scope of educational administration ppt

And educational administration becomes centralized being dominated by bureaucracy, which controlls through strict administration of laws, rules and regulations. The idea of a goal is central to the concept of administration in the sense that if there was not a goal, 2 • It is higher level authority that determines policies, identifies goals and lays down principles of running an educational institution or project. Educational management and educational administration have become terms that are at times used synonymously. Educational Administration: Structure, Functions and Processes at State Government Level 1. As administration is universal in nature, its scope is wide. Educational administration encompasses every aspect of school leadership including curriculum oversight, teacher evaluation, budgeting, student performance assessment and facility management. However, in other instances the terms have been used to denote two legislative, executive and judiciary. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Like all careers in education the job of educational administrator is both challenging and deeply rewarding. Finance and Accounting . SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION 3. Meaning of Supervision: In the modern educational system expansion of education relies on increasing number of educational institutions, teachers and students as well as providing all sort of facilities which are essential for proper progress of education. 5. administration is the utilization of cooperative action for the accomplishment of common goals. Educational Administration • Educational Administration refers to guidance, leadership and control of the efforts of education institutions or programs towards achievement of educational goals. 2. SCOPE OF ADMINISTRATION The scope of administration is very wide. Assuring Public . It is concerned with all those activities undertaken and fullest utilization of resources for education. The second key element of the above definition is the goal or purpose. Personnel, and Production . Introduction Educational administration is concerned with formulating general plans and policies for education. The Project Scope Management Plan is the document that details how the project scope will be defined, developed, and verified while provisioning how scope will be managed and controlled by the project management team ,Scope contains a description of the preparation of a detailed Project Scope Statement. 4. Meaning and Scope of Supervision in Education! -is all about the planning, directing, organizing and controlling human or material resources in educational setting. It is not only restricted to public administration that deals with three functionaries, i.e. THE MEANING AND SCOPE OF SCHOOL ADMINSTRATION AND SUPERVISION 2. The Meaning and Scope of School Administration and Supervision 1. Scope of Educational Administration: Educational administration constitutes the following aspects in its jurisdiction as its scope: 1. 3. Educational administration is a discipline within the study of education that examines the is a platform for academics to share research papers. In most of the cases they are used to refer to what school heads and principals of schools do in their daily routine at schools.

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