difference between process metrics and product metrics in software engineering

For example, It is suitable for computer-aided design systems where a designer will work on a design for several hours as well as for Word-processor systems. Project metrics: It describes the project team’s ability to perform the project execution examples. Assign level of complexity or weight to each count. In the process of software development, sometimes, you will find an instant change in the previously planned schedule. Productivity. Programming language independent. The metric should satisfy the engineer’s intuitive notions about the product attribute under consideration Cannot easily accommodate non-procedural languages. Process metrics can be used to improve software development and maintenance. Thousand lines of code (KLOC) are often chosen as the normalization value. I also have done MBA from MICA. Rs per KLOC- Rs per page of documentation. Require a level of detail that may be difficult to achieve, 2. Increase return on investment (ROI) 2. 4. SW Metrics • SW process and product metrics are ... • Metric (IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terms) – A quantitative measure of the degree to which a system, ... minimize the difference between the estimated resources needed to complete a The Lead Time metric measures the difference between the software’s definition of a particular feature and its accessibility to the end-users. Number of developers and testers. It should be relatively easy to learn how to derive the metric, and its computation should not demand inordinate effort or time. b) Project Metrics. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON SOFTWARE PROCESS AND PRODUCT METRICS.pdf, interview question and answers for freshers, Best IAS Coaching Institutes in Coimbatore. Time and effort to complete each generic activity. Establishing a successful company-wide software metrics program can be a multi-year effort.But if we do not measure, there is no real way of determining whether we are improving. Process maturity levels: 1.initial, 2.repeatable, 3.defined, 4.managed, 5.optimizing ! Ans: We measure the effectiveness of a process by deriving a set of metrics based on outcomes of the process such as: 5) What is Product Metrics? Defects delivered to and reported by the end users. Defect density. Three assumptions (Kitchenham) 1. Cost of quality = (review + testing + verification review + verification testing + QA + configuration management + measurement + training + rework review + rework testing)/ total effort x 100. Defect removal efficiency = (1 – (total defects caught by customer/ total number of defects)) x 100. Metrics are derived and help us in sense making and planning the next course of action. Metrics for PMLs: 1.baseline, 2.project management, 3.product, 4.process + feedback PMP, PMI, PMBOK, CAPM, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, PBA, RMP, SP, and OPM3 are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. As software is a collection of programs and data files that are designed to perform some operations and on the other hand, program is a set of instructions that perform only a specific task that it is made for. Schedule variance for a phase: The deviation between planned and actual schedules for the phases within a project. Have a look on this article .it is very interesting which is about A software development process, also known as a software development life-cycle (SDLC), is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. Establish baselines for comparisons with future assessments. Are dependent on the programming language. Schedule variance for a phase = (Actual Calendar days for a phase – Planned calendar days for a phase + Start variance for a phase)/ (Planned calendar days for a phase) x 100. These metrics enable management to understand the quality of the software, the productivity of the development team, code complexity, customer satisfaction, agile process, and operational metrics. Defect detection percentage. I am fun Loving Person and Believes in Spreading the Knowledge among people. 4. Measurement is used to establish a process baseline from which improvements can be assessed. Manage workloads 4. Prepare yourselves for the biggest … To measure MTTF, we can evidence the failure da… Following are the needs for the software Metrics- 3. We can classify the most commonly used metrics into the following groups: 1. Customer Satisfaction RSI = 1- ((Number of changed + Number of deleted + Number of added) / Total number of initial requirements) x100. These are metrics that relate to Project Quality. The metric should always yield results that are unambiguous. Depend on the size and complexity of the project. They are used to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of various processes. 3. Ans: Following are the attributes of a software metrics-. An MTTF of 200 mean that one failure can be expected each 200-time units. Consistent and objective. What are some software development metrics examples? Gain an understanding of processes, products, resources, and environments. Basic quality and productivity data are collected. Software metrics can be classified into three categories: product metrics, process metrics, and project metrics. This metrics include the following − 1. Software Testing Metrics are the quantitative measures used to estimate the progress, quality, productivity and health of the software testing process. Customer Problems 4. I am planning to do MBA after finishing my Engineering in Foreign Trade. 8) Explain Normalization approaches. Direct measure and indirect measure. Schedule Variance: Any difference between the scheduled completion of an activity and the actual completion is known as Schedule Variance. 6. 1) What are metrics? Reduce costsThese goals ca… Pages of documentation per KLOC. factors)], Download the pdf of the above questions with answers QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON SOFTWARE PROCESS AND PRODUCT METRICS.pdf, Related Links-

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