of nerites into the breeding tank (a large eno I know other snails might eat them *mystery snails comes to mind* but what about these little snails? From what I saw, that the pleco fish is able to suck out a nerite snail from its shell, I assume that it can eat snail eggs too. Many species of snail will eat algae, but there are multiple different types of algae and not all snails eat all types of algae. Nerite Freshwater Snails. Let’s take a closer look at each of the main types of nerite snails and what they look like. That being said, to get rid of the unhatched nerite snail eggs you can try the following: 1. These are Corys? Nerite snails are very busy and active eaters. Simply add an additional five gallons for each extra snail you plan on adding to the mix. They usually burrow a hole underneath to lay and hide the eggs safely. It’s kind of funny writing a section about snail temperament because there really isn’t much to report. You are right! Even though Nerite Snail eggs can be somewhat irritating, the advantages of these types of algae eating snails exceed various other types of snails that do recreate in fresh water. Nerite snails aren’t picky, so while it’s tough to underfeed them, overfeeding is a danger you need to watch out for. Here’s what the eggs of a Nerite snail look like: By adequatepotato. It is a beautiful, hardy, and a very hungry snail that requires brackish water (hard water) for its eggs to hatch. Like most aquatic life, any white spots are usually a cause for concern. You can see how this caused a lot of confusion! Nerite snails scatter their eggs all around the tank, and stick eggs to everything inside the tank. They look like a dark piece of aged wood with repeating “grains” that work their way back across the shell. They won’t bother or even interact with the other life in your tank, so you never have to worry about them causing trouble. Learn more. On: 2. I can't tell if they have dried up or if th... Mystery Snail laid eggs, but they fell into the water. and even more of this! Current Setup: 2 cory-cats and a snail in a 5 gallon. This number can be smaller if they’re living in suboptimal living conditions, but if you’re taking good care of them it’s what you can expect. I also had plans to get a Ghost Shrimp but now have concerns that the ghost will eat my snail. And lastly, we think they’re pretty darn fun to watch. With that being said, some of the patterns and colors you’ll see on their shells are quite pretty! If you want them to help you out by eating algae, you should help them out too! You just have to be patient and let them do things on their terms. Nerite snail care is pretty hard to mess up. It will be fine, but if the ghost is bigger it will eat the fry. Oh, I may noy be on here for a couple hours, I am busy during the week. However, according to practice, they do not crossbreed. You can also use driftwood or other forms of decorations as well to give them a bit of variety. They assume that you can simply add a handful to a tank of any size and be good to go. No matter how long your animals live or how much they cost, you should do everything you can to help them live happy and healthy lives. They don’t do much with the eggs after this process is done and after 12-16 days the larvae should be formed and ready to go! I like my snail. This has led to a lot of differing advice in the aquarium hobbyist community when it comes to these snails. The horned nerite snail is probably our favorite type on this list. I just bought a blue mystery snail. Assassins may also be interested in shrimp fry. The source of the confusion comes from the fact that many people say nerite snail eggs can be bred in a freshwater aquarium, but the larvae need saltwater to survive. Hopefully, the pics upload this time. Any thoughts about a ghost eating my snail? The source of the confusion comes from the fact that many people say nerite snail eggs can be bred in a freshwater aquarium, but the larvae need saltwater to survive. No wonder one of my corys is a bit off. The olive nerite snail looks exactly like its name implies, like a little olive! Alison has been interested in fish and aquariums for over five years. Assassin Snails may also be interested in eating snail eggs of the soft variety, but not hard Nerite Snail eggs. I also had plans to get a Ghost Shrimp but now have concerns that the ghost will eat my snail. This will not only help encourage the mating process but it will make things habitable for the larvae as well. W... Is my snail eating the new snail i just put in my tank? Some of our favorite fish to keep with nerite snails are: You’ll want to avoid fish like goldfish, cichlids (of course) and snail eaters like crayfish. Do you think a Ghost will eat my snail? Haha, if you want to raise they are relativly easy from what I've heard. Snails and slugs require moist conditions and avoid bright areas. Their unique colors are…, Clown Loach Care: Tank Size, Food, Lifespan, Tank Mates…, Vampire Crab 101: Care, Habitat Setup, Tank Mates & More, 35 Peaceful Community Fish For Your Tank (Updated List), Malaysian Trumpet Snail 101: Detailed Info & Care Tips, Bucktooth Tetra 101: Care, Feeding, Aggression, & More, Glowlight Tetra 101: Care, Tank Mates, Breeding & More, Bring up the salinity in their tank to a specific gravity of 1.003, If that doesn’t clear things up in a few days you should think about quarantining the affected snails. So now that we’ve sold you on the benefits of owning these critters, let’s get into the meat of the guide. Thanks, Brian. Not only that, but freshwater snails can be found on the Indian Ocean side of Africa. This thread is 2 years old. With time they fade, but the snails … Nerite snail breeding is a topic that is full of misinformation and confusion. Yes, being less than an inch (long), Nerite snails won’t trouble anyone whose is space conscious. Getting just one nerite snail ensures that you will not have to worry about breeding in your tank. This will allow them to easily move around your tank (as easily as snails can move that is) without the risk of a cut. They’re found in tanks…, Vampire Crabs are one of the most stunning creatures you can keep in captivity. It’s our feeling that if you want to become a truly experienced aquarist you should have a deep understanding of all the inhabitants that live in your aquarium, and how they interact with each other. It is also overstocked, even with 2 cory cats. Despite their small size, nerite snails still create waste which will eventually impact the bio-load of their small tank. you read and agreed to the, What to do with a clutch of mystery snail eggs, Snail Jello For Noobs Without Great Kitchens. The color is spot on and the diminutive size of these animals makes it very similar at first glance. You see, nerite snails are about as peaceful as it gets (even if they were aggressive they wouldn’t physically be able to attack anything). In fact, nerite snails are widely believed to be the single best snail in the aquarium hobby for obliterating algae off of glass, rocks, live plants, driftwood, and other types of decorations. Happy Holidays! share. That's exactly what they are! hide. This can be frustrating for some which is why so many people abandon the process. The little white dots stopped showing up if I only have one of each type in a tank. Other than that, there aren’t many things you can do to initiate the mating process. It’s also fun to see them climb onto the glass so you can observe their tiny mouths at work! Having the ideal water parameters are just as important for nerite snails as any other aquatic life form. What Fish or Snail Should I get to Clean my Tank? These aren’t an animal that you can throw into any condition and expect them to live! These stripes are typically black but there are also plenty of cases where the stripes have been different colors as well.

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