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But let me just say that, in the dark, where others lose their bearings, owls have outstanding eyesight. Of course, one can take different views of how the specific monetary policy measures are designed. But you have also launched a strategy review – with the ambition, from the outset, of leaving no stone unturned. European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde (November 2019 - October 2027) is to speak. The US Dollar is edging mildly higher versus its major peers on Wednesday. | European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said that while she believed the region should remain open to multilateral trade, it should also focus on taking advantage of its domestic market. Der Präsident hat Zugriff auf alle Informationen über die Ziele des EZB-Direktoriums und den Meinungen der einzelnen Mitglieder. Press conferences. September 4, 2019 . Collateralmanagement Access Portal (CAP), CERT Deutsche Bundesbank (CERT-Bundesbank), Mobilisation and Administration of Credit Claims (MACCs), Overview How will the Deutsche Bundesbank’s campus on Wilhelm-Epstein-Strasse look in the years to come? Indeed, the pandemic has tilted consumer behaviour towards contactless payments. Jens LISTEN TO ARTICLE. With regard to establishing a new or expanding an already existing entity domiciled in Germany, the German supervisory authorities stand ready to discuss the pertinent issues. Jens Weidmann. Seit dem 1. Speech delivered by Dr. Willem F. Duisenberg, President of the European Central Bank at the plenary session of European Union Committee of the Regions, Brussels, 14 November 2001. In the press area, you will find press releases, speeches, guest contributions and interviews with Bundesbank Executive Board members as well as further press materials. I would expect more of the same from Lagarde … The ECB Listens Portal and the upcoming ECB Listens event are key examples of the change in communication culture you have set in motion, as is the reinvigorated spirit of collegiality in the Governing Council. The European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde Speech reflects the official position of the European Central Bank, therefore every speech is carefully examined by the market participants and analysts. Source: A screenshot, Instagram/europeancentralbank. Deshalb werden Aussagen von Lagarde regelmäßig von Analysten und Ökonomen sorgfältig beobachtet. 4:23. Dr 10.09.2020 Wenn sie den Arbeitsmarkt in der Euro-Zone positiv charakterisiert oder das inflationäre Wachstum angibt, kann dies auch für die Euro-Notierungen als positiv gewertet werden. International Central Bank Dialogue, Overview Panel on Household Finances (PHF), Pilot survey on the expectations of firms, Overview The European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde did not touch upon the topic of current monetary policy in her speech at an online event hosted by … Christine, the floor is yours. Macroeconomic accounting systems, Prices and yields of listed Federal securities, Real interest rates on households' deposits, Budgetary developments in Germany (national accounts), Budgetary developments in Germany (public finance statistics), System of indicators for the German residential property market, System of indicators for the German commercial property market, Overview International Central Banking Courses, Regular refinancing and fine-tuning operations, Overview I’m not here to take a deep dive into ornithology. We are very grateful to you for joining us today. Hamburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein, Overview The Bundesbank published various studies and conference proceedings, resulting from the research activities of its employees and guest researchers. ICYMI, ECB chief economist Philip Lane spoke over the weekend and detailed plenty about uncertainty to the outlook and the need for fiscal support. Opening Statement by Christine Lagarde to the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. In her speech, Lagarde pointed out the potential benefits of a digital currency including its cost-effective nature, speed, and secure network. 13 Anastasi Sioukri, 3105, Limassol, Cyprus, (European Central Bank (ECB) President Lagarde Speech), Europäische Zentralbank (European Central Bank), Kostenlose Indikatoren und Expert Advisors, Expert Advisors und Indikatoren bestellen, Neuigkeiten, Innovationen und Technologien, MQL5 Programmiersprache von Handelstrategien, Vereinbarung über wiederkehrende Zahlungen. Banks and other financial corporations, Property prices and prices for construction work, Exchange rates, euro foreign exchange reference rates, gold prices, International investment position and external debt, Overview The European Central Bank (ECB) is looking into the benefits and risks of a digital currency, according to its president, Christine Lagarde. Speech by Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, at the “ECB … "So it is clear that, when I sign my name in a few minutes, I will not simply be undertaking a procedural task. Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), is scheduled to deliver her remarks on the monetary policy outlook in a press conference at 12:30 GMT. Immediately after the meeting, the President and the Vice President of the ECB explain the decision at the press conference and answer questions from journalists. hält Christine Lagarde oft die EZB-Pressekonferenz für Geldpolitik) und hält sogar Vorträge vor Studenten führender Universitäten der Welt. Today investors will be looking towards a speech from ECB President Christine Lagarde for clues over the outlook fir economic growth in light of a vaccine and the prospect of additional stimulus. Frankfurt am Main OpenMarket Tender Operation System (OMTOS), Overview But providing ample liquidity to banks and keeping an expansionary monetary policy stance are important contributions, too. Economics, Business, and Policy in the Pandemic”. Placing increased emphasis on listening to the public is undoubtedly one of your main achievements so far as ECB President. The relationship between the European Parliament and the ECB is a … Weidmann All diese Faktoren geben Investoren Hinweise über eine bevorstehende Erhöhung des Zinssatzes des EZB. ECB president Christine Lagarde leaves the door open to tweaking the central bank's 2% inflation target at a speech in Frankfurt. “We will address … ECB President Christine Lagarde downplays any risks bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could pose to financial stability and monetary sovereignty. PKI - Public Key Infrastructures, Certificate Policies (CP) and Certification Practice Statements (CPS), Training for the Bundesbank's Intermediate Service, Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science, Bundesbank's civil servant training programme, Work placements for secondary school students. The ECB “responded promptly and forcefully to the first wave that hit the euro-area economies,” Lagarde said during a European Parliament committee hearing on Thursday. The Governing Council takes its monetary policy decision every six weeks. And they have an excellent sense of hearing, too. Research Data and Service Centre, Overview One particularly interesting example of cash is the Greek €1 coin: its national side shows the Owl of Athena which was depicted on an ancient coin. Monetary policy is not in the driving seat.

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