algorithm for transpose of matrix in c

Algorithm Begin Take number of rows and columns of the matrix. For example, consider the following 3 X 2 matrix: Take The elements of the matrix and stored in the matrix ‘A’. The transpose matrix is found by exchanging the rows with columns and columns with rows. In a transpose matrix, rows become columns and vice versa. End. C++ Program to Find Transpose of a Matrix C++ Programming Server Side Programming A matrix is a rectangular array of numbers that is arranged in the form of rows and columns. Algorithm to find transpose of a matrix Let A be the input matrix of size M x N and T be the transpose matrix of A(T = A T). Fast transpose of Sparse Matrix in C As its name suggests, it is a faster way to transpose a sparse and also a little bit hard to understand. Below is the step by step descriptive logic to find transpose of a matrix. Transpose of an N x N (row x column) square matrix A is a matrix B such that an element b i,j of B is equal to the element of a j,i of A for 0<=i,j

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