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Dyson Air Purifier Replacement (HP04, TP04, DP04,) 360° Glass HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter, 9 x 9 x 9.5 inches, Purple/Teal 4.7 out of 5 stars 300 $118.99 $ 118 . Supports diffused mode and has jet focus technology. It can blow air throughout the full radius of the room. Of the three, the HP04 maxes out at the highest airflow of ~310 liters/sec. They are both fans but the HP04 is a purifier equipped with WiFi while the AM09 is a heater without WiFi. Unlike other models in this series, the AM09 not only can do cooling but also heating the air. Ask yourself what features do you need. The device comes with a decidedly Dyson-like design, with a metal finish and paper-clip-like top. It does not cover a big area and is ideal for small spaces. The HP04 is WiFi-enabled and is compatible with your smartphone via Dyson Link App and to Alexa while. It also can tilt the direction up or down and it will still oscillate even tilted. Molekule vs Dyson: Which Air Purifier To Buy? Compared to the AM series that only cools and heats the air (AM90), the HP series also works as a purifier and has a filtration system. The AM09 is one of Dyson’s premium fan models. If you are planning on buying either of these two powerful Dyson fans then you are in the right place. Revisiting The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cold Bladeless Fan A Year LaterIn this video I will tell you more in details of what I like and don't like about this fan. This model is available to buy in two colors: white/silver and iron blue. The HP04 is the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, while the TP04 is the Dyson Pure Cool. Best wishes, Kelly Dyson … as it was designed from the ground up to be a purifier first, and then a fan/heater. The HP04 and the AM09 also have LED displays that show the temperature of the fans but the HP04’s display is more advanced and does not only indicate the temperature but also what kind of allergens or air particles are floating in your room. One of the most underrated fans is the Dyson AM08 Cool Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan. It has that classic Dyson … Ideal to use in large areas to cool the air. No blade design means the fan is safer even for kids. These are not bulky machines, but nice and sleek, easy to clean, and also safe for everyone because of the bladeless design. A. It cools the air fast, it is the cheapest among the AM Series and is good as a personal fan. Oscillates at 180 degrees. The HP04 is the latest model from the Pure Hot + Cool series while the Dyson AM09 is the Hot + Cool’s crown jewel. The unit is equipped with HEPA and Carbon filters. This has the best oscillation range of 350 degrees compared to 180 and 70 the other models feature. It comes in two color options: white/silver and iron/blue. Two more buttons on the bottom of the remote offer the last pieces of the Hot + Cool puzzle – the width of the air stream. The HP01 does not have WiFi nor can it be connected to the app. Q. It has an airflow of 500l/s at maximum settings allowing it to cover a large room. The Pure Hot + Cool’s HP04 and Hot + Cool’s Jet Focus’ AM09 are both impressive units but they have different purposes. Do you need air purification or do you need a heater? A HEPA filter inside captures odors and harmful toxins as well as allergens in the air. And it can … It also has an Active Carbon filter that eliminates household odors, fumes, gases, toxins, and other VCOs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Dyson is known for its stylish purifiers and fans. The AM06 is only 3.96 lbs, easy to carry, easy to use, safe for kids and pets. While connecting the HP04 to Alexa lets you control the device using your own voice. It contains up to 186 l/s on max settings. This option has an LED display, sleep timer, 10 distinct airflow settings, and a remote controller. Your purpose. To conclude: HP01 is the cheapest has the smallest rotating angle, it does not support Wi-Fi nor can be connected to the Dyson Link app. It also has the same features the HP02 has with some upgrades. This technology combines both: fans and purifiers helping to disinfect 99% of bacteria in the water before dispersing it into the air via a special UV lighting system and also cooling the air. When the room temperature drops below the target temperature, the machine will start to warm the room again. Of the three, the HP04 maxes out at the highest air flow of ~ 310 liters / sec. It does not have the best airflow which does not mean the fan is not suitable for bigger areas, it will only need more time to perform. The Pure Hot + Cool HP04 and Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 are two of Dyson’s popular products. For a fan, the HP04 and the Dyson AM09 are expensive so if you are planning to get one make sure to consider these things: The HP04 and the AM09 are expensive. 1. Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 … The Dyson Link App is an app that you can download on your smartphone and it allows you to command your device through your phone even if you are not home. It is a great fan to have in the house especially if you have kids and pets because of its Child Safe feature that allows the device to automatically shut down when tipped over. To conclude: The Dyson AM06 Cool Air Multiplier is a small desk fan suitable for one person and a small area. It also supports jet focus control and can oscillate or tilt. The newest Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic (HP06) catches and destroys formaldehyde, while the HP04 captures and traps formaldehyde in the filters. A. Has a remote control to choose among 10 airflow settings, sleep timer, on/off, and oscillation control. That is why HP04 is best for people who have allergies or asthma. The air filtration system allows the HP04 to filter the air. Focused mode channels a powerful jet of air for long-range personal heating or diffused mode to spread the air widely (AM09, HP01 HP02, HP04, HP06). Ideal to use when there are more than two people in the room. Dyson Pure Cool: TP04 vs. TP02 vs. TP01 vs. TP06 vs. DP04 vs. BP01, 5 Best Air Purifiers of 2020: Dyson vs. Alen vs. TruSens vs. Molekule, Dyson Pure Cool DP04 vs Molekule Mini+ Air Purifier. One of the compact models from Dyson. The HP04 is a fan with a sealed HEPA + Carbon and Active Carbon air filtration system and a heater. When it comes to wireless connectivity, both the HP04 and the AM09 have remote controls making it easy for you to command them but the HP04 is WiFi enabled which enables the device to connect to your smartphone via the Dyson Link App and to your home through Alexa. Its HEPA + Carbon filter captures 99.97% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 which usually evades most regular filters while the Active Carbon takes in bad odors, gases, toxins, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Despite these things, the HP01 is still a great machine to get, it can do heating and cooling as it purifies the air and overall is a good device for the price. Let's talk about the Dyson fans and purifiers some of which are not only can cool but also heat the air in the room. Cool right? If you have the extra cash, then we wouldn’t hesitate to buy the Dyson AM09. Ideal to use in large areas to cool the air. It has a different shape, can tilt and oscillate. Those who are sensitive to gasses and odors might need that extra filter. Cools, heats, and purifies air in the room. The HP02 is wi-fi enabled and can be controlled from both the app and Alexa. Dyson HP02 vs. HP04. Dyson Hot+Cool Jet Focus AM09. You’ll give up too many performance aspects and features to hit that point. Also, the HP series can be connected to the app, have an auto mode, etc. Inside the machine, a HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns and would be safe for those who are sensual for allergy or asthma. 在無扇葉風扇這條產品線上,Dyson 今年還真是想方設法玩出了不少新花樣。4 月時推出了空氣淨化風扇 Pure Cool,8 月的時候又帶來了 Hygienic Mist 除菌加濕器(雖然主要功能是「吹」水,但人家在官網 … Review of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Q. The fan heater is equipped with an intelligent thermostat that monitors the air temperature, reaches and maintains it to the same level you've desired (up to 37 degrees Celsius). Dyson V11: What Makes It The Best In The Industry? The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link takes up minimal room and provides maximum impact. The HP04 also has a 350-degrees of oscillation and can distribute purified, hot, or cool air around the full radius of the room. On the other hand, the Hot + Cool Jet Focus’ AM09 is a much smaller machine and does not support the air purification feature of the HP04. In Cool Mode, the machine is not thermostatically controlled and functions essentially as a powerful fan, circulating room temperature air. A. Authentic Dyson filters are recommended. A mid-range model, the Dyson Jet Focus AM09, has a price of around $450 and also doubles as a heater. Has a display, can be integrated with Alexa, also oscillates at 350 degrees. You can control the oscillation to direct the airflow around the room. Also, Dyson said their fans are for large room use. Yes, both the AM09 and the HP04 can heat an entire room. If you are not going to use the app and don't want to spend more, go with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01. Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater vs. Vornado VH10 Whole Room Heater It’s the little things that matter when it comes to the Dyson AM09. A. The classic bladeless design is one of the reasons they appeal to consumers. ... Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04 is our best overall pick because of the high air flow, larger size, and technological capabilities. In 2019, we tested two of Dyson’s latest-generation air purifiers, the Pure Cool TP04 and Pure Hot+Cool HP04… This is the only fan that is also capable of cooling the air. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool technology combines everything the Pure Cool has while also maintaining a comfortable temperature when heating the air (HP01, HP02, HP04, HP06). Both purifiers are WiFi enabled and can be connected to the Dyson Link App. Although they are multipurpose machines, it doesn’t change the fact that they are pricey. If you have Alexa, you might want to get this model as you can start and stop it by using your voice. If you want the option of turning off the heating or cooling functions, get the Dyson HP04. … Yes, both the HP04 and the AM09 both have remote controls. The HP01 doesn’t have that feature. They are both great on their own and their main differences lie on their functions and features. Meanwhile, the HP04 also has the same modes but it gets two extra modes called the Backward Airflow Mode which allows you to enjoy purified air even without the heating or cooling function; and Night Mode which dims the display and for a more quiet air stream – perfect for when you are sleeping. As you'd expect from such a smart-looking piece of kit, it's compatible with Alexa-enabled devices, … That means the Dyson heaters never let out that "burning dust" smell. Because of its filtration system, WiFi connectivity, and bigger body, the HP04 is more expensive than the AM09 while the latter is more affordable but you won’t get air purification and WiFi features of the HP04. Finding a purifier as good as the Dyson for that amount just isn’t really feasible, in my view. with App Functionality and a LCD screen reports real time air quality levels. The HP04 has an air purification benefit and as well as WiFi connectivity, while the AM09 does not have any of those features. Billionaires. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is one of the best air purifiers on the market. The HP04 has Backward Airflow Mode and Night Mode. Dyson HP02 vs. HP04. Q. The AM09 has a sleek design, is bladeless which means safe for everyone, comes with a remote controller, features sleep timer. The HP04 and the AM09 have a classic Dyson look that is constant to all Dyson fans – modern and aesthetically pleasing. So if I were to pick which model I should get, I would pick the HP04. This purifier also ensures the best airflow at max settings which means it cools, heats or purifies the air in the room faster than the HP01 or HP02. Features jet focus control, 10 different airspeeds, LED display, a night timer, auto mode, and real-time air quality. Instead, they circulate air, which in turn, makes the air feel cooler. If you are looking for a stylish fan to cool the living room, have a look at the Dyson AM07. ... HP04 purifies a lot more air than the HP02 (which is basically an AM09 with a filter slapped on it.) If so, you have found the right com If you need a great heater fan, the AM09 is okay but there are more affordable heater fans available in the market that have the same functions and benefits as the AM09. Comparing the Dyson HP01 vs AM09 in Detail Dyson offers a wide range of fans. Perfect to use for one person for a quick warm-up. The HP01 is a fan that’s capable of purifying, cooling and heating while the AM09 can only heat and cool the room temperature. Dyson AM09 vs. HP02 vs. HP04 vs. HP06 Fans & Purifiers. Is capable of heating and cooling the air. A. It has a 6.6 feet length cord, easy to clean design, and a sleek look. The AM09 has a Child Safe feature which allows the device to automatically shut down when knocked over – a nice feature to have if you have active kids and pets running around the house. The machine reaches your desired temperature and maintains it on the same level. Is not WiFi enabled but does a good job at purifying, cooling, and heating the air. Personally, I do feel the HP04 is worth it and if your in the US it'll be $100 off for Black Friday but it's … The AM09 has Jet Focus Mode if you want a more direct air flow, Diffused Mode for wider air distribution, and Automatic Mode. The Dyson HP04’s main role is to purify the air. For smaller spaces. The Dyson AM06 Cool Air Multiplier Desk Fan was designed to be compact to be able to sit on your desk without taking lots of space. It can tilt up and down by about 30 degrees. A. Dyson engineered it to never rise above the maximum of 200°C and the unit intelligently adjusts its output based on the temperature of the room. When it comes to electric fans, Dyson makes some of the best in the market. Q. These kinds of questions will help you pick which model suits you best. It is also compact as the HP01 and can be stored on a desk purifying/cooling/heating small spaces. Please note, the machines with a lower airflow rate are also suitable for larger spaces only take longer to purify than purifiers with a faster airflow rate, Dyson AM08 Cool Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan, Dyson Air Purifier TP04 vs. DP04 vs. HP04 vs. BP01 Comparison Chart, Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic HP06: The Most Efficient Purifier, 5 Most Efficient Purifiers For Personal Needs, Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier TP04 vs. DP04 vs. Honeywell HPA200 Comparison, Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 vs the Dyson Hot + Cool Air Purifier HP02 Compared. Has a different shape than the AM07. It has a sealed HEPA + Carbon filter that captures allergens, pollens, dust, molds, and other air pollutants which could be harmful to asthmatics and people with allergies. The design of the AM09 and the HP04 are almost identical but, of course, the HP04 is way bigger because of the filters. The Dyson HP04 Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier is ideal for allergy and asthma sensitive people. 99 The best for dust and allergy-sensitive people. The HP04 is the latest model from the Pure Hot + Cool series while the Dyson AM09 is the Hot + Cool’s crown jewel. A. One of the latest Dyson purifiers, the HP04 can oscillate 350 degrees compared to 70 and 180 (HP01 and HP02 relatively). Dyson heaters never exceed 392 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius), which is below the burning point of dust. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic (HP06) is not available yet but we already know what has changed over the previous HP04. It does not have a display but features 10 precise airflow settings, sleep timer, can tilt, and has a remote controller. The AM09 is lighter and relatively smaller than the HP04. If you want Wi-Fi app control, pick the Dyson HP04. The biggest upgrade of this model over the others would be a carbon filter. Suitable for big rooms so if you are looking for a pedestal-shaped fan, go with the Dyson AM08. Although, it is equipped with a heater and fan for dual functionality. Spreads out the airflow to cool or heat an entire room through the back of the machine. The HP04 is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Accelerate airflow in front of the machine focusing the concentrated stream of air in front of a user. The Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater comes in four color options: white/silver, black/nickel, iron/nickel, iron/blue, iron/red, and iron/copper. Compared to the AM07, this model is not spreading the air through the tower but concentrates it in one place because of its shape. The Dyson Pure Hot & Cool HP01 Air Purifier is the oldest among the series. Is wi-fi enabled and can be linked to the Dyson Link app, Able to oscillate 180 degrees versus HP01's 70 degrees, Is able to oscillate 350 degrees vs. 180 degrees. Have you ever noticed the burning smell when a heater works too long? A. Covers a bigger area, has a better filtration (includes a carbon filter) and has a built-in display. The best value in our opinion is the Dyson AM09 Cool Air Multiplier Tower Fan. In this article, we will be looking at their differences, similarities, and specifications to help you decide which fan is best for you. Does the Dyson Link App also serve as the remote control? No, both the HP04 and the AM09 do not automatically turn the power on, however, the AM09 automatically shut down when they’re accidentally knocked over. The AM09 stands at 60cm while the HP04 is taller at 30 inches. Differences between the Dyson HP04 and the AM09, Similarities between the Dyson HP04 and the AM09, Comparing the Dyson HP04 vs AM09 in Detail. Dyson Cool tower fan (AM07) Dyson’s most energy efficient fan is great for large spaces. Explore. Dyson Link app provides real-time air quality reports. Q. They both have an oblong-shaped tower design with their blades and heating elements hidden. The Dyson HP04 Pure Hot + Cool is a smart piece of kit that works as a fan, a heater and an air purifier. Can the AM09 and the HP04 effectively heat a small room? It also has a display that shows the air quality data and can tilt. While the HP04 traps formaldehyde in the filters, the HP06 destroys it. Updated: Dec 01, 2020. The Hot + Cool technology only heats and cools the air without purifying it (AM09). The live chat button will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen as soon as a Dyson Expert becomes available. Dyson is known for its stylish purifiers and fans. Its airflow reaches 370 l/s on max settings. One of the main features the HP02 has is an Auto mode which adjusts to your air, to get your best purification and best filter life. Required fields are marked *.

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