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Tolerates drought, but does better with regular water. KING PALM 1 Gallon 6.50 5 Gallon 18.50 15 Gallon 65.00 24” Box 225.00 30” Box 385.00 36” Box 495.00. Leaf bases form a triangular trunk. Hardy to 28°. Palm trees are an icon of Southern California. It is rapid growing palm tree, with a straight single trunk. Likes moderate water and sunny to partially shaded location. “. Grey-green to blue-green fronds are feathery and arched. Servicing the Southwest USA and across the country. #3 Tulip Poplar– Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance. Drought tolerant. Add a classy aesthetic value to any location in Los Angeles and Las Vegas by decorating your area with our incredible phoenix canariensis, also known as Canary Island date palm trees.Our premium tree company carries a diverse assortment of palm trees … Popular indoor plant or outdoor shade specimen. Located on East Telegraph Road, this SoCal nursery location offers a massive inventory of the biggest and most beautiful trees … Thank you Matt, the install team and Desert Empire Palms! California Palm Trees, Palm Trees For Sale Call Us Today: 702-837-5000 You are here: Home » California Palm Trees » California Palm Trees » 152: 20 ft California Palm Grows very slowly initially, then moderately once trunk is formed. “, “… The day of install, which was shear perfection, Matt and his team arrived on time and were very clean and thorough. As you look over many horizons, tall palms swaying in the breeze offer a signature identity to many regions throughout the Sunbelt. Who can think of Miami or Palm Beach without the vision of a palm studded seashore? Takes heat and wind. ” Had a great experience with this company. Palm trees in California are known the world over. Sylvester Palm Trees. And mainly in Southern California. Moderate to fast growth to 35 feet tall. We carry all manner of exotic plants, from cacti to grasses to flowering shrubs and trees. * The offer does not include delivery or installation. About Us It is even better when you buy more of our Sylvester palm trees for sale. Needs good drainage. They also worked with us assuring the trees were lined up straight and in a row like we wanted and gave us directions on the watering cycle needed. Situated between I-5 and Highway 101 in Southern California is where you will find our massive Moon Valley Nurseries Fillmore location. Does South Coast Wholesale buy Palm Trees outside of California? Hardy to 15°. Handles drought but likes some regular water. Hardy to 15°. Feathery type, medium green fronds. (916) … Larger leafed than Lady Palm. Knowledge Dark green fronds that get about 3 to 4 feet long. Contact Us. This is a brief pictorial article where I present an array of palm tree species that we've found have done well for most of o ur customers here in California, especially Southern California. Likes full sun and can handle drought conditions. Enjoy life by planting the best, California Shade trees, Flowering trees and nectarine tree. The genus for this palm… Koo Koo Kitty Productions. Has a thicker trunk with a wider frond. Hardy to 18°. (Not all varieties may be in stock- please call for availablity). Grows slowly to 20 feet tall. from perennial, evergreen shrubs, trees, vines, and more. There are fast growing varieties, slow growers, some which stay small, some are dwarf, some are tropical, and some are hardy to extreme cold. Feathery, fine-textured fronds. As long as the frost doesn’t get to the heart, it will probably recover. Popular indoor plant or outdoor shade specimen. Needs shade inland, but will grow in the sun near the coast. Likes regular watering. We also have fruiting and non-fruiting olive trees… Similar in appearance to the Mexican Fan Palm tree. Landscape Materials We always dig our date palm trees … Grows slowly to 20 feet tall. Hardy to 32°. CA Magnolia flowering shade trees for sale … Grows slowly to 15 feet tall. Delivery Policy Prefers full sun or light shade. Similar in appearance to the Windmill Palm tree, but has a bigger leaf and a spiny trunk. Hardy to 30°. Tough plant. Grows slowly to about 30 feet tall. Remember that the cold hardiness temperatures listed below only mean that the palm tree can take a bit of that cold temperature, but a sustained frost at temperatures listed could burn the tops of the palm trees. Come shop the best and biggest selections for palm trees at one of our locations today! South Coast Wholesale (SCW) has over 10,000 Date Palm Trees available for sale. Desert Empire Palms specializes in California Palm Trees for sale, delivery and installation in SoCal. Nurseries-Plants & Trees Nursery-Wholesale & Growers Florists. Very drought tolerant and prefers sun or partial shade Grows slowly to 20 feet tall. The whole experience with Matt and Desert Empire Palms was excellent… I would highly recommend Desert Empire Palms. A. Plant as single or multiple trunk specimens. Ordered two large palms for our property and they look gorgeous. Moderate growth to 30 to 40 feet tall. Takes full sun or total shade. Washingtonia robusta - Mexican Fan Palm Tree. Be sure to consider growth rate, overall size, and cold hardiness as you search through the different varieties. Blog This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. However, finding the right palm tree that will thrive in your home, office, or yard is key. Grows very slowly to 10 feet tall. Drought tolerant, but does grow better with regular water. Hardy to 15°. (Directions tab at top above) OVER ONE HUNDRED DIFFERENT ARTICLES - PALM … Can’t wait for them to start producing fruit! Accepted Payments The shade the palm trees create over time is so relaxing especially during hot seasons. There many species. Broad palm tree that will need some room to spread. Slender trunk with 6 to 12 foot long, dark green fronds. Prefers sun to part shade. The whole experience was first rate – I can highly recommend Desert Empire Palms. Hardy to 18°. Our wide variety of trees and palms are grown here in Southern California… One of the most widely planted palm trees. If you live in the areas highlighted blue, its best to plant your tree in a container, so you can bring it indoors during the winter months. Grows moderately to 30’or more. 95688 … Tolerates some dry conditions but does better with regular watering. “, “… His crew was hard working and made sure they cleaned up the area when they were done. Palm roots are generally … Home Palm Trees for Sale in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Southern California. Palm trees come in more sizes and shapes than people and offer a beautiful long-term and efficient answer to many of gardening’s dilemmas both indoors and out. The Palm is one of the most used families of … Will grow indoors or out. Tolerates some shade. Fronds droop at the outer edges. The Palm Tree has long been exalted as a sign of the warm sand and waters of Central America; however, Hardy Palms also exist. #2 Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree– Ideal for bearing fruit, providing character, and moving between inside or outside. Similar in look to the Mediterranean Fan Palm tree but grows as a single trunk palm tree. Hardy to 28°. Locations What initially started as a hobby soon turned into a full service nursery. Slender, bamboo-like trunks and dark green narrow leaves. Bamboo-like trunks and dark green narrow leaves. “, ” I purchased Beautiful Date Palms from Desert Empire Palms, I received great customer service from Travis Russell he came to my home educated me on Date Palms he was very informative,also the price for the quality and size of the Palms was very competitive absolutely best price. Requires full sun. It is important to note that the scientific name of the Sylvester palm … Likes well drained soil with moderate watering. Trunk has a swollen base that can get several feet across. Hardy to 28°. Prefers the sun but will tolerate shady conditions. Jimenez Nursery is a wholesale tree grower and wholesale plant supplier based in beautiful Carpinteria, California. Tourists return home, often thinking about the palm trees they've seen. Plant Catalog Hardy to 28°. The California Fan Palm, also known as the Washingtonia Filifera (scientific name), Desert Fan Palm, Petticoat Palm, Cotton Palm, or California Palm is a member of the Arecaceae Family. Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If youre thinking about planting it in the ground year round, you should make sure that you live in the areas that are highlighted green. Palm Trees. Slow growing to 10 feet tall. Founded by HGTV's Gary Gragg, Golden Gate Palms offers hard to find specimen trees … West Coast Trees offers native, cold hardy drought resistant Palm Trees: Washingtonia filifera, Brahea armata, … Trunk becomes massive and the spread of the crown can be 40 feet. One of the hardiest palm trees that has withstood temperatures as low as 0°. Drought tolerant and requires full sun. At Ty Ty Nursery, we carry a wide selection of palm trees … Fronds are medium green and stiffer than that of the Queen Palm’s. Palm trees add an element of fun to any environment they’re placed in, and make it feel like a relaxing tropical paradise isn’t too far away. Moon Valley Nurseries has a wide selection of palm trees to choose from. Likes regular water and is Hardy to 26°. Return Policy Fast growing to 100 feet tall. The installed trees look great! In your open garden spaces grow a pear fruit tree, red raspberries, walnuts and persimmons. Likes sun or light shade and is drought tolerant. Fronds are dark green and fan-like. Grows moderately to 30 feet tall. Narrow trunk with plume-like fronds that resemble foxtails. Really interesting. Hardy to 28°. Grows slowly to 12 feet tall. Ideal for landscapers, contractors and developers. Palm Island Nursery 5119 Quinn Road, Vacaville, Ca. We also have some date palm fields in Bard California. Hardy to 18°. Turn your outdoor space into a tropical oasis! JUNGLE MUSIC -PALM TREE, CYCAD & TROPICAL PLANT NURSERY Jungle Music is a palm tree, cycad and tropical plant nursery established in 1977 to provide the most rare and beautiful plants anywhere! We plastic wrap the root balls, load your California palm trees onto a Flat Bed, and send them your way. Stout trunked, with arching, gray-green, feather shaped fronds. What would Palm Springs be without palm trees, or what would Hollywood and Beverly Hills be without palm trees lining the streets? Grows in full sun and tolerates beach as well as desert conditions. As well as in homes and buildings. That cool breeze is soothing in this kind of shade. Hardy to 22 degrees. These palms are such slow growers that we do not grow them in the nursery because many times these palm trees are anywhere from 20-100 years old and sometimes older. Meduim green fan-palm like fronds, with a stout trunk. We do not buy fast growing palms & we currently are only interested in palm trees located in California Matthew is the ultimate salesman and will tell you all you need to know about the palm trees you might want to purchase! Takes temperatures down to 10° or lower. Grey-blue, stiff textured, fan type fronds. And unlike messy deciduous trees, palms are clean. Bamboo Plants For Sale – 50 Varieties. Prefers full sun but is tolerant of some shade. Striking silvery blue, fan shaped fronds. Washingtonia filifera - California Fan Palm Tree. Similar in appearance to the Mexican Fan Palm tree. Hardy to 20°. Roundish, fan-type fronds that are dark green and shiny. We have 50 varieties of bamboo plants on 6 acres here in Cotati as well as 15 varieties of cold hearty and tropical palms for Northern California. General Date Palm Information. Several species of Cold Hardy Palm can grow throughout most of the United States, some species grow in all 48 contiguous states if potted and t… Grows moderately to 25 feet tall. Likes sunny to partially shaded areas. Our date palms are grown in California in the Coachella Valley. The installation was pretty smooth as well. Hardy to 30°. One of the most widely planted palm trees. Produces multiple trunks with small fan type fronds. Moderately fast grower to 80 feet tall. Has a thicker trunk with a wider frond. Hardy to 20°. Stiff, grey-green, feather-shaped fronds that grow on a slender trunk. Clusters of medium bright green fronds arch at the ends of each branch. Takes many soils and has good drought tolerance. They decorate the streets of famous cities like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Malibu. Likes full sun and can handle drought conditions.

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